Sounds like Libertarians picked Abernathey

From Facebook:

The guy who says it isan extreme risk for an owner to hire a woman working around men in today’s society, and I think that women are to blame for that” is apparently the Libertarian party nominee for Governor in South Dakota tonight, versus the person with protection orders against him.

Gee… congratulations?

36 Replies to “Sounds like Libertarians picked Abernathey”

  1. Tara Volesky

    Both candidates were very good. Congratulations to Mr. Abernathy. He will make the Gubernatorial race very interesting.

    1. Anonymous

      yes quoting and posting conspiracy theories from Alex Jones of INFO WARS will add greatly to the Gubnatorial race.

      1. Anonymous

        It shows that Tara has no freaking idea what “good candidates” actually are…unbelievable

  2. Anonymous

    Listened to his facebook live and he is willing to put the gy with protection orders on the ticket as lt gov…

    1) don’t they pick the lt gov at their convention?
    2) well roundeding of the ticket by picking a guy like that as lt gov?

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Hey just think Eureka could get one of those flashy new Highway signs on HWY 10 : Home of…… naw just kidding.

  4. a friend of education

    I don’t recall the war in which women defeated men. I don’t recall a female US President. Our nation has never elected a majority distaff congress or supreme court. I don’t think we’ve had a lady governor in SD, although we may soon.

    To the extent that federal/state employment laws (and regulations) are misguided, shouldn’t we blame the male politicians & judges who supported & enacted said rules?

      1. Gideon Oakes

        Dusty, Shantel and George are all great people. And more than that, they are all personal friends of mine. To a one, their friendships are cherished and invaluable to me. Because of this, I support each and every one of them. For instance, if any of them called me at 3am broken down on the side of the road, I would not hesitate to go to them. But politics is not a matter of picking friends. We choose candidates based on their platform and their message. I believe in George’s message of fiscal conservatism, limited government and personal liberty. And I believe he is fit to serve. On November 6, I will proudly cast my vote for George Hendrickson for US House.

      2. Tara Volesky

        CJ is a Republican Libertarian. Gideon, they want you to be politically correct. Don’t fall for it.

        1. Gideon Oakes

          Tara, I’m sorry, but I’m not sure how to reply to that. Not sure who “they” are/is, nor do I believe that not taking an opportunity to slam people I care about is being “politically correct”.

          1. Tara Volesky

            Well Gideon, it just appeared to me you were throwing your Gubernatorial candidate CJ Abernathy under the bus. I think he is legit, I also the Mr. Novotny was also a great candidate. Don’t apologize for a great slate of canidates. SD is ready to look at 3rd party candidates.

              1. Tara Volesky

                Hey guys, have you heard about George Hendrickson running for US House? Go check out his page at He’s not a loud, squeaky wheel, so he won’t get the grease of constant media attention, but he’s the Libertarian nominee for Congress.

                1. Gideon Oakes

                  Tara, I was talking about *George* until you brought up CJ. I guess if you’re interpreting my words to imply that CJ is a loud, squeaky wheel, I won’t exactly argue with you… buuuut, yeah… There are other battles to fight, good lady. This one is tired.

                  1. Tara Volesky

                    He’s probably not going to get on the ballot since they did not nominate a Lieutenant Governor.

    1. Anonymous

      Tara, Some people just love conspiracy theories and find it captivating, exciting, exclusivity in that they feel they know something others don’t and sometimes using illegal mind altering drugs enhances what they are looking for. Libertarian and Constitutional Parties here in SD have historically welcomed and catered to that niche.

  5. Myself

    I see CJ as giving the power to the people of SD.. Transparency in this State could clean all the corruption going on, finally.