Speaking of postcards, anti-vaxxers, and House Bill 1235

So, as I note House Bill 1235 in the post below this one, and postcards in a post below that, it might be worth pointing out what started popping up in mailboxes in District 21 late last week:

“Say No to Anti-Vaxxers,” “fight the science deniers,” “stop the spread of fake health information,” and “Lee Qualm was the prime sponsor of House Bill 1235 – Vote NO for Lee Qualm on June 2 because our health depends on it.”

Not sure you need to say much more.

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  1. Qualm is likely going to lose. That is the shock if 2020 in the legislature.

  2. All the anti-Vaxxers should have primary challengers including up in Brown County.

  3. Mr. Hammock has signs about showing his name strung between two trees, saying “Relax, with Hammock”. It brings to light dobbie medicine.

    Mr. Qualm, it’s time for you to go.

  4. This will be attacked by the vaccine industry.

    “The first-ever, peer-review study has been published comparing total-health in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Dr. Anthony Mawson led a research team that investigated the relationship between vaccination exposures and acute or chronic illnesses in home-schooled children. The vaccinated children had a much higher rate of autism and ADHD, at a rate of 470% higher than those who received no shots. Vaccinated children were also more vulnerable to allergies and eczema. Unvaccinated children contract mild childhood diseases more frequently, but their vaccinated counterparts suffer pneumonia and ear infections more frequently.”


    1. That’s a fascinating study. They asked mothers if their children had been diagnosed by physicians as having any problems.
      Remarkably, children who don’t go to doctors for vaccinations, check ups, or anything else are never diagnosed with anything.
      It’s amazing how that works.

    2. John Dale, you should have realized somebody would click on the link, then click on the link within the article, and actually read the abstract of a ridiculous study of subjective data.

      Every mother’s child is perfect.

  5. You guys are all nuts. The average person doesn’t give a sh*t about vaccines.

    1. Tara, people should stop making things up. I can’t believe a “study” which consisted of sending mothers a questionnaire asking if their children had received vaccines and any physician-diagnosed illnesses ever made it past any review board. From what I read of the abstract, all the data was subjective, the medical and educational records of the children were not reviewed, and no assessments were actually performed.
      You’ve got mothers of homeschooled unvaccinated children claiming their kids are performing well. That’s all.

  6. This vaccine debate is tiresome and I don’t know why its such a big deal. A couple points below:

    – If vaccines work and you have it, YOU are covered
    – People should NOT be forced to get a vaccine to protect people who can’t get them. If said person does not we are to ban them from participating in society, i.e, can’t go to school etc. That is a slippery slope because the next idea to force on someone could have unintended consequences, like forcing someone to be “chipped” or not being able to buy or sell. This is just an example but, I think I have heard this before/sarc
    – Let’s be REAL about this and honest. The data at the CDC states 95%+ of the State of South Dakota are vaccinated already. People do this voluntarily and “Herd Immunity” has been achieved
    – What I also find puzzling about vaccines is this. If you are over 35 years old you probably only received about 3-8 vaccinations back in the day. Now kids are getting 30-40 of them before they are 5 years old. Why are the adults not getting these other ones. Are we going to force all the adults to get these to “participate” in society. If they are necessary shouldn’t we all be getting these “extras”
    – Are we going to lift the “cap” on being able to sue the living daylights out of the manufacturer or the government when someone is forced to get a vaccine and they are injured or die. This does happen and its not a conspiracy but, its amazing these drug manufactures are exempted

    Regardless of if you are pro or anti vaccination, do we really want to force medical procedures on people or “face the consequences”. It almost seems like the same logic I am seeing around the state about people freaking out about wanting to FORCE people to stay home so they don’t “infect people”. I say to those who are concerned, stay home, and mask up when you leave, social distance, etc. I say take all the precautions you can for you and yourself and thats ok, its your choice. I would also say if you want to leave your house, go to work, etc, so be it. I don’t want to force any choice on anyone on either side. As American’s we have to ensure we are looking out for individual freedoms and not trading Freedom for the “illusion” of safety. There will always be another virus, infection, etc.

    1. “Let people Choose” the argument that people who don’t want to catch a disease should get a vaccine and leave everybody else alone doesn’t work.
      Not everybody builds up immunity after receiving a vaccine.
      I personally had the Hepatitis B series and was surprised to find out later I didn’t have any antibodies.
      I received the High dose flu shot on October 23, 2019 and was diagnosed with Influenza A on February 4, 2020.

      These vaccines actually work by establishing herd immunity in a population. If enough people develop antibodies after receiving a vaccine the disease doesn’t become an epidemic.

      1. Anne – While I respect your opinion you have not really answered the fundamental questions I posed. Do you think we should force people to get them and if they refuse do you think we should brand them with some type of “scarlet letter” to let everyone know this person is not vaccinated.

        The problem with this type of thinking is, what is next? What are we willing to to give up and take choices out of peoples hands or suffer the consequences mentality. Many religious people opt out from vaccines, are you willing to trample the 1st Amendment to make them take them? Truth be told I am truly on the fence about some of these vaccines working for everyone and I am leery about what Big Pharma is dropping into my body. Heck you even said many dont even work and if you read the ingredients in some of these vaccines, not sure I want to just inject that stuff into my body voluntarily. Especially for some that can only be transmitted through bodily fluid such as Hep B, and C, or HPV, etc.

        In order to accomplish what you want to accomplish which is everyone being a vaccinated, you have to force people to do it and if they refuse you hand them some sort of penalty. That does not like freedom, it sounds like we should rename South Dakota, the Peoples Republic of South Dakota. This same kind of logic was applied by Liberals when then instituted ObamaCare, either enroll or pay a fine. This was all done under the guise of “its good for us, etc, etc”

        1. If adults refuse vaccines that is their decision.
          But parents are required to provide children with food, shelter, clothing, supervision, vehicle restraint systems, education and medical care. If a child suffers or dies from a lack of the first six the parents are usually charged with neglect, endangerment, abuse or truancy. For some reason our judicial system gives them a pass on medical care and does nothing, even when a child dies as a result. Starve a child to death, leave him outside to freeze to death, let him drown in a swimming pool, or get killed in a car crash, and the parents can face criminal charges. Leave a kid unvaccinated to die of a preventable disease, they get a pass. That doesn’t make any sense.

          1. Anne – You have not answered one single point of my post above, your deflecting into parental rights vs abuse. Parents have the right to choose how to raise their children not the state. We are not talking about abusing a kid, we are talking about parents making decisions they feel are best, not starving them to death.

            My question to you is still the same, do you think we should FORCE everyone, kids, adults, etc to get vaccinated, and if they refuse do you feel we should punish them in one way shape or form.

            Your arguments are straw man arguments in putting starvation, freezing to death, and abuse in the same category as making a decision, such as religious, or a parenting thinking the risk of their kids getting Measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc outweigh the permanent damage a vaccine injury could cause. You or I may not agree but, its their choice. For you to even equate abuse with making a decision to vaccinate is ludacris at best. For the record the issues you spoke of above are against current laws and not vaccinating your child is NOT. .

            -We all know if I starve a child they will die
            -We all know if we leave a child in sub zero degree temp, they will die
            -We all know abusing a child will leave a kid, at a minimum, emotionally damaged, potentially dead
            -Vaccinating your child may injure the child. Vaccine injuries are usually permanent
            -Not vaccinating your child may allow the child to get sick. The child will more than likely recover
            -Not vaccinating your child may result in nothing at all.

            Tons of Amish, Hutterites, Orthodox Jews, etc do this all the time, seem to be fine.

            I think the real reason you can’t seem to answer this question is you would be advocating forcing medical procedures at the point of a proverbial gun (do this or else). You would also have to wipe out the 1st Amendment also.

            1. It’s not likely Anne will answer you or acknowledge that vaccines can and have serious side effects. I once tried providing her with evidence that there is aborted fetal tissue in vaccines and her denial was never ending. It seems she has switched to Hitler’s tactics… Show me your papers.

              1. There isn’t any “aborted fetal tissue” in vaccines. There were cell lines developed from babies who died back in the 60s. The cell lines are used to make rubella vaccine. None of the cells used in vaccine production today were ever in anybody’s body. The DNA coding was used to grow new ones. Those are new cells, grown in a lab.

                Promoting the nonsensical idea that dead babies are kept in freezers and cells are taken from them, defrosted and injected into people is beyond ridiculous. But that doesn’t stop the anti-vaxxers from telling people that.

              2. Anonymous at 5:24 if you need an organ transplant, are you going to refuse one donated by a homicide victim?
                I have never heard of an organ recipient quibbling over the donor’s cause of death.

            2. People who think childhood diseases are mild never had them. We have a whole generation of adults who never had to experience what the older generation suffered before vaccines. My childhood memories consist of one horrible illness after another. Allowing your child to get these diseases is abuse. That’s all. It’s abuse.

              1. Anne – I see your allergic to answering a straight forward question I have posed to you 3 times. You should run for office, you will fit right in by deflecting. I Loathe people like Bernie Sanders due to his views but, at least I can respect the fact the guy tells you flat out he is taking shit away from you. You obviously feel people should be compelled to get vaccinated and are ok taking rights away. I have no clue on your political views but your thought process seems to lean into the Stalin/ Hitler area by using force of the state to coerce into compliance. Just another “elite” trying to tell the serfs what to do.

  7. Gates, Fauci & WHO have always had a reliable following. The only odd part today is seeing establishment Republicans expose themselves.

  8. Let the parents choose? Qualm doesn’t think that way when it comes to LGBT kids though does he?

    1. What does Bill Gates have to do with anything? Maybe stop being so paranoid.

      1. Mr. Gates is a huge vaccine fellow and has said that vaccines are a way for government to depopulate the world. He also invented Windows 1995, the biggest practical joke ever played upon the world. Plus Clippy, and that cartoon Bob who does not look like grudznick’s good friend Bob. So there’s that, too.

  9. Not real fond of Gates being closely associated with China, and the billionaire club globalists that want to control the world. Do they have vaccinations for paranoia?

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