So, tell us Argus Leader? How exactly is the party supposed to punish Rep. DiSanto?

*sigh*  As if they’ve ever stopped, I note the Argus Leader is out pushing fake news to attack Republicans again.

Today, in relation to the Lynn DiSanto Facebook meme story they’ve been trumpeting since yesterday, the Argus has posted a new story trying to draw criticism to the Republican party by blaring a BS headline “South Dakota GOP won’t punish lawmaker for controversial Facebook post.”

Pray tell Argus Leader editors who wrote this silliness…… How exactly would “the South Dakota GOP” punish Representative DiSanto?   It’s not like there’s a mechanism for the Party to kick her out. I would point out that she was elected by a vote of her constituents. And anything in relation to her party whip position would be up to the legislative caucus, which isn’t set to meet until January.

It would be like me asking the reporter, “What exactly are you going to do about an Alien invasion?” And then blaring that she’s going to just stand by when the martians invade.

They did note a statement from the State Party Chairman, Dan Lederman which pretty much lays out what the party’s role in the whole thing is:

The GOP’s state chair said in a statement that it does not tell members what is appropriate when it comes to what they post on social media.

“Each candidate and officeholder is individually responsible for their own social media, and it’s up to each of them to determine what’s appropriate,” Dan Lederman said.

If they could do anything otherwise, I’m sure there’s a whole lot of crazy on Lora Hubbel’s Facebook page that would never see the light of day.

I’m not sure what the Argus is demanding with all their moral outrage. Is the GOP supposed to sentence her to 40 lashes with a wet noodle?  Or make her stand on Main Street in Rapid City with a sandwich board sign saying that she posts memes on Facebook?

Obviously, the state’s largest newspaper is just giving up on silly little things like facts, or objectivity. Because if they hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t read such utter ridiculousness in print.

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      1. KM

        9:11 – Democrats advocate for murder everyday, haven’t you heard of Planned Parenthood?

        If DiSanto’s constituents don’t want her to represent them anymore, they will vote her out.

      2. Anonymous

        You’ve never engaged Stace Nelson. I read his posts online defending DiSantos. The guy does not mince words or insults.

  1. Troy Jones

    The Argus is so stupid they don’t even know when they have jumped the shark.

    1) The video slide shows says it was a meme that endorsed vehicular assault. Glad they can make that definitive judgement, especially when the poster asserts it meant something else to her. The definitive nature of their comment shows they are unable to objectively look at anything.

    2) What is interesting is it appears the Argus didn’t ask a Democrat legislator to comment on this. The reason is simple: People who know her know she wouldn’t endorse vehicular assault. And, they’d hope if they made a mistake there is some understanding and benefit of the doubt.

    3) Do they really expect the House or the GOP Caucus to punish her? For a Facebook post which she didn’t intend to have the interpretation attributed to her and she apologized? Really?

    4) Tell your kid a female mother legislator (don’t tell them party) posted this online. She thought it meant for protesters to get off the street while some think she meant it is ok to run over protesters. Do you think she should be punished by the legislature for this? I’ll bet they will look at you like you’ve lost your mind.

    Sadder than what has already happened to DiSanto (losing her job and raked over the coals) is the unequivocal confirmation the Argus has no clue how absolutely stupid they are.

    You’d think after the AG article yesterday they maybe try to be objective and reasonable. But it is like they are doubling down on stupid.

  2. Dave R

    Given recent events, its clear that the Argus Leader is not only more partisan and agenda driven than ever, but they are inept, blundering and risible.

  3. Anne Beal

    One Facebook commenter on the story declared that if the SDGOP had ever punished anybody for the things they said, Trump would have been long gone.
    I gave up waiting for an explanation of how the SDGOP’s magical powers to make a sitting POTUS disappear actually work.
    Does anybody know? Would a public flogging of somebody ( I don’t know who, maybe Jason Glodt?) make Trump disappear?
    Or would this require the assistance of David Copperfield?

      1. Ike

        Because vandalism and street blocking are capital offenses? Perpetrators to be executed without trial by which ever citizen has the best car insurance?

        I guess I don’t find murder funny in any context.

  4. Emoluments Clause

    You Republicans in general are so much better than Trump and DiSanto. When are you going to sever the ties?…. Your corporatist mentality is so sad. Your Party often expounds the love for liberty, but where is your liberty, when you are chained to the mentality of self-imposed subjugation?

    The Party of Lincoln has somehow become the Party that is apologetic to fascists and those who advocate vigilante justice…. America, regardless of partisan bent, opines for what the Republican Party once was…… WWAD? (What would Abe do?)

    1. Troy Jones

      First, this from someone who is from a party who can’t cut ties from Maxine Waters, the Clintons, Terry McAuliffe, Bob Mendenez, Antifa, and a host of others crazy and corrupt as all get out. EC, you are hilarious.

      Second, finding the response to this meme excessive and being applied with a double standard is not necessarily a defense (or not a defense) of DiSanto or related to one’s view of DiSanto is irrelevant to one’s reaction (or it should be). It was stupid. But, to say this she condones running over people is what is offensive, crazy, and it way more adversely reflects on the people saying this than it does on DiSanto.

      Third, she said her intent was different than ascribed to her and she apologized. That should mean something in a world where people are decent human beings. Again, the lack of acceptance says much more than those pounding for more blood from DiSanto.

      1. Emoluments Clause

        First, did any of the fore mentioned Democrats advocate vigilante justice? l don’t think so. Plus, you assume that I am always a defender of their every actions, which I am not. And let us also remember that I am a member of a Party that is accused, by you, of being to obligating to a group, which is anti-fascist, while the other major Party…. not so much…

        Second, do you remember Pizzagate? When more credible people, like a state representative, give credence to a “stupid” meme or a “fake story” they empower others to do “stupid” things. Political leaders are suppose to be role models and not advocates of the darkest sides of our society….

        Third, but this not the first time such stupidity has come from the DiSanto family. Check the link below and her husband’s comments from this past August. Plus, have we really stooped to such a low, which allows our political leaders to dabble in such idiocracy and poor judgment?

        Fourth, the issue is not the Argus. Love of the Argus or not, to attack the Argus’s handling of this matter is merely an attempt at a smoke screen to hide the real issue, which is that the Republican should not want to be represented by one who shows such poor judgment and leadership, and who is also an enabler to violence as well….

        FF 59:10

        1. Steve Sibson

          “First, did any of the fore mentioned Democrats advocate vigilante justice?”

          The Democrats are using the tactic of race baiting in order to promote hatred, violence (which includes the use of the vigilante tactic of killing cops), and other lawlessness.

          1. Emoluments Clause

            They are? Since when is being the only major political party that does not legitimize fascism make Dems race baiters?

            1. Steve Sibson

              Democrats are legitimizing Islamic fascism. And they are using the same cultural Neo-Marxist tactics, which includes race baiting, that are misnamed “Political Correctness”.

              From a Biblical Christian worldview, there is only one race…the human race. Sadly the hard left is using cultural Neo-Marxism in order to attack and destroy Christianity. If you want to witness real bigotry, racism, and hate mongering, go over to Cory’s web site.

  5. Steve Sibson

    Again, the idea that both sides are wrong escapes the so-called unbiased media. What we are all missing on this issue is that the hard left Black Lives Matters and Antifa movements are targeting law enforcement:

    Last week, The Daily Caller published a story on John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Mike Isaacson, who posted numerous tweets justifying antifa violence and advocacy of anarchism and violence against the police.

    The professor, who was placed on administrative leave on September 15, has not yet been fired by the institution.

    TheDC was alerted by Far Left Watch to a host of tweets by Isaacson that were only just brought to light Wednesday. The tweets, some of which were deleted following coverage of Isaacson in the media, call not only for Antifa protests, but for killing the police.

    In a tweet dating to August 30, Isaacson wrote “Off the pigs” in response to a HuffPost article that claimed the police allowed white supremacists to “terrorize” Charlottesville.

    The protests are also causing problems for law enforcement and citizens in general when they purposely block the roads. They have even shut down interstates. The meme seems to be an inappropriate response to that problem.

    If the Democrats and the media want to take a violent interpretation on the meme, then they also have to take issue with the violent actions that the meme is responding to. And again we have hypocrisy being displayed by the South Dakota hard left blog. Their race baiting and name calling is the source of the problem. The hard left’s hope is Republicans will react to thei BS with inappropriate actions that they can then use to demonize their political opposition.

    And the media is too shallow to correctly cover this issue. We should be framing this discussion as being pro-law-and-order versus the hard left’s attempts to cause chaos, disorder, and lawlessness in America.

  6. Troy Jones


    1) Did DiSanto place classified information on a home server? Your “well at least they didn’t send out a bad meme” is stupid.

    2) Antifa is just the KKK with masks instead of hoods and a distinction without a difference. Their assertion their violence and all is justified because they are not fascists is stupid.

    3) Beat up DiSanto all you want on issues and stances you find legitimate. But if you think this is one, I think you are stupid.

    4) I have no idea what Dana’s problem is (sometimes she seems aware and sometimes you wonder if the village idiot has taken over her mind) and Stu is without a doubt the flat out dumbest person at the Argus. What makes him so over the top stupid is he doesn’t even know he is a flat out idiot. Most idiots I know are aware they have limitations. This guy is wholly unaware. I don’t even think their coverage is good for the Democrats. In fact, I think it is bad for the Democrats. So, I think their coverage is stupid.

    Stupid just can’t fix itself. And, I’m not going to pretend stupid isn’t too prevalent.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      1) Didn’t I say in earlier comments that I don’t defend Democrats in carte blanche form?…. Like you Republicans are obviously willing to do… Have you ever heard Democrats trying to blame the press for Hillary’s short comings or bad decisions?

      2) Oh, so in other words, the KKK is fighting the Nazis, huh? Now there is some stupidity for you.

      3) “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” What DiSanto did is more than “stupid,” it is offensive and lacks the moral high ground expected of political leaders. We should not have to wait until January for the GOP to take DiSanto’s whip position away, rather she should resign from the State House immediately.

      4) As far as the Argus, that is a totally separate issue and the interjection of the Argus into this debate demonstrates the desperation of spin for the GOP when it comes to DiSanto and her Facebook post…

      As far as, “Stupid just can’t fix itself. And, I’m not going to pretend stupid isn’t too prevalent.” It has become that desperate of times, huh? Where we have to defend stupidity in relative terms.

      I remember a time, not that long ago, when a US Senate Majority Leader, who was a Republican, Trent Lott, commented publicly that America would be better off today had the segregationist, Strom Thurmond, been elected President in 1948. That comment costed Lott his leadership post. But how far we have come since then, where now political leaders can promote vigilante violence without apparently any true political cost. It just shows you how the Age of Trump is sucking us all into the abyss…but it doesn’t have to be this way…. All we need is for some good Republicans to demonstrate the moral courage of a John McCain… A true American hero…..

  7. Troy Jones


    1) I’m not defending DiSanto. I’m reacting to the over-the-top reaction. I said I didn’t like what she posted. But, I also give her the benefit of the doubt when she said it wasn’t her intent to advocate what attribute to her. But, like a shark who thinks they smell blood, you and others have decided to pile on. I pity you frankly.

    2) That argument is so stupid I’m not going to justify it by a response. Hoods and masks are both the same.

    3) She said she didn’t intend what you have discerned its intention is. A lot of people can erroneously react to pictures, etc. especially when thinking quickly and casually (this is the mistake I think she made). But, for you to think she actually intended that when you don’t know her is frankly an offense against the truth, especially when she apologized immediately. It’s at the same level of lying.

    4) If you think the Argus wrote a proper article, it is your judgment. It only makes me laugh. The idea it actually is going to cost her a single vote in her district is delusional. But, it does reinforce the perception in a significant portion of their market they are morons. Paying for information from morons is irrational. If Zimmer and Co. weren’t still doing a great job with Sports and I think it important to know who in my social circle has lost a loved one, I would have cancelled my subscription a long time ago. Except, their incompetence is funnier than most of the comics so it has that going for it.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      1) The shark was the one who tried to deflect the debate from DiSanto to the Argus.

      2) Just using your logic train…. just using your logic.

      3) Political leaders just don’t go there, but in the Age of Trump they have sadly been empowered.

      4) There you go again (Didn’t Reagan say that once?) trying to deflect the argument.

  8. Ike

    Hoods and masks are both the same.

    Fits on a bumper sticker. Also, like most bumper stickers, it misses the point completely.

    We can all agree that violence during otherwise peaceful protests is abhorrent. the KKK and AntiFa both employ the same means… but what of the ends? Are you FOR Nazis, or AGAINST Nazis? These two things are decidedly different. So… which are you?

  9. Troy Jones


    You can’t be serious. Your very question is an assertion the ends justify the means. I not only reject it without reservation I find the question so devoid of morality it is hardly above the morality of the hoods and masks. Its what Robspierre and the murderers of the French Revolution said too and before long they were cutting off the heads of everyone.

    Everyone is against Nazi’s (or at least 99% of Americans). We don’t need Antifa to go out and give 200 !@#$%^&’s attention. They don’t matter. And, if they didn’t get attention, they’d go back under their rocks. By the way, if the Antifa were of such good intentions, why do they need masks?

    Hoods and masks are a difference without a distinction. Period.

    1. Ike

      The heck? Who said anything about justification? I said they employ the same means – and those means are abhorrent. But to stop there and say they’re somehow “the same” when their ends are so clearly different is just stuffing your head in the sand.

      I don’t condone violence by anyone. I do condone good intentions, however. I don’t think you can point out any good intentions for the KKK… unless you’re a racist I suppose.

  10. Troy Jones


    You are asserting somehow Antifa is superior or less deserving of condemnation because their “cause is just” in your mind. That is exactly the evil rationale behind the “ends justify the means.” It is devoid of morality.

    Nice try to somehow think my equating hoods and masks makes me a racist. I am more scared of people like you who exactly are like Robspiere. You think you are a good person when you are really devoid of morality.

    1. Ike

      Hardly. I wholeheartedly condemn AnitFa. Those guys suck. They suck because they’re violent. They are, however, morally superior to Nazis – as an American ideal, it’s always better to expand the rights of all than to restrict the rights of some.

      1. mhs

        The greatest anti-facist the world has even known was Josepf Stalin. Morally Superior? Mao’s revolution, Pol Pot’s genocide; recent history would argue against a premise that the violent left is morally superior simply because they fight a facist right.

  11. Troy Jones

    If your condemnation was whole heartedly against Antifa and your condementaiton of the KKK was whole heartedly, the condemnation would be the same (whole means all, 100%, etc.). But it isn’t. So you do give Antifa a pass to do evil because you deign their “intention” is good/better. Thus, you ascribe to the ends mitigate the means. You tolerate evil just a little it appears. What you assert is wholly Jacobin in the French Revolution- “Don’t really like all the violence those protesters did outside but they are pro-Revolution so . . .” During the French Revolution and now, it’s nefariously subtle but still evil.

    Your position is wholeheartedly evil. That is the only whole heart in this discussion.

    1. Ike

      What’s it like to live in a black and white world? Nuance is a thing ya know. Sorry you’re unable to grasp the concept of moral ends not justified by immoral means vs immoral ends justified by immoral means.

  12. Troy Jones


    If I were running a charity that only did really good things (let’s say house the homeless children) and the KKK came to volunteer, I’d turn them down because as a group the KKK is incapable of doing good as their core principle is evil.

    What you are endorsing is the philosophy of consequentialism. It says don’t judge how something is accomplished but only what is done. Actually, you are endorsing an offshoot of consequentialism as you don’t seem concerned with the actual consequences (does beating up KKK members really accomplish anything good) but just being against the KKK. I can’t remember what they call it but logically in is nonsense.

    In essence, Antifa’s violence is to be only partially admonished because of the greater anathema of the KKK. In your world because it is in reaction to or in relation to how much you abhor the KKK, the evil means you don’t admonish whole heartedly is given some degree of justification because it expresses your own hatred of the KKK. Do you realize how warped that is?

  13. William Beal

    Moral ends… Refuse Fascism was a driving force behind the violent, politically motivated riots in Berkeley

    “We need to make this country ungovernable,” declared a female leader for Refuse Fascism shortly after the Inauguration.

    “We must identify the forces underlying their laws and their order—white supremacy, patriarchy, policing, capitalism, and the state. We have to work together to keep ourselves safe and reimagine the world without them,” the group states in an article, which was reposted on popular antifa website It’s Going Down.

    In Their Own Words: The Radical Political Goals Of ‘Anti-Fascists’

  14. Anne Beal

    Troy, do you realize you have gotten into an argument with a pansy who doesn’t know the difference between a Jeep and a Dodge Challenger?

  15. Anonymous

    Lynne DiSanto made a colossal mistake. She apologized, although it’s always easy to debate one’s sincerity and look for qualifiers. Which is sadly why most politicians these days don’t bother apologizing. Others who have made more overtly racist statements and not even tried to apologize and have gotten away with it by being hate-filled and doubling down. – such as Charity Doyle of Rapid City’s Council (see every single page of her book, Political Prostitution, which she still sells on Amazon), or Ken Davis of the Pennington County Commission (remember his “federal property” attack on Native people?)


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