South Dakota Republican Party Celebrates Rock Solid Leadership


South Dakota Republican Party Celebrates Rock Solid Leadership

Pierre – The South Dakota Republican Party held its 2016 South Dakota Republican State Convention in Aberdeen Friday and Saturday. The Convention theme, “Rock Solid Leadership”, paid tribute to the elected officials, party officers, community leaders, and Republican volunteers that work hard to make South Dakota great.

During the two-day convention, South Dakota Republicans unanimously nominated Chris Nelson to continue to represent the GOP in the race for Public Utilities Commissioner this fall. Republican delegates elected Ried Holien of Watertown and re-elected Sandye Kading of Rapid City to serve as State Committeeman and Committeewoman. The Friday evening banquet featured remarks from Governor Dennis Daugaard, Representative Kristi Noem, Senator Mike Rounds, and Senator John Thune.

Pam Roberts, Chair of the South Dakota Republican Party said, “I am proud of the rock solid leadership exemplified by our Republican elected officials”. “We are confident that Senator Thune, Congresswoman Noem, and Commissioner Nelson will be re-elected in November”, she said.

In addition to the elections and the Friday evening banquet, the South Dakota Republican Party adopted a resolution to oppose three ballot measures dealing with campaigns and elections this fall. The Resolution specifically opposed Amendment V, Amendment T, and Initiated Measure 22.

Ryan Budmayr, Executive Director of the Party said, “There is absolutely no good reason for giving voters less information at ballot box and providing less transparency”. “Don’t let anyone fool you, Amendment V is bad policy led by Democrats to change the way we do things in South Dakota and make our process more like California”, he said.


15 Replies to “South Dakota Republican Party Celebrates Rock Solid Leadership”

  1. Anonymous

    i suggest Dana Randall run for state party chair in 2016. He is definitely his own man and beloved by the party faithful.

    1. Anonymous

      It was really cool to see the current committeeman pass the torch to the next. What an awesome display of conservative unity. They will be a force. I suspect we have not seen the last of Dana Randall and Ried will a positive force in the conservative movement for a long time.

      Two leaders realizing that it’s ok to step aside from a current position and still stay in the fight. Dana stepped away from a committeeman position he could have stayed in for another decade and Holien stepped away from another term as a state senator and likely leadership role in the senate. Both are humble servants who will continue to grow the ranks among the activists.

    1. Anne Beal

      It was fabulous: hand-picked committee members, retroactive rule changes, and a “working lunch” which wasn’t served until after adjournment so that hunger would curtail discussion.


      1. Dave R

        Don’t entirely agree, Anne. There was a 15 minute break over noon if you wanted to get food. There was no retroactive rule change, the cut off time for committee submissions had to be made at some point.

        1. Anne Beal

          We didn’t vote to approve the “Friday at noon” deadline until Saturday. It was great.

          A woman told me the boxed lunches were brought to the lobby at noon, the scheduled time, and then removed.

          It was all very rejuvenating. Made me feel like a Massachusetts democrat again. Ha!

          1. Anne Beal

            You are correct that we got a break, but the lunches were not available at that time. I know because I went looking for them.

          2. Dave R

            Rules need to be drafted to run the convention, and there is business before the delegates actually arrive. We could, I suppose, go through the silly ritual of opening the Convention days before, adopting rules with and then immediately closing again. That is what they do at national conventions. Or we could drag you convention, adopt rules, then spend two days in committee.

            In any case, we had to cut off submissions at some point so committees could do their work. They should have had the rules available before adoption, but that seemed to be an oversight.

            We could change the bylaws about convention committees/platform/resolutions to make rules more clear and permanent.

            I was not expecting the boxed lunch and in any case ended up feeding myself.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Anne you should let William write next time! He doesn’t have jagged edges on his sword!! 😀

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    William I am only going to respond to real people here on WAR and you and Anne are as real as it can get!
    I appreciate both of you very much. 😎

  4. Tom Brunner

    Anne is right about the lunch, agenda said working lunch. Also, have there been no press releases? Local radio stations still had no news Monday morning.