So, which half are you? CNN: 48% of Republicans would like to see Trump replaced

In a CNN Poll released this week, Just under 50% of Republicans tell Pollster ORC International that they would like to see Trump replaced on the Republican ticket, and some notable conservatives are commenting that the Trump campaign isn’t doing so great right now:

Trump’s campaign is a disaster. He has no ground operation. He has little staff. He is trailing in polling. He is $41 million behind Hillary Clinton in cash on hand. His super PAC has only $500,000 cash on hand with more than that in debts. He just tossed his campaign manager.

Trump could raise $1 million a day every day from now to the convention and still have less than Hillary Clinton, but he doesn’t even want to do that. RNC officials are grumbling that Trump won’t raise money.



By the way, Ted Cruz has six times more cash on hand right now than Donald Trump and Cruz dropped out at the beginning of May.

Read that here. And in a story by Politico yesterday, Trump opponents weren’t exactly shy and retiring after the series of campaign missteps by the Trump campaign, finding themselves suddenly emboldened by all the anti-Trump talk:

Throughout Tuesday, as Trump’s campaign sought to quash concerns about his anemic fundraising and decision to fire campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, anti-Trump delegates seized on glimmers of hope.

First, they snagged the endorsement of former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey, who told POLITICO he’ll work full-time to help encourage New England delegates to rebel against Trump and to connect his allies with mid-level GOP fundraisers who can sustain their push through the convention. Later, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed one of their preferred methods for stopping Trump: freeing all 2,472 Republican National Convention delegates to vote their conscience, rather than abiding by rules and state laws that bind them to support Trump.

“Delegates are and should be able to vote the way they see fit,” Walker said, according to an Associated Press account.

Read that story here.

My question to you, the faithful readers, is “What do you think?”  Should Trump be given the opportunity to turn this around? Can he turn it around?

Given that the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming president is tremendously unpalatable, should we be backing a Republican nominee apparent who needs to be doing better? Or do we need to free up delegates to vote their conscience?

The floor is yours.

34 Replies to “So, which half are you? CNN: 48% of Republicans would like to see Trump replaced”

  1. Tara Volesky

    I think he is doing great…….He broke the all-time voting record and have brought many people to the polls that never voted before. The millions of people that have spoken by placing their vote for Trump are finally being heard. Trump connects with the little guy, not the power brokers and big donors of the Republican Party. He represents the people not the party elitists People like the fact that he is spending a lot of his own money and has a bare bones campaign team. Sounds pretty conservative to me. He will destroy Hillary…..So better get use to it, he will be our next President.

    1. Anonymous

      He connects with the angry, emotional little guy, not the little guy who is a true Constitutionalist. If the spoiler and idiot Kasich hadn’t stayed in, Trump would have had a good chance of being beaten by Cruz, and I personally believe that Ted Cruz would be a better president than Donald, Hillary, or Bernie.

      If he would stop shooting his mouth off and try to act like he has some self control he would be doing a lot better against the pathetic liar that is Hillary Clinton.

    2. jimmy james

      Could Trump and his pals Palin and Gingrich be running the country soon? Possible. Unlikely and very scary but still possible.

      Trump talks without thinking of the ramifications. Sarah slurs without considering the consequences either. And Gingrich wants to be Vice-Dictator. (Remember that Newt wants to disband federal courts that rule in a manner he disagrees with.)

      Even today, these three make Britain look stable.

  2. Spencer

    Before Trump whines about how unfair changing the rules on him and nominating someone else, how has he held up to his side of the bargain? He wants to be president, yet, do nothing to get there. There is no upside to his rhetoric. Our fears have been realized. We could not do any worse that Trump against Hillary. Find someone else…ANYONE.

  3. Tacitus

    I fear the GOP is going to lose the race for POTUS either way. We either keep Trump and lose because he has come off the rails or we replace him, alienate Trump’s entire voter base, and can’t get enough votes to go anywhere. With the latter option, however, we also risk an irretrievable fracture of the GOP (greater than the one that already exists). As such, as much as I abhor Trump and want someone else, I would choose just taking our lumps and losing with him.

  4. Anonymous

    Though I would love to have someone else as a nominee, I am not a big fan of letting the delegates vote their conscience-what the heck do we have the primary vote for then if they should be allowed to do what they want anyway? (specifically on the first ballot) The best possible thing would be for Trump to bow out and have Ted get his delegates. Cruz against Hillary is a much better bet than Donald Trump against Hillary.

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    CNN knows that 30% to 40% of Bernie’s supporters won’t be voting for Hillary and that could easily put Trump in the White House if the GOP all voted for him.

    And Hillary could very easily be charged with a crime before the DEM convention which would put Biden in charge. He would be harder to beat than Hillary.

    1. jimmy james

      We better hope that Hillary is not prosecuted and has to step down because anyone else would trounce Trump. And as for a Hillary Clinton presidency, I think that her administration would be similar to Bill’s. We survived that and would likely survive hers as well.

      Trump. Who knows? Riots, economic instability, impeachment and war. Four good reasons not to put a man-child in the oval office. The entire world’s very existence can be ended by the wrong person sitting at that desk.

      How dare we, as a Party, put up such an unstable individual as our nominee.

      1. Anonymous

        Google Bush White house Email Controversy. Hillary will not be charged with anything. If she was, there are many more that should/would be charged – both dem and republican. They all do it.

  6. Anonymous

    Trump is and will be the nominee, unless the RINOs want to destroy the party immediately rather than let McConnell destroy the GOP by a thousand cuts.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. I am a conservative by deeds and actions. I was not for this years tax increase, am for the transgender bill which would have kept guys out of the girls shower rooms, pro 2nd Amendment, pro life, etc. However, Even though Trump was not my first choice, nor 2nd, nor 3rd, he has won the Republican primary delegates needed to get the nomination and should be our parties candidate.

      If someone else is chosen we could lose a ton of Trump supporters, really think they would support another Rep candidate when the nomination was stolen from him? Without his supporters, we would not win, and Hillary gets in with ALL her left wing policies and her ability to nominate left wing Supreme Court Justices. At least with Trump we have a chance, like tackling illegal immigration, keeping our guns, rebuilding our military and stopping our out-of-control national debt and pro 2nd Amendment SCOTUS nominees. Anyone else as our candidate, we lose for sure.

    2. Anonymous

      Lets not kid ourselves into believing he got the plurality of votes because of his ideas and principles. The backlash against political correctness got him elected. He’s the biggest RINO of our time in my opinion.
      One election is worth gambling on ruining our party. I’d take Gary Johnson before him or Hillary.

  7. Anne Beal

    About this “voting your conscience” thing:

    What if your conscience keeps reminding you “hey, you signed a pledge?”

  8. Mhs

    Trump will set the party back a generation and cost us the Senate. That said, elections have consequences and he won. Had maybe McConnel understood Obama won and not so completely bungled the opposition to his agenda, Trump would have been a sideshow and we’d have real Republican crushing Hillary right now.

  9. jimmy james

    Trump IS the RINO. Never has there been a bigger RINO than Donald Trump. He has two or three positions on everything. He backtracks on nearly everything he says but this RINO somehow gets a pass from the RINO-hating half of the Republican Party.

    Why? Because he somehow gained the support of his friends Sean, Rush, Drudge and some folks at Breitbart News. (The great RINO-hunting foursome.) And some of you apparently will follow them no matter how insane this thing gets. You see RINO’s everywhere but can’t smell this one an inch from your nose.

    1. jimmy james

      And then there are the conspiracy theories of Trump and his followers. Too many to mention. But somehow Trump’s giving money to Hillary and the Democrats a few years ago doesn’t alarm you. Being pro-choice a few years ago doesn’t raise a red flag. Single payer support? No problem.

      So…. if you have not been able to predict any of this, then congratulations, you are the rational one.

    1. jimmy james

      Rush frequently mentions how liberals accuse us of being racist, sexist and bigoted. I will not now, or ever, support a Republican nominee who proves them right.

    2. Disappointed Millennial

      To what end? Nominating Trump was the single worst possible outcome of the GOP primary. Now, those of us who possess a conscience are supposed to just fall in line because he as an “R”behind his name? Talk about compromising your principles…

      1. Dave R

        The party has a process for selecting the nominee. If your candidate would have won, would you not expect the party to back that candidate? We don’t always get what we want. One enters a process expecting a favorable outcome and the commensurate rewards for success, the price is that the rewards are predicated on the expectation that participating confers certain obligations.

        There is an old saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

      2. Springer

        We who did not want McCain or Romney last times around were expected to fall in line with the nominee, and most did. Now it’s time to try a candidate who is not of the establishment elite. The alternative is worse, and the most important issue is the Supreme Court. What will happen to our freedom of religion, hope of getting rid of Obamacare and its mandates, Second Amendment, freedom of speech if Hillary gets more liberal justices appointed? Our kids and grandkids will be the ones living under and dealing with those decisions, and I want better for my kids and grandkids than anything Hillary espouses. She and the left want to turn more of our sovereignty over to the UN; that is what happened when Britain joined the EU, and they have finally come to their senses today and taken the first step in regaining their sovereignty. Let’s not give ours away in the first place!

  10. Disappointed Millennial

    As a young person (college age), it absolutely disgusts me that people would advocate for party politics over doing what is best for the country when they are so obviously not the same thing, particularly in this case. I have never been more disappointed and disillusioned with the Republican Party then with this election cycle. Trump is an abhorrent, racist, bigot who doesn’t belong within entire city blocks of the Oval Office. To the old, angry, white people of the party: you are and will continue to lose young people like me if you can’t moderate the party and learn to live in a pluralistic society. Trump and every single one of his supporters should take time to reflect on if anger and hate are the correct paradigms for voting- I would argue they are not.

    1. Dave R

      Then you don’t understand party politics or team sports. You should register as an Independent and stop expecting everyone else to cater to your personal desires.

      For my part, I don’t believe that you are a Republican in the first place and you are simply taking the opportunity to call Republicans names. Who knows, some milquetoast might take it seriously.

      1. Springer

        This too is distraction. A man on the stock trading floor this morning said that those in Britain were trying to label people who wanted British sovereignty (the group that won!) were instead racists and bigots, and he said this type of attack on people is disgusting. And I agree. The left will call any statement by anyone who disagrees with their policies racist, bigoted, whatever, and it is a distraction and disgusting. Argue on the issues instead of name calling, DM.

      2. jimmy james

        Tara wants to know if DM can list racist and bigoted Trump quotes? For real, Tara?

        Just what do you hear when he says things like some women are “pigs” and Mexicans are rapists and a judge cannot be impartial because he is of Mexican heritage? When he cannot denounce David Duke. He says a quarter of the world should be banned from the US because they are Muslim. Women should be punished for abortions. Women are a “piece of azz”. On and on.

        Nothing to see here. Move along.

  11. jimmy james

    OMG. Trump, just this morning, is schooling the UK on the benefits of their currency crashing. Good luck to all of you who try to stand behind this buffoon for the next 140 long days.

  12. James McClain

    This country needs a viable opposition party to counteract the statist tendencies of the Democratic Party. Sadly, too many Republicans have swigged that potion and, as a result have turned it into a mere game of the good guys vs. the bad guys instead of really parsing issues and standing on the kind of principle that allows for some semblance of decent governance under the rule of law. By playing copycat to much of the Democrats’ modus operandi, Republicans have simply delayed the long slow march toward irrelevance. Maybe we are really getting what we deserve, and that is difficult to accept with posterity in view, but w/o a true commitment to statecraft in the best interests of this country, we are passing on a terrible legacy to our children and beyond. Excise the cancer, restore some semblance of understanding as to what our Constitutional system should look like, and we may have a truly Grand Old Party. But if we continue to entertain the notion that Trump will come within earshot of that, I think we are kidding ourselves. I have pulled the R lever in every presidential election since 1980, painful as it was at times, but not this year – if Trump is the candidate. Politics is about more than “us against them”, and if enough of the powers that be in the GOP figure that out, they may usher in an age of admirable governance. Sadly, it doesn’t look promising on the horizon, and we will be stuck with HRC – not because “a no vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary”, but because the Republican Party has pinned its hopes on a man who couldn’t govern his way out of a paper bag.