South Dakota Chamber of Commerce Opposes Amendment V


South Dakota Chamber of Commerce Opposes Amendment V

Pierre, SD – September 23, 2016 – One of South Dakota’s leading business advocate and nonpartisan organizations, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, has come out in official opposition to Amendment V.

“South Dakota has a good business climate, low taxes, and no gridlock,” said David Owen, President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce & Industry, “why would we want to copy California, a state with high taxes, mountains of debt, and political gridlock?”

Amendment V would heavily revise South Dakota’s constitution by hiding party labels on the ballot and installing a merged primary system similar to that in effect for statewide elections in California. Amendment V would apply to all elections in South Dakota other than Presidential elections.

“Amendment V is backed by an out-of-state group using South Dakota for a political experiment. It is attempting to solve problems we don’t have here in South Dakota,” Owen added.

The Amendment V campaign is funded by 76% out-of-state money, with over 70% coming from a single group in New York, NY.

“Thank you to the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce for seeing Amendment V for what it is: an anti-transparent effort to hide party labels from South Dakota voters,” said Will Mortenson, Chairman of South Dakotans Against V.

The Chamber of Commerce joins a coalition of nonpartisan organizations including the South Dakota Farm Bureau and South Dakota Association of Cooperatives in opposing Amendment V.

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10 Replies to “South Dakota Chamber of Commerce Opposes Amendment V”

  1. Bob Martin

    There will be soon big news on who is pulling the strings at SD AARP on this V bill. The endorsement was illegal. The people who pushed were Democrat staffers who took control of AARP. They might lose their charter

  2. Anonymous

    How is this different from the many Democrats that change their registrations to get elected as Republicans? I think we have more “former” Democrats in office as “Republicans” than there is actual elected registered Democrats.

    1. enquirer

      we need to keep making them take the effort, is why. if you think the lack of party labels will “purify” a party you are dreaming.

  3. SD Watchdog

    Rick. W & Rick N. just can’t buy an election … so sorry fellows.
    What you’re selling, common sense South Dakotans just aint buying!
    As for AAA, it has become an extension of the liberal Democratic Party.
    Don’t be fooled by their slick television ads … I will NOT enroll.

  4. Cliff Hadley

    One quibble: There is no gridlock in California. It’s a one-party state in thrall to progressive mischief. Exhibits A & B are flushing fresh water to sea rather than increasing reservoir storage, and building multi-billion-dollar passenger train lines to connect dying cities inland. Scientifically and economically illiterate, respectively.