South Dakota AG Marty Jackley hosting two fundraisers in December.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley has two fundraisers coming up this month – one in Pierre, and one in Sioux Falls.

What’s interesting are the names of the people who are putting their names on the line to serve as hosts for the fundraisers, which go towards his Political Action Committee, and supporting his political activities.

For the Pierre fundraiser, State Senator Jeff Monroe has put his name on the line, as well as Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt, Stanley County State’s Attorney Thomas Maher, and Pierre City Commissioner Jamie Huizenga


And the Sioux Falls list for tomorrow’s fundraiser is equally intriguing – Former State Senator Gene Abdallah, State Rep Arch Beal, former State Rep & Congressional Candidate Joel Dykstra, State Senator Jenna Haggar, City Councilman Greg Jamison, State Senator Dave Omdahl, Former State Rep (and rumored candidate for this next year) Hal WIck, and Lincoln County State’s Attorney Tom Wollman.

(Update – and PUC Commissioner Gary Hanson, which I missed when I quickly hammered this out over lunch).


Looks like someone is starting to gear up for 2018…

22 Replies to “South Dakota AG Marty Jackley hosting two fundraisers in December.”

  1. Anon

    Not a ton of surprises. A lot of law enforcement folks, which is a group you would expect to be a part of Jackley’s base. The Sioux Falls list is noteworthy purely because it’s Mickelson’s home turf so it’s interesting to see who isn’t supporting him. Also, you failed to note PUC Commissioner Gary Hanson.

    One name that sticks out to me is Jenna Haggar. I would have guessed she’d be a Noem supporter but I’m sure there will be a lot of split loyalties in this race.

          1. Tony

            But a politician is a politician whether in Pierre or DC. If she’s tired of DC she should just now out. We can’t confuse moving positions as not career politicians

          2. Anonymous

            But a politician is a politician whether in Pierre or DC. If she’s tired of DC she should just bow out. We can’t confuse moving positions as not career politicians

  2. Ymous

    Gene Abdallah was the big surprise for me. Craig Lloyd also. I don’t think Craig will ever support Mayor little pants Mike Huether though. I think Mike Huether has a tough time raising money on the democrat side other them Mike Bender.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    “Money names” – strange phrase. See, I thought in South Dakota that my mechanic dad’s vote was worth as much as the next guys. I don’t think there is such a thing as a “second or third tier” supporter. I suspect that some of those people on those lists have more friends than most, and are highly regarded by many, and that’s pretty important

    1. Anon

      You know as well as anyone that to put together a winning campaign for Governor it takes financial support. You have to put together staff and infrastructure to reach the voters. Everyone knows that Jackley’s biggest challenge in this race will be proving he can keep pace with Noem and Mickelson in the fundraising column.

      That being said, I agree that there are some well-known and well-respected people on these lists that can be very beneficial to Jackley’s candidacy .

  4. Anonymous

    Sad that people keep score by if hey have “money people” or not.

    I agree with Lee Schoenbeck, money isn’t everything. In a state like South Dakota money can be caught up with ground support of people.

    I still think Marty is the clear favorite vs Mikelson; if Noem gets in also it is between her and Marty…Frankly besides the name I don’t know why Mikelson would have a chance…

    Very early yet also


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