Sour Sibby

Blogger Steve “Sibby” Sibson has been the self-proclaimed beacon of truth in the tinfoil helmet RINO hunter club (“Republican in name only”) for years.

But has Steve Sibson become that which he has sworn to oppose at every turn? Either way he’s been doing his best to help defeat Republican incumbents. Combined with slanted voter surveys, Sibby is now showing that he and his partners in conspiracy prefer Democrats to sane Republicans.

Sibson also feels bad for the rural people who are more conservative, he said. He?s hoping Democrat Quentin Burg is more conservative and gives the rural population a conservative to vote for.

?I hope the people who supported me will consider supporting him,? Sibson said of Burg.

Does anybody really believe that the Dems will be more conservative than even moderate Repubs? Sour grapes or sour Sibby? Watch out for the black helicopters flying overhead…

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  1. Anonymous

    Not to change the subject or anything, but did anyone notice that the Dems weren’t able to get Ed Iron Cloud to file his petitions to run as an Independent in District 27? Elizabeth May has a free ride to the House as a Republican! Pretty hilarious, isn’t it?

    1. Anonymous

      Oops! The SD S.O.S. website just listed a Kathleen Ann from Scenic filed as an Independent in District 27. Who the heck is she?

  2. Anonymous

    Sibson should go back to the Democrat party that spawned him.

    What a perfect example of a sore loser.

  3. caheidelberger

    Perhaps also to file under “sore loser”: Kathy Miles, who lost to Angie Buhl in the 2010 Dem primary, just filed to run Indy for Buhl’s Dist. 15 Senate seat.

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      I agree. Behind all the statements, I think there is a very sincere and good soul.

      My only desire is that Steve could see sincerity and goodness in those he disagrees with or not attribute our difference to us being tricked or stupid.

      Aquinas said, “Men could not live with one another if there were not mutual confidence that they were being truthful to one another.”

      Steve sees all statements in conflict with his world view as a symptom of the other person being untruthful or duped. He seems to give little consideration the other person’s reason, experience, and knowledge leads him to another place and gives exclusive weight to his reason, experience and knowledge.

      Such an attitude makes it hard to dialogue as it is always a one-way street.

      Bottomline: I have a sincere softness for Steve but I will not lay down to Sibby.

  4. Uh oh

    Crazy Sibby heard you’ve been talking about him Bill:

    But sadly most will not take this research seriously enough to verify what is really going on and instead do a knee-jerk reaction by saying that I am wearing a tin foil hat. Such is the case with SDWC RINO Kool-Aid drinker and simple minded BIll Clay who asks, “Does anybody really believe that the Dems will be more conservative than even moderate Repubs?”

    Freemasons, and calling our Bill Clay – oh no he di’n’t!

  5. Lee Schoenbeck

    I had the chance to hunt with Sibby one tiem and I enjoyed him. In person, he’s more fun than on line.

    Corey – Is everybody that runs, after losing, a “sore looser” – because that would make an interesting list (Abe Lincoln comes readily to mind, and Frank Kloucek – see Corey, your hypothesis is so goofy that it puts Abe and Frank together!).

    Kathy Miles is a great candidate, and when the whole district gets a say – I’ll bet you two of your French books that you’ll be saying “Senator Miles” in November.

    1. caheidelberger

      Maybe “sore loser” is too loaded a phrase… but I’m willing to postulate that some portion of folks like Miles, Kloucek, et al. run with no small amount of desire to right their wrongs, to avenge the defeats that don’t sit well with them.

  6. Bree S.

    This continued mantra that liberals would never dream of running as Republicans in heavily Republican districts is simply asinine. For example Senator Bob Gray and Representative Tad Perry both of District 24 were PRIME SPONSORS of SB 138 to “enact the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote.” Let’s not pretend that the national popular vote movement wasn’t a response to the Gore/Bush recount. Let’s also not pretend that enacting the national popular vote wouldn’t skew elections in favor of urban voters. No wonder rural conservatives are frustrated. Bill Clay, what is your opinion on Bob Gray’s support for the national popular vote?

      1. Bree S.

        What specifically in the factual statement I just made gave you impression that I am angry and uptight? Do you think your attempt to paint my statement as emotional or square will hold water?

  7. Lee Schoenbeck

    I suspect Bob heard complaints from a lot of folks – myself included. I think all the sponsors of that heard from citizens. It was a bad idea. Not sure how it even got introduced in a state like South Dakota that would clearly loose under that proposal! Perfect is a hard thing to get to – most of us never make it.

        1. Bree S.

          Ah. I missed the “tabled” part when I looked at it. Thank you for pointing out my error; it makes me feel a lot better. I couldn’t believe some of those guys would vote to pass that.

    1. Bill Fleming

      In what way would we lose, Lee? As a Democrat, I wouldn’t mind my South Dakotan vote counting in a Presidential election for once. I bet the Indys feel the same way. Together we make up about half of the SD voters… you know, that half that never gets represented in Presidential elections. ;^)

  8. Stace Nelson

    Notice that we have a lot of vitrol pointed towards conservative Republicans even as the moderates within the party cry foul for conservatives questioning their departures from SDGOP platform issues such as pro-life & pro-2nd Amendment. Yet the moderates claim to be conservatives when they run for South Dakotan’s votes and whine of unity.

    Sibby received 1043 Republican votes! Those are not unattentative numbers sitting on a shelf. That is a large amount of South Dakota Republicans! How many Republicans have voted for you Bill Clay?

    Let us put this into real context, Sibby received significantly more votes than the winners of 4 other senate races to include Deb Peters’ (405) AND 11 House races! Realize these voters you mock today are not going to be enticed to support the moderate side by your ugly rancor; however, they will be incensed against the whole SDGOP because of it.

    Thank you Steve Sibson for having had the courage to run for office and to those 1043 Republican voters who took the time out of their day to support their Republican candidate. Consider if instead, that demonstrated support had been in a 3-way House race…

    1. grudznick

      I, too, thank Mr. Sibson. Even when he’s not one of our legislatures I hope he keeps his analysis coming and shares it with people.

      1. rino hunters

        after conservatives took out trophy rinos like rausch, abdullah, perry, willadson, tom nelson, & buckingham… peters barely escaped, you better hide your name, little rino..

        1. Hordon Gowie

          Wins by Mickelson, westra, peters, Vehle, Tieszen, Johnston, Duvall, Gosch, Conzet, Rampelburg, soholt, Werner, Erickson. Of course, you won’t hear the whack jobs talk about those candidates because they weren’t Howie approved. But they’re good Republicans and still outnumber the whackos.

          Losses by Tornow, Hubbel, Sibby, Venner, Ferebee, Wolman, Barrie – all Gordo approved.

          1. cat

            curious, what makes those people you list “good Republicans?” or better yet, what makes a good Republican?

            So the “whackos” are bad Republicans because they believe elected Republicans should support the Republican Platform, and Republican principles, so what makes your “good Republicans” good? Because some anonymous nasty person says so?

      2. cat

        is this the type of cowards that we really have in our state legislature?

        whether you agree with Nelson or not, he at least has the integrity to put everything out in the open and do things in the public eye. your lies have been overwhelmingly rejected by South Dakotans in Rausch’s race and Nelson’s own.

        the more you politicians attack him, the more of a following he gets across the state.

    2. Bill Fleming

      Q. What do you call it when Stace, Sibby, Ellis, Howie, and Rendazzo go into the basement and make their videos?

      A. A whine cellar.

  9. Lloyd Braun

    Haven’t heard anyone mention the fact that Stace and former Dem Schoenfish were elected in the same district. Bizarro world? They could very well elect Stace, a true rino in Schoenfish, and kloucek.

  10. Anonymous

    I just want to thank you republicans for destroying the dems in S dak, and now I laugh while you eat your own love it.

  11. Oldguy

    I think any one on either side that runs for office win or lose is a good person for our state as they aren’t like me sitting on sidelines watching. Good job all of you candidates . I just wish more people would run as a Democrat as their is nothing work with being a democrats and we need a true two party system. The best laws come from opposing people TALKING to each other.

  12. Troy Jones Post author

    I agree. Anyone who expends personal time, effort, emotions, and resources to serve the people deserves our thanks.

  13. Anooner

    The Howie camp doesn’t want republicans serving, they want ultra conservative republicans serving. The “right” half of the spectrum is just that – an entire half, from center to far end. They can only tolerate people at the far end, or should I say the deep end. What they don’t get is that the average joe is just not that fanatical. They only appeal to hard-core, like-minded people that already agree with them. I don’t want them representing me. And I don’t want uber libs either. I want people who can work to provide good efficient government, not a bunch of idealoguse. We don’t need people of such narrow vision they can only stand at the aisle and self-righteously throw stones both across and at their own. If they really wanted to sway people, they would ease-up on the hellfire and brimstone holier than thou, approach. Use some tact, and backoff on the purge. The problem is they are so convinced they are right that they can’t stand back and objectively form a plan to advance their position. Instead, all they just scream “rino” every chance they get.

    1. Bree S.

      This attempt to tag every single conservative Republican as a member of the “Howie camp” and “ultra-conservative” is doomed to failure. You do realize that a majority of all Americans are pro-life? I’m sure that majority is stronger in South Dakota. So what you are doing is constantly insulting a majority of South Dakotans. I suppose you think we have nothing to be upset about. My representative actually stated that he voted against HB 1217 because it was “a bill that could cost South Dakotans millions of dollars at a time when we are cutting 10% from state government, public schools, health care providers, and universities. As a fiscal conservative, I voted no, and that was the right decision at that time on that bill.” Why don’t we just start throwing babies over a cliff then. Then we won’t have to feed them, will that save us enough money to SUPPORT UNIVERSITIES AND HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS? And you confused liberals wonder why the silent majority has risen up, put on “tin foil helmets” and are on some supposedly misguided rampage to destroy all RINOS, which also supposedly don’t exist.

      1. Les

        Thank you Bree. If the legislators involved in this fray would identify themselves as some have, the character assaults from both sides would soon clear like smoke in the air. Unfortunately most prefer to work from the shadows as Rove has proven, a lie repeated enough times soon vecomes truth.


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