South Dakota Chamber forms committee to oppose adding pot to State Constitution

From the Capital Journal, the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced the formation of the ‘NO Way on Amendment A’ committee to oppose the constitutional amendment to add legalization of pot to the South Dakota State Constitution:

“Amendment A will appear on this November’s ballot and goes beyond making pot legal,” said David Own, chairman of the committee and president of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “It makes recreational marijuana use a part of our state’s 131 year-old Constitution that cannot be amended by our state legislature.”

“This isn’t about getting high with your friends. This is about permanently expanding access to a drug that can have powerful consequences,” said Owen as he filed the paperwork for establishing the “NO Way on Amendment A” Committee.


Additional business groups have already decided to join the ‘NO Way on A’ effort. These groups include law enforcement officials, public officials and social work leaders. As employers start to study the issue, Owen expects other groups to be making announcements throughout the summer.

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4 Replies to “South Dakota Chamber forms committee to oppose adding pot to State Constitution”

  1. John Dale

    Pursuit of this position is anti-American.

    After some study, I believe the psychology community is off-the-rails.

    Somewhere in their subconscious, they know this type of persecution of individual behavior and freedom manufactures cognitive distress (their market).

    The demonization of cannabis advocates CREATES CRIMINALITY and anti-American sentiment.

    The persecution of cannabis is un-American. Having members of government and law enforcement persecuting a relatively harmless behavior (reefer madness was a lie) creates enemies of our government.

    The malfeasant nature of law enforcement organizations using their platform to affect legislative outcomes frustrates me. FIX THE METH PROBLEM and leave cannabis advocates alone!! Meth is a military problem that will challenge law enforcement to the hilt. Cannabis is a low hanging fruit, the prosecution of which only affects the “feelings” of law enforcement, but it’s easy to obtain prosecutorial outcomes. LE “feels” like they are busting criminals and taking out something bad. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, METH is tearing our communities apart and the military industrial complex (Big Pharma Wing) laughs all the way to (their globalist) banks.

    The data suggests we should advocate for legalization of Cannabis, but setup legislation that torpedoes monopolies/oligopolies for the Neoliberals and Neoconservatives; A FREE AND FAIR MARKET. This will prevent cross-selling of other drugs, it will improve product quality and incentivize safer methods of ingestion among other positive benefits for the rank-and-file in our state.

    Unfortunately, to some extent, this ship has sailed. South Dakota had an opportunity to address the problem and lead the nation, but the Sioux Falls Police Department – OF ALL PEOPLE – came out against the best possible solution.

    Now, you have extreme left-wing out of state operators salivating at the chance to cement a monopoly that will fund the blueing of SD years into the future through monopolization of cannabis legalization program cash flows.

    As a free market conservative, I can’t tell you how frustrating this process has been to watch out of state money turn the police against CC4L (the correct, conservative solution to the problem) while an intrepid group of hard-line liberals marched the ball into the red zone (where we are now).

    South Dakota now has two bad choices. Vote NO and give-up momentum. Vote YES and usher in a new era of Neo-fascism.

    CC4L wins wither way, honestly. I look forward to informing legislative strategy if any cannabis initiative/amendments should pass. I look forward to working for the correct solution to the problem should they fail.

    One way or another, we have to force a possession change and be ready to march the ball down the field; ready to respond.

    That is all.

  2. Anonymous

    Does the South Dakota Chamber realize the other ballot question is a recreational disguised as medical? All kinds of loopholes for access that is not even medically science driven. It will have a wide range of negative consequences for businesses and the economy. If that one passes boy are they and the citizens of South Dakota are going to be unpleasantly surprised.

    1. Caleb

      Curious: what specific businesses do you suggest would suffer negative consequences, and what specifically are those consequences?


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