American Liberty Network group funneling money into SD races through another PAC

Speaking of the American Liberty Network, which is operating out of a UPS store mailbox, apparently they’re also using another state political action committee besides Chip Campbell’s to try to influence elections:

The group has filed papers in the state:

Sd Liberty network PAC by Pat Powers on Scribd

…where it appears they’re also putting money into the Russell AG Campaign.

Given the fluorescent postcard MO, I would not find myself shocked if they were affiliated with the SD Gun Owners group.

5 Replies to “American Liberty Network group funneling money into SD races through another PAC”

  1. Anny

    Call me a knit picker, but shouldn’t the postcard state, quite predominantly, what he is running for? Dog catcher, prom king, Mr. Congenality, or possibly Marlboro Man? So it begs the question… who is this person?

    The American Liberty Network, lautenslagers, are just as irrelevant and show that getting out of the paper bag is tough for them. One would think they would know how to attack Republicans running for office since they have tried it a few times. Blame it on an intern.

    South Dakota is the greatest state in the US and if you love something you take care of it. You don’t use duck tape, paper clips and pray that God will manage it for us.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree…no where does it say what he is running for…also it refers to a survey from LN..where would I find that survey…no link provided.


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