So how many of these Dem Candidates are placeholders?

I’m looking at the lists of candidates, and with some of the Democrats, I’m noticing some are awfully familiar. I had mentioned Alanna Silvis in Watertown, and I was noticing Holly Boltjes in Hartford… and It got me wondering “how many of the Democrat Candidates are placeholders?”

Both Silvis and Boltjes participated in the Dem’s placeholder shuffle before… so, why would we believe either are running for real this time? Silvis performed the function last election, and Boltjes has done it two or 3 times.  In fact, Boltjes was originally a placeholder, and had awful Congressional candidate Paula Hawks dropped in her spot one election, and went on to win.

So, why would this election be any different?

Anyone in the field have any specific reports about the placeholder status of any of the Dems running this year?  Leave a note under the comment section, and let us know.

4 Replies to “So how many of these Dem Candidates are placeholders?”

  1. Anonymous

    Did Paula Hawks even turn in her petitions? Even this Jay Williams guy announced he would turn his in at 2 pm and tried to get a little media…seems to be a lot of silence from Hawks. She is giving Corinna Robinson a run for her money as worst campaign ever….

  2. Anonymous

    Frank Kloucek now has a place holder in the District 19 race in the unlikely event than Nelson loses to Fink.

    Too funny!

    1. Annon

      They are just that. They hold a spot for someone else that might come along later that actually wants to run in that race. Or to hold the spot in case something unforeseen happens with the other candidates.