South Dakota Dems run essay contest on ethics, where they’re going to “use any or all of the ideas submitted without attribution or compensation”

A reader sent me this flyer and the accompanying letter which was sent out to public schools this fall where Democrats are using the opportunity to paint a false impression, as well as admit they plan on stealing the ideas of high school kids:

Democrats are trying to press a message that South Dakota State Government is somehow corrupt because we don’t have certain programs that Liberal think-tanks demand for good ratings in their studies, as they conveniently overlook the fact that a Harvard study has ranked South Dakota as among the least corrupt of states.

And they’re also overlooking the fact that Initiated Measure 22 was blocked by a judge on the basis that it was unconstitutional, and it was a bipartisan effort to replace the flawed IM22 measure with one that would survive a court challenge.

But the best part?  As it solicits essays, Democrats disclaim that one of their two objectives expressly notes that “A note in the online instructions will point out that South Dakota Legislators may use any or all of the ideas submitted without attribution or compensation.

So… they’re telling high school kids up front that they’ll plagiarize any and all of their ideas, if they think there’s something good in there.

Quite the lesson they’re trying to teach.  So much for improving ethics.

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  1. Springer

    Just how ethical is it to foist a certain partisan political viewpoint on young people under the guise of a scholarship?

    1. Anonymous

      I was wondering the same thing. I think the SDRP should do the same thing and make it a bigger prize.

      I think it’s funny that the SDDP has to look to kids not even out of high school to get ideas; the SDDP must be out of their own.

    2. anonymous

      Since when is it unethical to use the public’s ideas in legislation?
      Why does the writer ASSUME that Republicans are the unethical people?

    3. anonymous

      There was no mention of accusing either political party. Why did you make that up?
      You seem to think it is unethical to use their ideas. It would be unethical if they were not told ahead of time, but since they were, it is NOT unethical. But then, what would you know of ethics? After reading this blog–NOTHING.

  2. Anonymous

    Will all of the liberal teachers refuse to promote the scholarship because it is clearly propaganda? If not, they should be fired for violating the ethical standards of their profession! I will not, however, be holding my breath until that happens.

    1. anonymous

      There is nothing propaganda about ethics, unless you oppose ethics. Nothing wrong with teachers supporting ethics in government unless you believe ethics is wrong. This seems to be all Republicans who feel that supporting ethics is wrong. Why do they feel that way??? GUILT.

    1. KM

      As much as one would like to believe this is a nonpartisan investigative group, it’s really not.

      Did you check out the donors?

      Search: Center for Public Integrity Bias and go from there:) Seems they’ve been called out on their bias more than once.

      1. anonymous

        Do you believe Fortune Magazine is a left wing publication? They rank SD the eighth most corrupt state. You just don’t want to accept the facts.

        1. KM

          Yep, you got it, I don’t care about facts at all. The proof you need is found in all the statements I have ever made on this blog.

          I researched Center for Public Integrity bias and found info backing the claim they are biased. Do you need me to do research for you too? Let’s see, Fortune Magazine bias…Fortune magazine is owned and published by Time Inc, a Left-wing publication. That’s about all I need to know to stop wasting my time.

          Do you spend any time watching the fake news networks continue to destroy themselves? The burden of proof is on you, not me. But, I don’t mind proving you wrong, I like to research.

        2. William Beal

          “The researchers studied more than 25,000 convictions of public officials for violation of federal corruption laws between 1976 and 2008 as well as patterns in state spending to develop a corruption index that estimates the most and least corrupt states in the union.”

          Based on the methodology and lack of correlation between conviction of “public officials” and state spending patterns in South Dakota, I believe the methodology is flawed and includes convictions of tribal officials for violations of federal corruption laws, rather than South Dakota state officials.

          (Please note) “The researchers found that for 9 out of the 10 of the most corrupt states, overall state spending was higher than in less corrupt states (South Dakota was the only exception).”

          Since I’m not a subscriber to Public Administration Review, I’m unable to access the original study, so I attempted to check for South Dakota public officials convicted of felonies and the only one I found between the years of 1850 to Present is Ted Klaudt’s conviction for rape and witness tampering. Again note, the conviction was not for violations of federal corruption laws.

          Can anyone provide additional details concerning convictions of South Dakota public officials for violation of federal corruption laws between 1976 and 2008, that do not include violations by tribal officials?


      1. William Beal

        Seriously, “Only three states score higher than D+ in State Integrity Investigation; 11 flunk” and California is one of the top 3??

        You can link the the report I referenced, but as I said in my response it requires a subscription. The methodology was noted and that’s what my response was based on. Of course, you already knew that.

    2. grudznick

      That’s a corrupt report, Mrs. Volesky. Do not be hoodwinked or become insane like some others.

      1. anonymous

        Almost ALL reports rank SD very bad. Even the right wing Fortune magazine says so. It has nothing to do with liberal bias. Just facts.

    3. grudznick

      Bogus organization and survey, Mrs. Volesky. That “investigation” was voted the most corrupt in the nation

  3. Anonymous

    Pfft… and #34 on actual convictions. Reporters even think it seems less.

    This is just a bunch of nonsense.

    1. Emoluments Clause

      Proxy servers? Your own server in your basement is one thing, that’s bad enough, but “proxy servers?” Really?

  4. Anonymous

    You know the funny thing would be if a kid won and asked for the scholarship to be applied to his or her tuition to a good school like Hillsdale or Liberty University; you know, a school that promotes love of America, the Constitution, and conservative values.

    1. KM

      That would be priceless;)

      I also thought a student exposing all the Democratic ethic violations would make for a winning essay.

      1. Anonymous

        My oldest is only in 5th otherwise I could see adding “ghost writer” to my list of accomplishments.

        1. KM

          Good one;) I was thinking the same, but my oldest is in 7th and in a private school so he’ll never see the challenge. For whatever reason, Democrats/Liberals steer clear of indoctrinating private school kids.

      2. Emoluments Clause

        Please list South Dakota Democratic ethical violations from recent years…. I am waiting….

        Frankly, there are not enough in power to even violate ethics, are there?

        1. KM

          What my comment suggests is an idea for the essay challenge. You know, a joke. Still working on a cure for TDS I see.

          I do know it’s difficult for Dems to do any real research so give me time and I can do it for you. My first search actually brings up a post from SDWC, go figure;)

          1. Emoluments Clause

            Well, I know back in the mid 1970s there was a controversy over Kneip pardoning the owner of a dog track in N. Sioux City, S.D., but otherwise, I am scratching my head….. Oh, and there was that marital problem that a Democratic economic development head back then too, but otherwise??

            You have to do research? Don’t you have a photographic memory? 😉 Peace!

            1. KM

              Well, I don’t have a memory that goes all the way back to 1970, I wasn’t even born. I’m impressed to see you came up with some examples on your own.

              A conversation at work tonight brought up Democratic ethics violations we both could agree on…the lies and lack of transparency from our mayor and city council. But that’s just talk and speculation. And would it count since there was a change in party from Dem to Indy?

              1. Emoluments Clause

                Of the eight members of the Council plus the Mayor, I believe there are only two who are registered Democrats…. Nice try though, although, the poster promoting the scholarship has a picture of the State Capitol Building on it and not SF City Hall 😉

  5. Food for thought.

    Nothing wrong with this concept. A liberal high school thinker can write what is expected, and a conservative can challenge the shoddy premise and still write a tremendous think piece.
    I wrote a scholarship essay in highschool about the benefits of manufactured housing. Surprised myself and learned there are benefits above and beyond what you see in a trailer house.
    And a true lover of our state and it’s people should not shy away from looking at ourselves with a wary eye. It’s complacency that allows dishonest people to trick good people.
    We should never be afraid of knowledge and the search for truth.

  6. Jaa Dee

    ” the fact that Initiated Measure 22 was blocked by a judge on the basis that it was unconstitutional, “-[– Lie!! It was never declared un-Constitutional by a court..

  7. Troy Jones

    If a single school puts up the dishonest poster of propaganda, the Governor should holdback 10% of their state aid until the responsible parties are dismissed.

    1. The Sage

      Really? You’re actually advocating for the governor to break the law to silence the opposition, Troy? Astounding!

      This is a state where the former chair of the Republican Party who happens to employ the governor’s daughter has received millions of dollars in no-bid contracts for make work advertising projects that have produced lousy results and stupid throw away slogans like “don’t spank your monkey while driving” and “it’s better to live in SD than die on Mars.” Then there are the millions of wasted federal dollars that were supposed to help native american students prepare for college that were frittered away on “consulting” contracts with Republican insiders. And there was the EB-5 program that generated millions of dollars in fees that started out as a state program, but the state actually paid – yes paid – Joop Bollen to privatize all of those fees. Maybe we do have an ethics problem here.

  8. Wow

    No individual(s) even had the courage to sign a name to the letter . Who is on the committee specifically?

  9. KM

    Letting your “far-left” self out again? Always trying to control the narrative and criticizing for brainstorming ideas, typical Leftist. Our mayor was a registered D and you know he is making unethical choices, I read your comments on SDaCola. Geez.

    We should be encouraging our students to investigate all areas of corruption, at all levels and made by both parties. Maybe there’s a kid who loves their hometown and this essay contest presents the opportunity to expose dishonest people/practices in their town.