South Dakota GOP comes down against House Bill 1305, asks people to call House members for a NO vote on bill.

House Bill 1305, sponsored by State Representative Drew Dennert just earned a sharp rebuke from the South Dakota Republican Party Executive Board this morning, who voted unanimously to oppose the legislation on Sunday.

Why? Partly because according to an e-mail calling for action by the South Dakota Republican Party Central Committee, the GOP noted that the “..measure was introduced without talking with stakeholders,” indicating that the sponsor of the measure took it upon themselves to introduce it without consulting the people it would affect.

SDGOP Chairman Dan Lederman also noted that Constitutional Amendment V, which would have done similar things to the primary process was rejected by South Dakota voters 55-45, and lost in all but three counties in the state.

The party also noted This measure represents an attempt to appease those who want to allow Democrats and others to pick the Republican candidates.   Winston Churchill said it best when he said “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” 

The e-mail encourages members of the Republican Central Committee to call the House lobby at 773-3851 to encourage their State Representatives to vote NO on the bill when it’s up for a vote today on the House Floor.

The e-mail closes by also noting that the Republican State Party Executive Board will also be weighing in on House Bill 1259.

75 thoughts on “South Dakota GOP comes down against House Bill 1305, asks people to call House members for a NO vote on bill.”

  1. I agree–VOTE NO on HB 1305 and HB 1259!

    What is going on in Pierre? These bills are crazy.

    Why are Republicans trying to destroy the Republican party and help Democrats?!

    As it says the people have spoken already, VOTE NO!

    1. Dennert is a big government rino. He lost all conservative credentials after this shenanigan.

  2. Here is what is wrong with those bills:

    These diminish the concept we are a constitutional republic with protections of minorities and minority opinions and make us more a direct democracy, which is a nice way to say mob rule where a small majority can run rough shod over an almost equal sized minority.

  3. Why would I want someone who would vote for the likes of Weiland, Daschle, and Johnson to help pick the Republican nominee? I don’t care who they would want to run on the Republican ballot and anybody with common sense would say their vote doesn’t matter.

    1. Dennert is advocating for big government tyranny over the GOP.

      Sad. Embarrassing. Incredibly arrogant and a smack in the face to his conservative backers.

  4. why in the holy heck is a republican the prime on this bill? and i see lust and mickelson named on it too, and disanto along with dennert. dennert and brunner’s tourism tax elimination bill was unneccessary enough, this exceeds that.

    1. Ron Paul just disassociated himself from tyrannical Dennert.

      Dennert is more likely to be advocating heavy handed dictatorship ideals there days than constitutional republic ideals.

      Very upsetting.

  5. I did come down on Drew this weekend since he is in my district. He was not going to budge. He did explain his reasoning and thinking process to me, but I still had a major problem with it. I am glad to see the State Party was watching these things, and willing to speak against one of our own.

    1. He’s 21 years old. It might be time to raise the age limit to only people who have accomplished something in their lives other than live off of their parents generosity.

  6. Legislators should remember that this vote is on the record. I know I won’t forget it.

  7. Drew is a good Conservative. There are not many Conservatives left in the Republican party. And Pat, you just took down 2 of my posts.

    1. Undermining the more conservative of the two major parties in the state? Yeah, that’s conservative.

    2. How is the government telling a political party how to select it’s nominees conservative?

      It sounds like big government to me.

      Dennert has been very disrespectful to Aberdeen republicans and the SD GOP.

  8. This vote will make a difference in how Republican Voters look at Republican Legislators.

    GOP primary voters will not support Republican legislators that want to cede control of the party to non-Republicans.

    Bad bill.

    1. Exactly. I’d like to hear young Dennert’s excuse for why this is a good idea, and then I still won’t buy it.

      1. Well check his voting record to the other Republicans. You have to be a little more inclusive… big tent party.

  9. Stace Jr is following in the footsteps of his rino mentor. I’ve lost all respect for this kid.

  10. Listened to committee testimony. Dennert said he is bringing it on behalf of Independents. No one else spoke in support. There was no committee opposition. Haugaard was the only legislator to express concern about misuse of the legislation.

    1. So, he’s bringing it on behalf of Independents in his own mind only. Why doesn’t he register independent if it’s that important to him. What a RINO.

    2. If he’s there to look after the Independents then why is he playing like he’s a Republican?

  11. Drew has done a lot of things without asking. Especially with the county party in his district.

    I am hoping Rep Kaiser cancels out Drew’s vote by voting no on this measure!

  12. I personally sent a note to both of my House members (Both R & D) urging their NO vote.

    I’m not sure what problem this is solving.

    Just more government where no one was looking for it.

    1. I emailed and called and left messages. I would say it’s creating a problem, not solving one.

  13. This is poor representation of the people that elected him. Independents did not put him in office, Republicans did and now I hope they take him out of office.

  14. This conversation has now caused me to understand that RINOs are conservative Republicans who refuse to follow the liberal tax and spend policies of the SDGOP Establishment that funds the system of legalized corruption. And both political parties support the premise that big government is always the solution. As Fred already noted, Dennert is not pro-Democrat, he is pro-Independent, a position that crony capitalists will never agree to.

    1. He’s supporting government tyranny over a political party. That is not conservative. It is obnoxious and really upsetting.

      Glad Cornelius and the GOP spanked him for acting like a spoiled child.

  15. When this bill got out of committee, I did something I thought I’d never have to do:

    Write an email telling my two legislators to oppose this bill.

    I’m totally convinced the Legislature is the craziest place in South Dakota and I have zero confidence in the collective wisdom of either house. Zero.

    1. Might want to call the house floor, Troy. The vote is this afternoon and you are more likely to get to them in time.

  16. HB 1305 will strengthen the arguments of Open Primaries/jungle primaries outsiders in their campaign in the general. They will be able to point to legislative support for forcing parties – which are private entities – to open their nominating process to non-members. – Dave Roetman, Minnehaha GOP Chair

  17. to me its a constitutional issue – First Amendment freedom of association. If some people don’t want to associate with the GOP they have that right, just like they can decide to not be in Rotary or Jaycees or Lutheran. But if you choose to disassociate from a group, you don’t get to pick who that group’s leaders and representatives are – pretty simple. the people who choose to associate together, get to pick who represents them. To force leaders on an association, chosen by non-associates, erodes an important First Amendment right

    PS when did the Constitutional principles become so irrelevant to legislators?

    1. Lee, testimony was over quicker than the time it takes to sled down St. Ann’s Hill. The discussion was superficial at best.

  18. I’m listening to his testimony. Weak. If Dennert wants to run as an independent, then he can register as an independent.

  19. After seeing the names of some of those who voted Yea, I’m stunned.

    Not to mention, extremely upset…

  20. Lana Greenfield urges a NO vote!

    Life is about choices in life, sometimes you have to make tough choices and not just sit on the fence.

    Good job Lana!

  21. Dennert sounds like a sponsor of Amendment V in his remarks….his true colors are coming out.


  22. if letting independents vote in party primaries is such a great way to build a party, why hasn’t it worked for the SDDP? they’ve been allowing it for years.

  23. Who voted RINO?

    Conzet, Dennert, Diedrich, DiSanto, Frye-Mueller, Heinemann, Holmes, Johnson, Kettwig, Lake, Livermont, Lust, May, Herman Otten, Kent Peterson, Rasmussen, Reed, Rozum, Schoenfish, Stevens, Wiese, Mickelson.

    I hope none of them need help from Republicans in the next election.

  24. I’ve learned not to burn bridges. Even though this was a bad bill, some good people supported it. Best course is to ask each one why.

  25. It’s not that big of a deal letting Independents vote in the primary. Well I guess it’s not that hard to switch over.

  26. I did call both district 8 reps and asked them to vote NO, but I was very surprised to see their aye votes. Very disappointed in them for this vote.

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