South Dakota GFP proposing rule amendment to allow pets in cabins at State Campgrounds.

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks provided notice via the SD Register this morning that on December 8th they will be having a hearing to amend their rules to allow pets at their indoor facilities:

12-08-22 – Department of Game, Fish and Parks: Amend rules to allow people staying in a cabin, lodge, or suite within a state park to have their pet inside the facility during their stay; define what constitutes a pet; and establish a fee for pets that stay at cabins, lodges, or suites; 49 SDR 53, November 21, 2022.

According to existing Administrative rules, pets had previously been banned, with the exception of service animals..

41:03:01:13.  Pet prohibitions. A person may not allow or possess any pet in the state park system except as provided in this section:

(6)  The person may not allow or possess any pet inside enclosed public buildings managed by the department in any state park, recreation area, nature area, or lakeside use area except a person who requires the aid of a service animal or a person who has received prior approval of the park manager;

Read that here.

That’s a huge shift in policy which has been running under the radar.

Working in the insurance claim end of the hospitality industry as my day job, there’s good with it, (such as making it easier for employees to comply with federal housing and disability laws, by not having to figure out what constitutes a legitimate service animal, versus what constitutes an emotional support animal). And there are issues that may be challenges.

Pets biting people and each other generate more insurance claims than people think. And regardless of fault, the facility will get drug into it. Trust me on this.

3 thoughts on “South Dakota GFP proposing rule amendment to allow pets in cabins at State Campgrounds.”

  1. First of all, who determines what a “pet” is.

    If you are like me, my definition of a pet is dog or cat. Not any more. Pets can be anything from a rat, to a rooster, to a gerbil, to a sheep, to a 10 foot yellow python.

    Many people have a tarantella as a pet. Oooooof. Not me.

  2. A little common sense goes a long way. The Game Lodge and house (cabin?)rentals at CSP should be a solid NO. Camping Cabins at Rocky Point or Cow Creek YES. Consideration needs to include who target market is. Tourist versus Outdoorsmen are two different animals. Pet deposit required regardless. I think the SD GF&P Commission (with all the land owners and hunters/fishermen?) can handle this one responsibly. They are very good about their public input access.

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