South Dakotans for Integrity Files Campaign Document where South Dakota money comprises .055% of what was raised for measure.

Slick Rick Weiland’s front group for his public campaign finance scheme filed their campaign finance form this past week. And it contains some VERY interesting information.

Did you know that the donor list for this group contains nearly NO South Dakotans? They provided it, down to donations of $1. And out of 103 pages of donors, I counted 17 citizens from SD. 

Even more surprising… out of the $1,297,091.97 raised, do you know how much came out of South Dakota? $718 or  .055%.

Yes. 55 Thousandths of a percent of their funding came from South Dakota.

Committee Chairman Don Frankenfeld was only in for $100. But, the big South Dakota donor was Committee spokesman Darrell Solberg who wrote a check for $300.

Of course, Don and Darrell left the heavy lifting to people such as Henry Pincus of NY who was in for $75K. And neither Don nor Darrell could keep pace with people like Jeffrey and Katherine Abrams of Beverly Hills, who were in for $100k. Jonathan Soros of NY, NY pitched in $25k. Mark Gallogly & Lisa Strickler living on Central Park West in NYC were in for $100K. Sean Eldridge of Garrison, NY was the biggest individual donor at an incredible $275,000.

And as we’ve grown to expect, the out of state group RepresentUs was the big donor at $633,383.20.

But, South Dakotans did donate $713. Including a $3 donation from a woman in “Fart Pierre.” If they can’t even spell that right, you can’t help but have doubt raised as to how “South Dakota” this group is. And we have to keep reminding ourselves that the group is supposedly called “South Dakotans for Integrity.”  Instead of “Almost NO South Dakotans for Integrity.”

And if you doubt one word of what I have to say? Please. I invite you to read it all for yourself below. In Black and White. 

Almost No South Dakotans for Integrity by Pat Powers on Scribd

7 Replies to “South Dakotans for Integrity Files Campaign Document where South Dakota money comprises .055% of what was raised for measure.”

  1. grudznick

    Shocking that Slick Rick himself cannot even cough up the value of a couple of meals at his overblown restaurant. This is a most un-South Dakotan of an issue.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m glad Shantel Krebs is rewriting campaign finance. The legislature should put their two cents in and go after these committees.

  2. Anonymous

    2 South Dakotans for what they claim to e integrity while using false studies..

    No on 22 and V …being paid for by the same people…NOT SOUTH DAKOTANS

  3. Fred Deutsch

    I can’t tell you how many young, idealistic out-of-state student operatives I’ve debated via various social media sites over the past few months. The one thing they all have in common is little regard for facts, and even less regard for our South Dakota values and way of life.

    I’ve never believed that our election system can not improve. The place to start is to reform the ease by which we allow out-of-state interests to tinker with our laws.

  4. Vic


    All these stupid out of state schemes need to be killed.

    Will the media report on who is funding this nonsense???!!!!

  5. Chad Krier

    Thank you, Pat, for doing the analysis! Conservatives across this state owe you a debt of gratitude for the reporting that you are doing, especially since the mainstream media seems to be doing so little of it.