So where was Weiland on his old boss’ conflict of interest?

A reader pointed this out to me this AM. And he made a good point.

So Rick Weiland sponsors a ballot measure that renders it criminally illegal for a state legislator to be married to a lobbyist that earns over $100 in salary from their employer?

If he feels so strongly about it, when he was back working for Tom Daschle, where was his outrage over his boss committing the same type of conduct by being married to lobbyist Linda Daschle who earned a significant salary by lobbying?

9 Replies to “So where was Weiland on his old boss’ conflict of interest?”

  1. Anonymous

    I thought the measure also means the spouse cannot be employed by a company who employs a lobbyist … not necessarily the spouse being the lobbyst. Maybe you covered that in a different post.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Spouses are included by Weiland so they could catch all the corrupt ways money could be funneled to politicians. It’s the Daschle scam to get money into the family checkbook while avoiding corruption laws, but other than Daschle, no history of this in South Dakota