So, these are the guys who want to “Fix” our political system? Farmers Union leaders accused of ignoring rules to fix election.

If you missed it, South Dakota Farmer’s Union spent time circulating petitions this past year to drastically alter our political system in South Dakota via initiated measure to removes the authority for redistricting from the Legislature and grant it to a redistricting commission.  Nevermind that might be of questionable constitutionality, but Doug Sombke of Farmer’s Union led the charge on it.

But now this person who wants to change the rules for everyone else in the state is facing criticism of his own over not exactly following the election rules for his own organization:

South Dakota Farmers Union members in the Aberdeen area are set to discuss a resolution circulating at the union’s district meetings that challenges the results of its most recent officer election and calls for a special convention to replace them.

Members in three of the organization’s seven regional districts have voted in support of the resolution, which accuses the union’s president, Doug Sombke, of suppressing participation in the December election. Most recently, a majority at the regional meeting in Watertown Saturday approved the measure that said the union’s board violated the group’s bylaws by allowing members to vote though their counties weren’t in good standing with the organization.


Following the most recent resolution approval Saturday, Michael O’Connor, one of those in charge of circulating the resolutions, said he hoped that the union’s top officers would step down. He said if that didn’t happen, he was prepared to call for support from members in regional and county meetings until the required 20 percent of members can call for a new convention.

“I hope they see that they could resign with a little integrity,” O’Connor said. “If they won’t do that we want to continue to go forward, no doubt about it.”

Read it all here.

So, the person questioning the integrity of the redistricting process is having his own integrity questioned in how he conducts elections?

Maybe he should have fixed his own roof first.

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  1. The person who thinks everyone is a liar is most likely to tell lies.

    The person who thinks everyone is corrupt is the most susceptible to being corrupted.

    The person who thinks others steal elections is the most likely to steal an election.

  2. The person who loudly proclaims his Christianity is usually the most unchristian person.

    The person who posts rote prayers on a blog is typically the least prayerful person.

    The person who most forcefully defends his motives is usually the one with the most self-serving motives.

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