So, did Obama "get schooled" as bad as we thought? Yes.

More and more, it sounds as if Obama “got schooled” last night by Mitt Romney. Why? Only one of them bothered to show up prepared.

And the press is rolling Jimmy Carter Barack Obama under the bus hard this morning:

Yes, it wasn?t the best atmospherics for Obama to look down, purse his lips, appear distracted, while Romney was attentive, engaged, relaxed. But this was much more than atmospherics. This was about one candidate who came with a frame for the evening, and who was prepared to engage on every question; and another who, perhaps because of his documented faith in his own abilities, felt he could wing it with snatches of familiar verbiage.

Most surprising, the whole evening felt as if Obama thought he was back in 2008, needing only to demonstrate a sense of cool, calm collectedness to persuade the voters that they could do what they desperately wanted to do: change course.

There was barely a moment when Obama offered any sense that he was prepared to challenge Romney on his weakest point: who does the Republican presidential nominee speak for? How much (or little) does he understand where the country is, how it got here?

Even on the most basic political points, Obama seemed clueless.

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3 Replies to “So, did Obama "get schooled" as bad as we thought? Yes.”

  1. K.

    The President was like a sweaty salesmen knocking on his last door – he was desperate. It was a poor performance. C-

  2. Bryce Rausch

    Listening to Obama I felt the same as when I’m in a car with someone driving a stick-shift for the first time. “Uh, well, you see…(pause)”

  3. Julie Gross (NE)

    “Even on the most basic political points, Obama seemed clueless.”

    We’ve had 6 years of cluelessness (without a teleprompter), so why the big surprise?

    Hope & change was the detailed plan. Today the plan is forward.

    Details, schmeetails.


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