Speaking of the Argus…

As I went out this AM to pick up the Sunday paper, I noticed once again that the original content in the paper is getting smaller while the ads continue to grow.  So, in the interest of illustration….IMG_3036

I even included the comics and classifieds in the “original news” pile, comprising 5 rather slim sections of the paper, a couple “USA today” drop ins to make it look thicker, with the vast bulk of the paper being taken up by Kohls, Staples, Target, etcetera and so on.

Of course, that doesn’t count the advertising within the pages of the newspaper itself.

Being an ad supported website, I do realize advertising is a necessary evil. But this is bordering on ridiculous.

4 Replies to “Speaking of the Argus…”

  1. Walter Winchell

    Yes, very observant of you, my lovely wife said the same thing to me Sunday morning.
    I bid you a good day.