South Dakota Dems looking forward to the 2688 Election Cycle

From The Democrat website Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls:

Turning to the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP), in September we noted that Democratic voter registration declined statewide from a high of 38.4% of all registered voters in 2009 to a current low of 30.5% today. In absolute terms, the Republican registration advantage over Democrats increased by 48,567, from 36,688 in 2009 to 85,231 today giving the GOP an average advantage of 2436 votes in each of South Dakota’s 35 legislative districts.

We are happy to report that, since September, the SDDP has reversed this trend and lowered the Republican advantage by 24 voters. I congratulate the SDDP. At this rate, Democrats will reach parity with Republicans in about 670 years. Patience is the word.

Read that here.

Good to hear South Dakota Democrats are making progress, and are ready for the 2688 election cycle 670 years from now.

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