So, what are your thoughts on the Sioux Falls elections last night?

The two younger mayoral candidates who ran inspirational and aspirational campaigns advanced to the run-off election last night against seasoned politicos, and at least one candidate who spent a tremendous amount of money.

A dedicated citizen servant in Christine Erickson completely outclassed a floundering Nick (man-bun) Weiland who could do little more than spout liberal talking points.

The closest of the major races had Janet Brekke, who ran a bizarre campaign at times, defeating John Paulson, whose campaign didn’t really seem to punch through the clutter.

What are your thoughts on the Sioux Falls elections last night, and how do you think the May runoff election is going to go?

33 thoughts on “So, what are your thoughts on the Sioux Falls elections last night?”

  1. No real surprises here. They both seemed to have more energy behind their campaigns than the more traditional candidates. Paul should win this next race. If he turns out to be a good Mayor, look for him to be a leading candidate for Gov in 2026.

    1. I agree, I believe he is a strong candidate for a Governor, US house or even US Senate type position if his next 8 years plays out in a positive manner.

      1. As long as he doesn’t come out and do numerous NON-ANNOUNCEMENTS like the current mayor

        One race at a time….needs to win Mayors race…we don’t need another liberal mayor…NO ON JO

      2. Totally agree with that one….. An articulate and attractive candidate that merely supports the interests of the 1%.

  2. TenHaken has a huge advantage going into the runoff. He had a 10 point win over Loetshcher in the jungle primary, and assuming he can get a simple majority of the Jamison and Entenman vote (and he will get substantially more) he should sail. Only change would be a vastly different turnout, but that probably doesn’t hurt TenHaken.

    1. I agree with JLB’s assessment, adding one caveat:

      “and assuming he can get a simple majority of the Jamison and Entenman vote (and he will get substantially more) he should sail.”

      99 percent of Jamison voters — solid Republicans — will back Paul in the runoff. I expect Greg will endorse him.

      Entenmen voters will split.

      If I were TenHaken, I’d reach out to Anderson….

  3. Applying national partisan labels to local mayor races miss the mark. For instance, Jamison was easily the most conservative on national issues but his infrastructure plans were far from “low spending” or frugal.

    My gut prediction was TenHaken was going to get first but not such a strong showing, Jamison and Loessher close for second which was too close to call, and Entenman 4th.

    I know two people who were wavering between Jamison and TenHaken so I called and asked what they did. They voted TenHaken. Both rationales were the same: Figured Loessher was going to make it and didn’t want the other to be Entenman. I don’t know if it is applicable to the results but everyone is shocked that Jamison didn’t get between 20-25% support and this is the only real shock.

    Nobody is surprised by the drubbing of the Weiland by Christine Erickson.

    The Brekke/Paulson thing is interesting. I know them both fairly well and like them both. Two people of great integrity. Kind of people you want to serve. I voted for Paulson mostly because know him a bit better, he ran before and didn’t get discouraged by the defeat and he announced first. Otherwise, for me it was a coin flip. The above people both went Brekke but couldn’t give me a reason I can type and sound like it was rational. Just their gut.

    Run-off: I see no way Loessher can get to 50% with so much separation from TenHaken and Jamison/Entenman priorities and profile are more aligned with TenHaken. My guess is she has a ceiling of 40-45% while TenHaken’s is probably 60%.

    1. Another reason to be against non-partisan elections…went with TenHaken because worried about Loetscher…everyone knows she is the big lib in this race….with GOP splitting the vote, so now she needs to be beaten entirely.

    2. To Troy’s last paragraph: I totally agree. Congratulations South Dakota Republicans you found an other Thune….. Good job!….. The 1 % are already opening their bottles of champagne over this one….. Good job!

        1. Its not hate first of all, it’s the truth. As far as the “Cool Table,” well, those are the ones who usually don’t show up at future class reunions because their accomplishments in life don’t match their once image…. It’s kind like the eventual realities of a legislative history, if you catch my drift…….

  4. Did Weiland campaign much getting out going door to door and talk to people or was it that or in combination SF citizens were just not interested in his ideas.

  5. There was a sense on the ground that Brekke was surging at the right time with the right message. I am surprised by how much she won by. Especially since John had run before and he beat her in the yard sign game 20 to 1.

    1. Yeah but this was the year that normal measures didn’t count as much. If they did Jim would have been in the final two. His signs were EVERYWHERE.

  6. Not sure we want either one of these frankly. Afraid they are both P.C. to the point they will just continue down same path Hurt her has. On a high note: Tom Greco and staff outdid themselves with outstanding organization of the voting and running precincts and the fast results!

  7. tenhaken will do no better as the mayor of Sioux Falls, than trump has done as leader of this nation.

  8. Solid strategy is how Brekke won. It was all well planned and thought out very early on. The campaign may have looked unconventional but it was far from it, it’s called strategy.

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