South Dakota Dems: Giving up on trying to elect candidates in favor of “The Obama Legacy”

From a reader’s mailbox:

Interesting.   They claim they’re protecting Obama’s legacy, blah, blah, blah…. and talk about their message. But… what about their candidates?  They just aren’t talking about them. It seems that the SD Dems have conceded ever winning elections in SD.

“Every dollar that you donate goes towards holding the GOP accountable.”  But in past appeals, it’s at least had some oblique mention about helping Dems get elected. But now? Nada.

You have to wonder, what exactly do candidates such as Tim Bjorkman and Billie Sutton feel about their open abandonment of their mission to elect candidates, instead focusing on “the Obama Legacy?”

6 Replies to “South Dakota Dems: Giving up on trying to elect candidates in favor of “The Obama Legacy””

  1. Anonymous

    ….and what exactly are those progressive wins they are so proud about but then fail to mention in their letter?

  2. Randy Amundson

    Protecting Obama’s legacy seems to me to be something Obama’s legacy should be able to do all by itself, that is, of course, if it is a legitimate legacy. The only thing he did was ACA and that will implode upon itself leaving all those poor people uninsured, just like they were before taxpayers started paying for their insurance for them. Spending money to protect something that will self destruct seems like an exercise in futility [or stupidity (depending on how you see it)]. I guess there is little wonder why Democrats in South Dakota are losing at every turn.

  3. Troy Jones

    This is as nuts and incompetent as the Augie gathering where you could come to the identity group of choice.

    I hope they sent this to every Democrat in the state because it will result in a surge of people re-registering. Unfortunately, they don’t have the money for a state-wide mailing so I suspect it went to the fifty people in their echo chamber who think this is a good idea.

  4. Benz

    Democrats…Protecting a legacy which is circling the drain…soon to be flushed…looks like a good use of their limited funds…


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