Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson to skip third proposed ballot measure

Mark Mickelson announced this week that he is no longer going to pursue a third ballot measure this election, choosing to drop pursuit of a disclosure measure for groups:

South Dakota’s House speaker says he doesn’t plan to pursue an initiative that would have forced nonprofit advocacy groups to reveal top donors if they make big contributions to ballot question campaigns.

Republican Mark Mickelson said this week that he plans to pull the proposal.

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6 Replies to “Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson to skip third proposed ballot measure”

  1. Anne Beal

    The spectacle of the Speaker of the House bypassing the House with initiated measures, (no matter the number of them, one is too many), should not be allowed to continue.

    He needs to drop all of them or resign his leadership position. It’s his choice, but he needs to be pressured to do it.

  2. Anonymous

    When he again pursues during the next legislative session limits on free speech, as he tried with HB1200 and his failed bid to get donor exposure laws enacted by an initiated measure, I hope that everyone across the state contacts his/her legislators to demand that they oppose the law. In fact, go ahead, everyone, and contact them now and tell them not to even consider the idea.

  3. Anonymous

    The senate would stymie Mark if he dropped his measures as payback for him controlling them last session. Mark manipulated the senate all session and they have it out for him.


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