Some guys got together in South Dakota on July 4th, 1889…

So, while my daughter was getting inducted into the National Honor Society last night, I kept one eye on my phone.

I wasn’t intentionally being rude, but darn it, it happened to coincide with the on-line auction ending for an item I wanted very, very badly. And I quite pleased to say that I managed to get the souvenir for this little gathering in Sioux Falls where some guys got together on July 4th, 1889…:


This is a ribbon worn by one of the participant’s in South Dakota’s Constitutional Convention, which wrote our state’s founding document around 127 years ago.

You all might think it’s boring, but as a political history buff, I think it’s kind of cool.

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  1. Kelly Lieberg

    Better get that under lock and key quick before Lyin’ Ted steals it ! (said the victim of modern day public education)


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