South Dakota Democrats fighting back against DSCC’s efforts to find a candidate who can win.

South Dakota Democrats are as mad as hell, and they’re not going to let national Democrats come in and push a candidate on them who can win.  At least, that’s what one Democrat was espousing at the Daily Kos yesterday, in a piece I found to be darn near laugh out loud:

So here’s my point, DSCC.

You are clearly unhappy with South Dakota’s Democratic candidate for Senate, Rick Weiland.

Even as late as July 31, 2013, Michael Bennet, chair of the DSCC, said, “We expect to spend money in all of these states, but I think it is fair to say that both sides have work to do to make the respective races competitive. Right now we are actively recruiting in West Virginia, Montana, and South Dakota, and expect to have competitive candidates in each of these states.”

“Actively recruiting,” he says…even though our state already has Rick Weiland, a candidate with significant momentum behind him, Tom Daschle’s name behind him, and with no other candidates behind him, beside him, or in front of him.

Nevertheless, you are still meddling, manipulating, maneuvering, and mucking things up, all in hopes of getting the child to behave according to your “parental” will.

Now, make no mistake: Rick would welcome your financial support, not to mention your rhetorical support.  It would benefit him, and our state’s cause, immensely.

But he is not willing to become a “False Self” to do it, false either to his own internal integrity or to the integrity of what the South Dakota Democratic Party is becoming.


WE know that Rick Weiland is the real deal.  WE know that he’s been putting feet to pavement all across the state.  WE know that he’s knowledgable and savvy and experienced.  WE know that he is beholden to principles rather than someone else’s pocketbook.  WE know that he believes what he says and says what he believes.

WE know he’s a Democrat.

A real Democrat, one who supports the Affordable Care Act, one who supports the minimum wage, one who supports voting rights and Indian rights and marriage equality, one who supports Medicare and a Medicaid expansion, and one who stands against Big Oil and Big Meat.

For starters.

That’s not a bad combination.

Meanwhile, our state’s Republicans are having a family feud of their own.  We now have four candidates for their primary, four people happily throwing mud and money at each other, and, frankly, shouting loudly enough back and forth so that we Democratic neighbors can hear.

Read it all here.

Couple of interesting takeaways, as South Dakota Dems beg the Democratic Party power structure to pay attention to their really, really liberal guy. Rick Weiland is supposedly ‘a real democrat’ eschewing energy (big oil) & food (big meat) production, and passes all of their litmus tests.

(And when did Democrats come up with “big meat” as slang? Or has it been there all along, but no one uses it, because any mention of it at a podium by a candidate would go viral on youtube because of it’s use as a “double entendre?”)

The other takeaway is that Democrats are paying very,very close attention to what’s happening in the GOP primary, because their only snowball’s chance in hades is if the victor in the race is so torn up by a fistfight of a Republican primary, that they can’t win.

Good thing to take note of for the Republican contenders. The Dems want you to beat up each other because it is in their self-interest.  So, throw them a curve ball – spend more time telling us why we should vote for you, and less about why to vote against others.

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