So, who is going to win on Tuesday – Jamison or Huether? It’s not a done deal by a long shot.

So, who is going to win the Sioux Falls Mayor’s race on Tuesday – Greg Jamison or Mike Huether?

I don’t think there’s anything that’s a foregone conclusion at this point. And that spells trouble for Mayor Mike Huether.  In a race where the incumbent should be dominant, he’s not.

Huether has taken fire from all sides, especially from the media who has grown tired of his crabby and thin-skinned ways. Which means the luster is off the state’s top elected Democrat.

At the same time Jamison has been running a more than competent race, and has shown some good organization, and ability to capitalize on Huether’s weaknesses.

In other words, for Greg Jamison, I can see this happening for him. He could very well unseat Mike Huether.

What’s your take on it?

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  1. Kelly Lieberg

    The smolder for a Jamison win is there. Can he get enough oxygen ? Do the big government/special interest ballot issues provide a populist nudge ?

  2. Anonymous

    I pray Jamison wins is all I can say. Huether exudes confidence but just in the wrong way to me but some people like that. I’d much prefer the more controlled Jamison who thinks things through and doesn’t react at the drop of a dime. We’re voting for Jamison and that’s all we can do at this point (and pray!).

    1. Young Independent

      Jameson will get my vote. Huether has presided over a relatively good time for Sioux Falls but I like Greg alot. He’s a good man and a good councilmen.

  3. Wax zippo

    This is a fairly easy to predict double digit win for Huether. The establishment big money (much of it Republican) is on his side.

  4. Todd Epp


    I think among Sioux Falls political insiders, there is considerable consternation about the mayor and his ways. But I don’t think that has translated to the Sioux Falls voters noticing much. The streets are better and the economy is good. MMM can take some credit for the former, not much for the later but he is the beneficiary.

    Jamison is well regarded but he hasn’t found much traction–at least yet–with the Walmart zoning or the ethics issues. And he’s getting killed on TV–MMM has flooded the airwaves. That’s not to say Greg’s not right on both of his main issues (and the increase in crime), it’s just that the voters haven’t seemed to care or notice. I’d call the electorate fat, dumb and happy less than a week out from the election. And that plays to the incumbent.

    So, I expect 4 more years of Mayor Huether in a 55-45 vote.

    Best regards,


  5. Troy Jones

    Two months ago, I was pretty sure Huether would win.

    A month ago, I thought it could be close but Huether would win.

    Today, my gut has moved to a Jamison win. Three things occurred that moved me this way:

    1) I was with 10 diverse guys, most of whom are “working class” and not active in community. Regular folks. 7 are for Jamison and 3 undecided. That shocked me. I expected close to a 50-50 split.

    2) A couple I know who are new to Sioux Falls (since last city election) were truly undecided, watched the debate, and reaction to the debate was “OMG, this is our mayor?”

    3) The current high profile violent crime trials and how Huether has tried to minimize them came across as very pollyannish. There has a been a visceral reaction to this and all against Huether. Hard to know how significant it is until election but I think this might be the biggest “swing” event in this election.

  6. mhs

    Huether by 9 – 11 pts. He rubs people the wrong way but get things done. Jamison, especially in his early council years, rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and has done nothing to show he can lead.

    When voters don’t have an attractive alternative, they stick with the devil they know.

    1. Anonymous

      But I’m afraid you might be right and hit the nail on the head with your last statement. Jamison is a nice guy and he just isn’t off compelling enough.

  7. Anonymous

    I hope Jamison but I’m not sure he has the money and I don’t think the Republicans in Sioux Falls have done enough (I’m not talking about the party as much as I am the donor community and the voters themselves).

    Just out of curiosity what is the SD GOP’s role in this race? I would hope that moving the office and party to Sioux Falls instead of Pierre would have translated into more support from the party one way or another. For Jamison, Erickson and Steele.

    Without the GOP involved in this election I don’t know how Jamison can raise the money to compete and that is a tragedy because he’s outperforming everyone’s expectations.

    Commendable campaign by Devries and Jamison! More hands on deck for the final push!

    1. Young Independent

      This will be a tight race. Jamison will likely flip it with a surprising turn out of young first time voters. Bank on it. His campaign is getting momentum at the right time.

  8. Winston

    I think this race is going to be closer than it should be. In the absence of Hildebrand, Huether does not seem to be running a very good campaign. This race should be a slam-dunk for him, but his entire campaign seems to be rather bland.

    The Kelo debate tonight, regardless of how many people watch it (Perhaps, the pending snow storm will cause a forced audience), will define the final momentum of this race I believe.

    I thought in the KSFY debate earlier this week that Huether looked preoccupied and bothered by the whole process, while Jamison came across confident and assured. Although, he (well, actually both of them)
    should have a done a better job at staring into the camera rather than at the moderators – such an act would have benefited him and/or Huether even greater.

    I still believe Huether has the edge, I am guessing 52 to 48, but it really depends a lot on tonight’s debate and the ensuing momentum for one of them as a result. Maybe this pending snow storm will have a play in this election as well. A snow storm once determined the outcome of a Chicago mayoral race back in the 1970s; not the storm itself, but how it was handled and there has been much criticism over the past year of the Huether administration’s handling of snow plowing.

    I am also reminded of how Jamison’s father entered City politics. His father in 1989 defeated sitting Commissioner Loila Hunking in a sleeper city commission race, which had only the two of them on the ballot. Conventional wisdom at the time was that Hunking was going to get re-elected. She won three years earlier rather handily. She had the solid backing of the activist womens’ caucus in Sioux Falls on her side and she was known to be a commissioner who got things done. She is the one who fixed our main throughway intersections back in the mid 1980s and the one who authored the extra penny sales tax which was to be committed only to the repair of our roads at the time. But even with all that on her side, she lost in 1989 much the way Huether could today lose to another Jamison if he is not careful, that is, by not taking your opponent serious enough and running a campaign of indifference – and due to all of the candidates and the issues on this Tuesday’s ballot, in a potentially close race, this race could be beyond the control of any candidate or their GOTV list as well.

    There are a lot of variables in play here with this race, tonight’s debate, the ensuing momentum, the storm, and whether the Huether campaign is at sleep like Hunking’s was in 1989, or do they have an adequate GOTV strategy to survive this challenge?

    I say this as a Huether supporter, but there is no doubt in my mind because this has become a race that it should have never been…….


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