Odd Report from Stace Nelson. But Stan Adelstein sure loves him.

I’m not sure if these numbers were intentionally typed, or if they were just random numbers thrown on the page, and the Secretary of State’s office just threw up their hands in futility and accepted it:

The Stace Nelson Campaign Finance mess report.

2016 Stace Nelson Pre-primary Report Campaign Filing

If you note on page 2, there’s $3220 in unitemized contributions, as well as $800 PAC money totaling $4020 on page 5. And expenses were $3136.26. So how does the cash on hand becomes $7,782.02?

There was a supplemental page provided with 6903.28 in contributions not reflected in the report….. and it appears to add up, if we assume those are itemized contributions not reflected in the report.  Not that the report appears to be properly filed or anything.

(Update: Nelson sends a note and blames the SOS for the confusing document, noting “The SOS office rejected my submission as there were a couple donors on the optimized lost that were listed by their mailing address.  Unusually enough, I resubmitted the addendum list, which they accepted, but then THEY changed my initial submission and posted it online.)

One thing did pique my interest in the itemized report:

Image 2

The same Stan Adelstein who just paid thousands to roast Stace’s compatriot Phil Jensen over the coals saw fit to become Stace’s new buddy, and send him $250.00.

The same Stan Adelstein who tried to establish & bankrolled the Mainstream Moderates, who was a major supporter of Tom Daschle, who put about $80,000 into electing Democrats to office one cycle, received an award for his activism in protecting abortion, etcetera, and so forth, saw a kindred spirit in Stace, and became one of his campaign’s largest donors?

Dang, that’s kind of funny.

3 Replies to “Odd Report from Stace Nelson. But Stan Adelstein sure loves him.”

  1. Pat Powers

    And if scribd is not displaying properly, I’ll repost in AM. It’s acting weird tonight,

  2. Pancho

    Nelson blows the establishment pick out of the water on fund raising despite you, Daugaard, Glodt, and every other RINO’s best efforts but somehow you try and spin that as a negative?

    I’m a Nelson supporter and I haven’t even heard of him trying to raise money. I was told he dreads the idea of going back to Pierre and didn’t even want to run but did so to take some fire away from the other conservative candidates Daugaard and he RINOs are opposing. Any truth to that or is this post going to be labeled “libel” and deleted?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Stace, give it a rest. It was boring 2 years ago, and so it remains.