So you want to be mayor of a Capital City?

If you haven’t caught the news yet, Laurie Gill, who serves in the Governor’s cabinet as Commissioner of the South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources, is declining to run for another term as Mayor of Pierre.

Gill had been serving since 2008, so this is the first opportunity in a long while for an open mayoral seat in South Dakota’s Capital.

So you want to be mayor of a Capital City?  Petitions can be taken out starting March 1, with an election on June 6.

7 Replies to “So you want to be mayor of a Capital City?”

  1. Anonymous

    Anyone who supported that stupid wasteful event center is out in my mind. Sick of tax dollars supporting things private funding can or should do.

  2. anonymous

    Qualifications include: having no qualms about ignoring the condition of city streets yet pursuing an admitted money loser that was the Gill Events Center; being able to continuously preside over Commission meetings that decide huge questions with about 20 minutes of public hearing per question per week but 1 unanimous vote after another; having no qualms about accepting millions of dollars of airline subsidy to prop up an “airline” that failed miserably in its only other market and that I have heard is struggling with that Watertown to Pierre to Denver enterprise; being in favor of a re-design for Pierre’s main street that includes a block snowplow trucks can’t clear; having no qualm about letting Obama Recovery Act money build a miserable $12m building for an average of 25 passengers a day; and having no qualms about being mute while State government destroys one of the jewels of the Capitol Campus.