South Dakotans for Fair Lending Committee turns in petitions with 60,287 signatures


Lisa Furlong on behalf of South Dakotan’s for Fair Lending turned in what a source tells me was an incredible 60,287 signatures to place their ballot measure to limit the loan rate for short term loans to 18% in front of South Dakotans.  Slightly more than the number turned in for the Marsy’s law petition this week, it may set a new record for the number of signatures obtained.

It also stacks up against the Hildebrand petition as gathering an incredible 3 times the number.

And hold on to your hats…. There’s more to come on this story!

17 thoughts on “South Dakotans for Fair Lending Committee turns in petitions with 60,287 signatures”

  1. Way to go Lisa!

    The 18% committee amendment is a common sense solution to high interest rates while respecting the free market.

  2. I hope the 18% cap wins so Hickey and his buddy can go crawl back under the rock they came from.

  3. One of the reasons Citibank and other credit card operations came to SD is because of the lack of caps on interest. I never pay credit card interest, so I really do not know what the current market is for credit cards. So if this passes, does this have an effect on credit cards and if it does, will that have an effect on the credit card companies that have set up shop in SD? I am thinking many of them will decide to go to other states with less rigorous lending laws.

      1. It might appear that way to a childish buffoon, yeah, but some folks are more interested in solutions than keeping score.

  4. Powers, you have been involved in politics long enough to know that nobody beat anybody yet. I really do admire how much the parasites were willing to spend to keep their gravy train rolling.

    So now you will be able – once again – to see the power of grass-roots politics, a South Dakota tradition vs top-down politics.

    My bet’s on the 36% initiative. And just one more fail in a trail of failures you got behind.

    1. — I really do admire how much the parasites were willing to spend to keep their gravy train rolling.

      And when the “gravy train” leaves town because no money is to be made on gluten-free, tasteless, fat-free, watered-down dirty water, where will gravy lovers go to tide them over for a week or month??

      Isn’t that your aim–to drive businesses that you don’t approve of outta town, leaving consumers with fewer choices?

      Remember, the person who cannot read is no different than one who does not.

    2. Yawn.

      That’s funny. Last I checked, I’ve supported Republicans, and have come up on the winning side far, far more often than not.

      But, keep on going with whatever comforts you.

      1. Mike. Heuther.

        You know, I bet he lays awake at night hoping you come out against another one of his initiatives. They more you shout, the bigger margin he wins by.

        The Republican support thing is about the biggest no-brainer of all. Who wouldn’t prevail with such a lopsided set of numbers.

        Minimum wage.


        You have taken the lead on backyard chickens, though. That’s a real hard-hitting issue you can be proud of winning.

        It does comfort me when you come out against a real issue, because I win bets with all my Republican friends based on handicapping your positions.

  5. I’m still confused about the two petitions submitted, one for 18% and one for 36% cap, and I’ll bet most people are. Which translates probably into both of them being defeated. Before I support either of them I want to know all the information about these petitions – who is behind them, the reasoning behind them (other than just to protect people from themselves), and what will be the ramifications of each if passed. I don’t like payday loans either BTW, but I also don’t always trust the reasons behind petition drives.

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