Souvenir of the original State Capitol


The SD Retailers building now stands where the old State Capitol once stood, but I managed to return a souvenir of it that had been in Minnesota back to home state soil. This piece of custard glass is decorated with old state capitol which stood across the street from the current one around 126-130 years ago.

I had never seen one of these before, and managed to snag it on eBay for about $22, which I thought was a pretty good price.

8 Replies to “Souvenir of the original State Capitol”

  1. The King

    You might have gotten the custard glass for free with the ‘five finger discount’ had you worked for the former Secretary of State.

    1. PorterLansing

      You just can’t pass up an opportunity to be rude. Must have had a very abused childhood, psychologists would say. You can help it you know.

      1. Anonymous

        Comrade Lansing I suggest you look at your own posts for being rude. Perhaps the proletariat may enjoy your pot smoking musings and political dreams in Russia but not here.

      2. Pat Powers

        A custard glass souvenir from the state Capitol around 1900 is rude?

        Someone in Colorado smoked the wrong thing last night.

  2. Anon

    Hey Pat! Love the content you provide om DWC. Thanks for that! I’d like to see a post with speculation on 2018 and what position you and the commentors see candidates running to get. I put in the website field an article from the Sioux City Journal with speculation from Jim Bolin on the race for governor if that helps! Thanks!


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