Stace Nelson Fundraising letter. A photo can tell a thousand things about someone.

Got a letter from Stace Nelson today.  A fundraising letter which came from zip code 20678 in Prince Frederick Maryland.

Care to read it?

Stace Nelson Fundraising Letter

I started perusing it, and stopped dead at about page 3.

Wait a minute…. that’s MY photo I took at Hobo days.

Stace-Nelson-Fundraising-letter_Page_3Yes, they gave me credit for it, but I don’t recall granting them any permissions of publication. Especially not for purposes of raising money.

From back in October, the note I sent to the webmaster where I groused at them privately about originally using it on their web site without permission or attribution…

I noticed this morning that a photo I had taken this weekend was posted by Travis – I’m assuming yourself – on the Stace Nelson for US Senate web site under a post (Supporters Represent Stace Nelson at Hobo Days) without a prior request being made for its use.

I’m ok with that, but I would request as a courtesy that photo credit be given, and a link back to the post where it originated be provided with the photo.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pat Powers

and the reply I received from Stace:


Thank you for your understanding, and permission. My apologies for our campaigns over-step.

God bless.

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t construe that to constitute any permission to be raising money using it in publication.

In the intervening months, because I haven’t gushed over what they refer to as a campaign, or I might bring up points I’ve expressed disagreement with, Stace has not necessarily been full of praise. He’s publicly referred to stories I’ve written or myself using such terms as “underhanded” or “dishonest” via twitter or other forums.

Plus, he also called the editor of a paper one of my columns ran in, and wasn’t exactly truthful. Or you could say he “flat out lied” about me, claiming I was on the Rounds payroll, which, despite what the anonymous commenters try to portray, I’m not.

And that’s fine. I’m not seeking his adoration. I’m writing as I’ve always written.  But when it suited Stace Nelson’s purposes to use my work to raise money for his campaign, amazingly, those derogatory things were all forgotten.

So, lies and slander when I don’t write favorably about candidate Nelson, but, nevermind that he likes to use my work without permission when he needs to.

Funny how a photo can tell you a thousand things about someone.

10 Replies to “Stace Nelson Fundraising letter. A photo can tell a thousand things about someone.”

  1. wow

    Pat, aside from your being upset about the pic, review the letter. The contents tells the recipient he/she must send money before one can read why. That is very unprofessional. Another thing: it should not take that many pages to write a letter asking for donations. It would seem that much of the info. is unnecessary even pompous.

    1. PP at the SDWC

      Oh, it goes without saying that the letter, like much of the way his campaign has been run, is awful.

    1. PP at the SDWC

      Might not be the worst idea in the world. But only if the letter says “hell no” in it.

  2. Kevin

    Somewhat on subject….

    Photographs are personal things to some of us photographers. How did Pat know that was his photograph? The same as how you know which child is yours on the playground. Seems strange to some, but we know which photographs are our own. If they had used one of mine without permission? I wouldn’t have been as nice as Pat has been. Just sayin’.

  3. Troy Jones

    The letter had much in it which could have been effective as a fundraising letter except too long. The ask for $2014 for symbolism was too cute. The family military history was more appropriate to a letter of introduction. The repetition is ineffective as I don’t think it reinforces a single “take-away” impression. The letter labels are “obsolete” as we only use mail for bills. Not letters to friends and family except for birthday cards, etc.

    The positive is how he strung together his view of why he should be elected. Page 3 and 4 is all he should have said. Unfortunately, too many will have quit reading before the get to #3.

  4. Anonymous

    So you gave him permission to use the photo, but didn’t?

    You are paid by Rounds it was on his fec reports, so was that charity?

    Anyone reading this Rounds campaign support blog can see you are his guy.

    You slime conservatives at ever chance then whine when outed? We can call that the Powers’ standard.

    Some of the most productive fund raising letters are long, this one was Ok. It must be to draw out the establishment cronies chomping their teeth and fretting about it.

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      Mr. Anonymous person who lacks the courage of your conviction:

      Permission was given for use on his web page. Not for other purposes.

      If you look to the right hand column in the page, you will see what Governor Rounds has bought. It’s called an advertisement, or “ad” for short. You will find them in many places, such as in newspapers, on television, or even on web pages through the magic of the Internet. I can put an arrow up to point at the advertisement or “ad” if you’re in need of an assistive learning device.

      Otherwise, I’m not sure why you claim I have something against conservatives. I was conservative before it was cool, and have never “slimed” conservatives. Where were you when I was fighting those battles? I suspect you were anonymously hiding under your blanket, as you are now tough guy.

      What I am not is an idiot. I’ll leave that area of expertise all to you.