So how does that work when a Democrat allegedly does it, versus a Republican talking about it?

SDDP on WORDS of Donald Trump as contained on old, off-camera recording:

“We call on all South Dakota Republicans, especially the members of our congressional delegation – Sen. John Thune, Sen. Mike Rounds, and Rep. Krisit Noem – as well as Gov. Dennis Daugaard and members of the State Legislature to repudiate these horrific statements and revoke their endorsements of him for president.

Fast forward and Newly elected Democrat State Senator Reynold Nesiba arrested for unwanted sexual contact

After asking Nesiba to leave, the victim found him naked in her bedroom. He repeatedly tried to undress her and, at one point picked her up, put her against the wall in a rough manner, carried her to the bedroom, and placed her on the bed. The victim said she felt pain in her ribs.

Nesiba told the victim, “You don’t need those pants,” and began to unbuckle the victim’s pants, court documents say.

At some point, the victim said she and Nesiba were in the kitchen when he reached into her pants and touched her vagina.

SDDP on ACTIONS of Reynold Nesiba:

The South Dakota Democratic Party declined to comment until the case is handled in court.

“These charges should be taken very seriously,” the statement read. “While the legal system does its work in discovering the truth in this matter, it is inappropriate to comment any further.”

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