South Dakota Politics is right: Do Nothing President

The title of Ken Blanchard’s recent post is “The do nothing president.” I like how he has turned a phrase used by Democrats and the current administration (“Do nothing congress”) against them. For the first 2 years, Democrats had total control of Congress, the senate and the presidency. Democrats did whatever they wanted even when a large majority of the American people protested loudly in opposition. Since the Republican landslide victories of 2010, democrats have chanted “do nothing congress”, “congress is holding this country hostage” etc. It’s time conservatives and Republicans start calling Barack Obama exactly what he has become. A “do nothing president.”

The President is running against a do-nothing Congress. “If they won’t act, I will” he has said. But according to the CBO, only 10% of the money in the President’s jobs bill would be spent next year. Much of it (40%) wouldn’t be spent until after 2015. The bill reported out by the Senate committee will be spent over the next two years. If the President were really concerned about the need to act now and if he really believes that this sort of thing stimulates job growth, this is the sort of thing he might have proposed.

I strongly recommend reading the full post by Dr. Blanchard.

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    1. Spencer

      I admit that Obama fooled me in 2008. I assumed like many other people that he voted “present” in the Illinois Legislature time after time because he did not want others to know how leftwing he truly was. Now it is quite apparent to me that he really does not know how to lead because he lacks any guiding principles or morality. His presidency is little more than an empty suit controlled by liberal interests devoid of thought or feeling.

  1. This is Thune kicking himself!!!!!!!!!

    I will never vote for Obama but Noem and her freshman aren’t doing themselves any favors. On TV she threatens to vote tea party then when the doors close she votes the Boehner/Cantor line which is compromising.

  2. caheidelberger

    “do nothing”? I’m starting to see this meme as simple and unnecessary sour grapes. You say you like the “turn of phrase,” but you offer no analysis, just cling to words.

    You want to ding the president? Why not recognize the decision really is something: a crafty political move that takes Keystone XL off the table until the election and effectively kills this project as suppliers and refiners turn to other already approved pipelines. That position still gives you plenty of room to criticize the President.

    But I’m still waiting to hear why you conservatives support allowing a foreign company to use eminent domain against American landowners. Hmmm… maybe you “conservatives” should just drop Keystone XL, since you can’t form a coherent or defensible position on it.

    1. Spencer

      When a strip mall developer tries to use eminent domain to force local businesses and families out of the developer?s way, it is morally wrong. When eminent domain is used to quickly secure resources vital to our national security, it is no longer morally wrong. How is that confusing?

    2. duggersd

      This is not off the table if the Republicans are smart. This is an issue they can beat BHO over the head with. Here is a guy who is too big of a coward to take a stand that will be unpopular with one of two groups. This is not leadership. This is cowardice.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Cory you are exactly correct. This might offend some right wing fanaticals but one thing is certain in the oil business. The higher the price we pay for a barrel of oil the more money the Muslim backed nations selling it to us make. They are not our friends we agree on. Right Cory we agree that Muslim backed nations are not our friends? (911 Masters 100% Saudi Arabia?) You can answer that later upon deeper thoughts while shaving; hopefully. So on and on we go. ( Honestly Cory I am so sick and tired of the game you Liberals are playing I could not care less about my own political future while taking you idiots on in public.)

    George Bush made a huge mistake by invading Iraq.( My statement and I will die knowing it is true. ) He was talked into it by his very own BIG OIL guy Mr. VP Dick Cheney while not listening to his expert on foreign affairs Colin Powell. (The get even kid with his father makes sense.) (How many Democrats voted against the war in Iraq?) The sacrifice today in terms of loss of life we cannot fathom unless one of us lost a loved one. The increase in fuel costs with all the profits being sent back to Muslim controlled countries also an unfathomable amount which we all get to see in our shrinking monthly alowance for all other needed expenditures. We have enriched the nations who want to exterminate us. Think DOE and Jimmy’s terrific idea of becoming more energy self-sufficient. (I won’t go there as the numbers are all on the WEB and embarrassing.)

    Now here is the clincher for anyone with half a brain. Obama goes after coal fired power plants because he has taken money from the GREEEN revolution running the DEMOCRATIC party. (Gore and Soros) Without coal, or fuel, or nuclear, or natural gas powered plants providing 24/7 power wind does not work. SO by killing coal Obama and YOU have swathed us all in a soon to be coming to a city near you rolling blackouts caused by a shortage of power. ( But what really just kills me is without coal we just killed certain 1000 megawatt power wind farms which would fit well into the GREEEN revolution. Stupidity breeds stupidity here!! ) When the temperature hits 100 above or 40 below how much wind do you usually see. ZERO according to weather reports of historical nature.

    Now you want our friendly neighbors to send their oil squeezed out of the second largest known oil reserve to another country and not America? When China Inc. has all the rights to Canadian Tar Sand oil and we are struggling to fuel our tractors making food for the poor while you are starving Cory maybe then you will get it.

    But by then it will be too late and America as we know it will be a distant glimmer of light from the past.

    Is that really want you want Cory?

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Cory the lifeblood of North America is at stake here and all you can do is spin rhetoric?

    I am giving you zero political spin based upon facts we all should know; while taking on some big GOP gunrunners; are true and you are quietly staying away.

    One thing folks up here in the conservative north country know Mr. CAH is we don’t dump on our neighbors; for we just might need them some day to help us out of a big jam, or dam, or blizzard, or waterhole, or prairie fire next to the ranch.

    You should have grown up in the country; you would GET IT!~

  5. Spencer

    A multi-billion dollar privately-funded stimulus to the U.S. economy and local governments waiting in the wings and Obama kicks the can down the road. Every day we learn some new way in which the Obama administration is systematically destroying this country. The Keystone XL decision really should be taking your degree of alarm with this administration to a new level. Obama just sold our economy and national security out to a bunch of Leftwing extremists to save his reelection bid.

  6. Anonymous

    1. In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress. – John Adams

    2. If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed. – Mark Twain

    3. Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

    4. I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. – Winston Churchill

    5. A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. – George Bernard Shaw

  7. CaveMan

    Yeah Boy Barney;

    One somehow gets a much bigger fight incognito then in person around this place. Must be a lambs perception of silence!~

    You ain’t half as tough as your Mother was either……….

  8. Job Creator

    Lots of passionate argumentation above, but we all seem to forget that if you live in South Dakota your vote for President does not matter. The voting mechanism is set on default Republican. So, in effect, we will be “represented” by either a flip-flopper who literally has no anchor philosophy, a pontificator, a horny fellow or an idiot in the 2012 presidential election. Take your pick. Come on, Republicans. Put up someone who is NOT laughable. Embarrassing…


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