So, Paula Hawks wanted Kristi to vote against Veterans, Rural Schools & IHS health care funding?

This morning a story is coming to light on the Democrats trying to use the EB5 issue that was such a winner for them in the last election, and repackaging it to use against Senator John Thune, and Congresswoman Kristi Noem.

Noem’s challenger, State Representative Paula Hawks, claims that Noem voted to extend EB-5 without first trying to reform the federal program. Hawks claims Noem broke her word.

The State Democratic Party is doubling down on Noem with an attack video that claims Noem broke her word on EB-5.

Noem’s Chief of Staff, Jordan Stoick, responded to the charges by saying that Noem supports EB-5 reforms.

“The nine-month extension of the program was included in a broader bill that Rep. Noem thought contained provisions that benefited South Dakota,” Stoick said, “including additional resources to take care of veterans and increase border security, a pay raise for our troops, funding for the Lewis & Clark water system and rural schools in South Dakota, and flexibility for the Indian Health Service to address the health care crisis facing tribal members in our state.

Read it here.

Sorry Dems, but I think Kristi gets to drop the mic on you there, especially with the demands today for improving IHS:

Optimists and skeptics sat down Tuesday with the new head of the Indian Health Service to hash out plans for improving care for Native Americans in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

At a tense two-and-a-half-hour meeting, IHS Principal Deputy Director Mary Smith outlined plans for short and long-term changes at IHS hospitals and clinics in the Great Plains region.

The visit follows a federal investigation into IHS hospitals in South Dakota that found poor sanitation and improper record-keeping and lead to the closure of the emergency room in Rosebud.

Read that here.

So, Paula Hawks and the Democrats think this is the time to shackle IHS, and cut services?  Talk about tone deaf.

And next year when the new edition comes out, when you look up ‘ineffective partisan attack’ in “World Book Encyclopedia,” you’ll probably see a picture of unsuccessful Congressional Candidate Paula Hawks.

8 Replies to “So, Paula Hawks wanted Kristi to vote against Veterans, Rural Schools & IHS health care funding?”

  1. MC

    Paula may not understand.

    In Pierre it is one bill, one topic, one law.

    In Washington it could be one bill, several topics and many laws, they might be related or not. It is not uncommon to put some pork in a bill no one really likes.

  2. Anon

    Geez, do the Dems have nothing else to run on? They must be pretty desperate if their only strategy is to try to tie every Republican to Joop Bollen.

  3. Anonymous

    So Kristi knew she wanted to get EB-5 reformed she just doesnt have the influence and has to tow the party line is what you are saying? Whats her point in life?

  4. Anonymous

    “It is not uncommon to put pork in a bill that no one really likes”

    This attitude and the acceptance of this attitude is everything that is wrong with politics and politicians today. Way to be a sheep MC, thats the kind of attitude we need more of in Pierre and DC both *rolls eyes*

  5. Anonymous

    “I didn’t say I liked it.”

    No, you defended it as excusable because “its the way things are” and “you peons wouldnt understand DC politics where bad things have to pass because good things have to pass…”

    I would like my elected “leaders” to lead. To stand up to obviously corrupted and wasteful spending for their constituents. There will probably be opposition and backlash, such is the burden of leadership. Kristi’s flip flop and excuses on this and your (MC) shoulder shrug show you both to be unfit to lead and represent the people of South Dakota.