So, how many GOP County chairs have a request from the Neal Tapio Campaign for delegate personal information?

I’m wondering out there tonight, exactly how many GOP County Chairs received an e-mail this evening asking them to provide personal phone and e-mail contact information for the Neal Tapio for US House campaign?

Because there’e the e-mail that went out tonight from Cole Heisey representing himself as part of the Neal Tapio campaign in making the request.

We don’t know much about Mr. Heisey, other than when he declared in the USD Volante School Newspaper that “Monogamy is overrated,” and told the female student body “Don’t we restrict ourselves by combining only two?  And not three and four?

(Yeah..  And while he’s on the campaign trail tonight, smoking jacket/playboy mansion attitude guy can stay away from my daughters, thank you.)

Anyway, getting back to Mr Hefner . Heisey’s e-mail:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Neal Tapio <>
Date: redacted
Subject: Senator Neal Tapio – Contact Info Request
To: redacted


My name is Cole Heisey. I am helping out Former State Senator, Neal Tapio, as he explores a potential run for the U.S. House. We would like to gather all the SD Republican Delegate’s contact information from redacted  County. Neal would like to reach out over the phone or email. We would appreciate the contact information for the following:



Some of the requests for personal contact information are short. Some are longer. But ultimately, it appears that Neal is setting his plan in motion to try to spark a run for United States House with the help of Cole Heisey.

I’ve got a count of three counties at the moment. If you’ve been approached to give up delegates’s personal data, drop me a note here, so we can find out more.

19 Replies to “So, how many GOP County chairs have a request from the Neal Tapio Campaign for delegate personal information?”

  1. Morton J. Smith

    I love it when a Heisey plan comes together! Maybe Sibby is Neal’s treasurer!? That would be awesome.

    1. Anonymous

      What does it feel like to get the crap beat out of you by a 110lbs red head? I guess Tapio is about to find out.

    1. Lincoln County Delegate

      Very true. The is a cure for the moral rot that many succumb to in today’s post-modern secondary institutions. Unfortunately, not everyone takes their medicine after graduating.

  2. Troy

    Nobody is harmed with Neil doing some open exploratory work by making random calls to activists to get information on the ground in the counties. It is something Schyller should maybe have done.

    That said, I have a guess on what he will hear- Dusty is the incumbent. He was part of the pressure which forced Pelosi to finally take up USMCA. The farmers just got their consideration for taking the brunt of the China tariffs. I am sure the President (while he is dealing with regulations and getting us out of forever wars) is appreciative of how Dusty is pounding for getting budgets done instead of kicking the can down the road with continuing resolutions (which the President hates). The guy is delivering on the high expectations the voters expect from our Members of Congress.

    In a three person race, Neil got 23% against Dusty last time. If that is the over/under, I’ll take the under.

      1. Anne Beal

        I got the email and I won’t give out their contact information without their consent. And since it makes no sense at all to be contacting delegates who will not convene until June 18th, and the primary is June 2, I’m not going to ask them.

        1. Eastside Voter

          Agree with Anne Beal. There’s no call to disseminate the personal information requested. If Neal is running for Congress, he should hit the campaign trail, attend county events, and make his case to Republican voters. He doesn’t need to court convention delegates, and he’s temperamentally ill-suited to sit on the PUC. We don’t want Senator Tapio running the state’s “Do not call” registry.

          In political discussions with Neal – e.g. during & after the ‘18 convention, after September’s Freedom Ride – I observed his passion for national and international affairs. I’ve never heard him wax eloquent about local utility rates. He seems a “big picture” guy (with, I suspect, strong opinions on the latest SW Asia crisis). Meanwhile, a 2-term mayor, such as Gary Hanson, understands sewers, telecom certificates, grain storage warehouse rules, and electric power transmission at a granular level. I believe Gary served as Sioux Falls’ utility commissioner, too — hard to imagine better training for his current role.

          I spoke with Chairman Hanson & Mayor TenHaken last month (in downtown SF) & came away impressed by their commitment to the nuts and bolts of civic infrastructure. We need the power to work. We need phones to work. My kids need a warm house at night. What happens in Tehran and Bagdad is important, sure, but it’s above my pay grade.

  3. Lincoln County Delegate

    At first I thought “Why the heck is he reaching out to Chairs and Delegates for a US House race that will be decided in a primary, not convention?”. But if its to get the pulse of the party faithful on his potential run it’s a smart move. And I agree, something Rep. Borglum should have done as well.

    I have a feeling the answer Neil will find is the same one that Rep. Borglum would have. Their is very little enthusiasm for a primary for either Dusty or Rounds. The people I talk to are generally happy with Dusty and definitely do not want to oust him after just one term. Same goes with Rounds. Not everyone, but enough to make a successful primary challenge futile.

  4. a friend of education

    “Why the heck is he reaching out to Chairs and Delegates for a US House race that will be decided in a primary, not convention?”

    That’s what I wondered, too. My initial guess was that he intended to run for a constitutional office. For 2020 that means PUC — a spectacularly bad fit for a gentleman of Senator Tapio’s demeanor. With his emphasis on national issues, e.g. immigration, I suspect he’d make a better firebrand congressman that utilities commissioner. Nevertheless, I anticipate voting for Dusty, just as I did in 2018.

    1. @SoDakCampaigns Post author

      It may be to find people to carry petitions.

      But it may also be a futile errand, as on the couple e-mails that were shared with me, there were more than a few people on the list who I knew to be pretty diehard Dusty supporters.

      1. Anne Beal

        If he wants to find people to carry petitions, why not contact the county chairs and just ask if they know anybody willing to carry petitions?
        But that’s not what is asked. The request was for contact information. And since Tapio is not yet a declared candidate, there is no reason to provide it.