Stace Nelson is a good guy

It’s not hard to believe that Stace Nelson would be at the center of conflict, but for those of us who know him. It is very hard to think he is not a good person. He is very outspoken and passionate. Maybe sometimes to a fault.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that he’s right about everything or that he handles personal differences in the manner I would, but I’m not in his shoes and Stace has to live his life the way he believes is best.

This session I have wished we could all wipe our relationships clean and meet each other again for the first time without any preconcieved notions. Friendships weren’t broken, grudges weren’t made and our agendas were united. It wasn’t that many months ago most of us were allies. But in a short time, wedges have been driven so deep that reconciling seems very unlikely.

For those of you who do not know Stace and have only read about him, ignore the bad you’ve heard and acknowledge the good. Form your own impression after you meet him. You will find a good and genuine man with deeply held convictions about doing what he believes is right.

And if you are rolling your eyes, think back to what you thought about him a year ago or the first time you met him. We have good people on both sides of the divide.

And for those of you who do not like Lust and Rausch, take a moment and realize that it is just as likely they are acting on their own beliefs as passionately as Stace is on his. It’s ok to disagree and it’s ok to have conflicts. That’s politics.

The recent conflicts haven’t changed my opinion of Stace. I like him and believe he is a good man. I think the same about Lust and Rausch.

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  1. name

    I don’t agree with Stace on a lot of things happening this year and I also continue to like him. Lust and Rausch handled the situation with terrible leadership. (Stace blew up a few times himself) But who’s to say I wouldn’t have flipped my wig at Stace also.

    I’m sick of this feud. You three should act like men.

  2. Spencer

    We don?t need this political feud in the GOP, but we do need real conservatives in the legislature with conviction keeping other people honest. Stace is one of those people. Take Stace, and a few others, out of the mix, and let the endless wheeling and dealing behind the scenes begin, again, in Pierre.

  3. Troy Jones

    Politics is the process of people with differing interests and perspectives coming together to do the people’s business.

    Because each member differs, disagreement is impossible to avoid. The secret for good results is they fight hard on each issue, presume all are similarly motivated, consider the disagreements just that, vote and move onto the next issue. If necessary, refight the issue next year.

    Once a disagreement becomes personal, the issues become secondary to the detriment of the people’s business and for setting things back, apologies become required.

    Until both sides apologize for their role in this, it will continue to be a distraction. But on our end (blog participants) we should move on.

      1. 73*

        Oh, I think this blog owes some of the kerfuffle considering it outed Nelson for building a website that ranks his fellow legislators.

        I didn’t like that Nelson posted that website but I like him. He’s a good person. He’s also a confrontational individual. Lust has never been someone I was fond of but as a person but he has proven himself to be a good legislator.

        1. anon

          Lust is one of the most effective legislators in Pierre. Stace and his band of wingnuts will come up with someone to try and oust him. I would be a sad mistake for Rapid City voters to give up the effectiveness and influence that they have in Lust.

          1. Anonymous

            What do you mean effectiveness and influence. This isn’t the US Congress…if Lust is ousted…another legislator will simply take his spot and…as leadership normally does…move the ball down the field.

            Lust is not a special legislator…he probably ranks in the middle of the pack as far as past majority leaders go.

            The thing to remember about Lust is that he appears to be beholden to the Judiciary. His livelihood is as an attorney at one of the largest law firms in the state – and his all too cozy relationship with the Judicial branch makes many wonder…

  4. anooner

    “Stace Nelson is a good guy”

    So was Jimmy Carter. Just a few threads down you wrote of leadership requiring consensus building. Yes, conflicts will occur in politics. How they are handled and resolved generally define a person’s level of success. If Stace is to be relevant, he needs to apply more tact and less ham-fist. My criticism has largely been about his form over the substance of his agenda (though I’m sure we would have some disagreements here). I really can’t stomach this story any longer, and haven’t commented on it in a long time. I was hoping maybe SDWC gave up the story for lent. The players need to resolve it behind the scenes, just let the thing scar over. Either way, there has to better things to focus on then this little side show that refuses to fold its tent.

  5. Arrowhead

    I’m tired of all the fighting. I’m glad to see someone sticking up for both Lust, Rausch and Stace. It seems people need to work this out or this will continue until we have new leadership or Nelson loses.

    1. Bill Fleming

      I challenged Mr. Nelson about his style long before anyone here caught on to the fact that he was going to cause you all (and himself) some serious hearburn someday. Too bad all the ancient history of this blog is erased, or I would link you to some of it.

      All that said, I agree that it’s time to close the old chapters and start new ones. For the time being, none of us is going anywhere, so we’ll have to learn to put up with each other’s BS once in a while.

      My suggestion is that House leadership move Stace back to his old seat with the understanding that at any given time next session, a Democrat has permission to slip a whoopie cushion onto it, and when it goes off, Stace has to keep his cool while everybody has a chuckle.

      Okay, okay… maybe not.

  6. Bill Fleming

    Kind of like Santorum in Michigan. We Dems couldn’t ask for a better opponant. I hope all the UAW members go out and vote for him today and that he hands Mr. Romney his hat in his own home state. Pass the popcorn.

  7. Anonymous

    Good lord, up until two weeks ago this blog, Troy, and many others personally ripped Stace Nelson a new one. Not once, but many times. And now he is a “good guy”. Hogwash- you guys still hate him. Put on the dog and pony show, whatever… I personally do not know him, or care for him; but he has stuck it to the so-called legislative leadership. For that I commend him. This whole circle jerk seems a day late and a dollar short.

    1. Anonymous

      I’d like you to find one instance where this blog condemded Stace Nelson. They might have called him out for something he did and why wouldn’t they?

    2. anon

      Stace didn’t “stick it” to anyone. He made wild accusations about the leadership of the team he was supposed to be a part of. He even made enough noise in the media to cause a hearing… a hearing that should have never been held…. nonetheless, all his accusations were proven to be pointless.

      How is that sticking it to anyone?? Stace is a martyr looking for a cause…. He doesn’t belong in the legislature.

      1. LFoss

        Amen! One of the best statements todate…clearly not many have said that Stace is not a good person, but pointed out that his behavior and the way he has handled situations in Pierre have been less than adult. I know he is passionate about certains causes and that is great, but you can’t stomp on others just because they don’t share your passion or even worse don’t agree with you. Life is full of differences, the true test is how we handle those differences! I would have to grade Rep. Nelson with a failing grade when it comes to the handling part, NOT as a human being.

  8. Anonymous

    It seems that the GOP wants everything to end in Secrecy. What happened to the truth. Secrecy is for losers and I guess the Grand Old Party is stepping to the front to operate in Secrecy. Secrecy and control is our middle name.

  9. Stace Nelson

    Sorry I have been a wee bit busy of late.

    This blog reported in November that my accusations in the Daily Republic & KELO that former life long Democrat turned Republican to run for office Rausch removed me from the Ag Committee because of my oppostion to the state’s support of a foreign dairy and his misconduct, were bogus. Rausch told the press & GOP caucus that it was a simple moving of people and feigned ignorance of the complaints (see Daily Republic & KELO). Must have forgot that when he admitted to KSFY here:

    Let’s not forget the other infamous claims by Rausch and my other favorite former Democrat turned Republican to run for office Lust, who lied to the caucus and the press and claimed I “threatened” Nick Moser and “punished me.” Nick Moser has confirmed the truth to numerous legislators and other capitol people that I never threatened him nor attempted to physically threaten him.

    Yeah, they abuse their office in the public eye and then lie to the public & the caucus on these issues; however, they would never tamper or obstruct legislation research in the seclusion of LRC. They would tender the most asinine of illogics that Rep. Russell, Rep. Olson, myself, and an honest farmer conspired to malign them with lies about the matter even after Reuben confirmed that he had conversations with us all about the matter; however, we all “misunderstood him.” No motivation for any of us to do so.

    1. Arrowhead

      This comment by Stace makes in all worth while. I guess we won’t be putting anything behind us and singing kumbaya.

      That’s a shame. But it is what it is when you deal with a 6 foot 7 inch 350 pound opinionated giant like Rausch and a 4 foot 8 inch dwarf like Rausch.

      1. Anonymous

        You know it didn’t end well for the Giant in Jack and the bean stalk or the big fella in David and Goliath.

        Just sayin…

  10. Troy Jones

    So much for trying to put this behind everyone and move on. As an individual and not with regard to any association with the War College, I will say Stace is an immature whiny baby.

    Much effort has been made by Bill Clay and MC to give him outs. I have been quiet since session started except to urge both parties to kiss and make up.

    Now I fully support anything the caucus would choose to do, including expulsion. The guy is a hopeless lower.

      1. LFoss

        Stace what about taking any responsibility for you own behavior, your own lies that you have told? You are not free of bad behavior…I truly believe you would do yourself a whole lot of good if you just acted like an adult and moved on…

        1. Stace Nelson

          How about citing what I have lied about? Give some specifics. I have provided details on every thing that has transpired, point out anyplace where I have been dishonest. I can back up everything I have stated.

          Others need to throw general statements around and disparage me in order to distract from the facts.

  11. Troy Jones

    Just got off the phone with one who read this post. He pointed out his criticism of Rausch is a criticism of Nelsons entire caucus by referring to his registration change.

    Just to make sure the record is wholly clear. I do not think Stace Nelson is a good guy, I think he is a moron, and I think he is an insecure petty little weenie.

    1. MC Post author

      Wow, Troy, there is no holding back how you feel.

      If Rep. Nelson is such a bad person, how does he have such a wide support from the people of his district? The answer is simple, he doesn’t play. He gets in the soup and supports the district.
      I don’t think Rep. Lust or Rep. Rausch are bad people. They have been there for a while, maybe too long. They have their way of doing things, so far it worked.
      Times are changing, unless you change with them, you will become obsolete.

      1. Troy Jones

        We will see how the wittle weeny does in his next election. He and Angie should get to sit together (if they were in the same chamber).

        And if by chance he gets elected, he will set a record for the most ineffective, most disliked as a human being legislator in history. He is totally untrustworthy.

        Scum Nelson. This is the last statement I will make with regard to him. He isn’t worth kicking in the balls cause I doubt he has any. He is a coward too.

          1. Anonymous

            But hey I like them all. Who cares if they can’t get along. I get along with all of them and that’s good enough for me.

          2. anooner

            Ouch. And I thought I had been a little hard on him. Problem with Stace is that he doesn’t know when to pipe down, and when to speak up. Then when he thinks its time to speak up, he doesn’t know what to say without scotching that not only behind him, but in the front and on the sides as well. Do some like Rausch and Lust need to be taken to task at times? Probably. But the only Modus Op Stace knows is fire bombing. May have worked in the army, but Stace, you are a civilian now.

            1. Bill Fleming

              anooner, Stace was never in the Army. He was a cop in the Marines. He’s a professional in-house ballbuster, not a battlefield soldier. His whole gig has been to police his own team. Someone should maybe tell him that’s not his job anymore?

              1. Bob Ellis

                It’s pretty clear that Nelson’s “new team” needs “policing” far more than his old one ever did. At least his old team knew what side they were on and acted like it.

                  1. Bob Ellis

                    In the typical liberal MO, Mr. Fleming likes to manufacture caricatures of virtues he loathes which he can then use to excuse his own moral bankruptcy while feeling self-righteous about it. The idea that a raving Leftist like yourself would have anything relevant to say about Republican values, or that anyone would even consider placing any credence on such babblings, is beyond laughable and deep into the realm of the absurd.

                    1. i...pea

                      The sovereign citizen movement is being tracked by law enforcement, Bob. Hire a good security firm to sweep your property.

                    1. Bob Ellis

                      Someone else’s caricature, you mean. Republican values and platform are well known and published, and they are what some “Republicans” can’t seem to bring themselves to abide by.

                    2. Bill Fleming

                      Bob, I’ll tell you what I mean. Just read the words I write. If I had meant a different word, I would have written it. I’m not lacking in vocabulary skills.

        1. Stace Nelson

          Mr. Jones,
          As with your obsessive ignorant comments about the matters that have transpired this last year, you too have no clue when you call me ineffective. A brief snapshot in comparison:

          Mr. Schoenbeck first year in SD Senate 1995 (see attached):
          (1) Senate Bill Primed: SB 167 -Tabled in Senate Committee
          (1) Senate (only) Resolution Passed by Senate
          (1) Senate Commemoration
          (In fairness, primary sponsorship is not indicated on any House Bills. Number & any success therein is unknown (see attached))

          Stace Nelson first year in the House 2011:
          (10) House Bills Primed:
          HB 1082 41st day in House Ag Committee
          HB 1083 Passed Committee, Died on full vote of the House 29-40
          HB 1084 41st Day in House Judiciary Committee
          HB 1085 Passed into Law
          HB 1086 41st Day House State Affairs Committee
          HB 1162 Passed into Law
          HB 1163 Passed Committee, Died on the full vote of the House 27-40
          HB 1164 41st Day House Ag Committee
          HB 1178 Passed Committee, Died on the full vote of the House 21-48 (Governor enacted in Oct11 by executive order)
          HB 1183 41st Day House Judiciary Committee

          (1) House Bill entered AFTER cut off time through personally entering it via committee & primining in both House & Senate:
          HB 1256 Passed into Law

          (2) Senate Bills Primed in House:
          SB 54 42st Day Senate Judiciary
          SB 139 Passed into Law

          (1) House Concurrent Resolution (passed both Senate & House)
          (15) House Commemorations

          Mr. Schoenbeck second year in SD Senate 1996 (see attached):
          (8) Senate Bills Primed:
          SB 99 -passed Senate Died in House
          SB 100 Passed into Law
          SB 129 36st Day in House Committee
          SB 166 Passed into Law
          SB 167 Tabled in Senate Committee
          SB 168 Tabled in Senate Committee
          SB 246 Passed into Law
          SB 247 Tabled in Senate Committee

          (In fairness, primary sponsorship is not indicated on any House Bills. Number & any success therein is unknown (see attached))

          Stace Nelson second year in the House 2011:
          (8) House Bills Primed:
          HB 1139 41st Day in House Committee
          HB 1140 41st Day in House Committee
          HB 1141 41st Day in House Committee
          HB 1142 41st Day in House Committee
          HB 1143 Died on the House floor 27-43
          HB 1230 Passed both House & Senate Awaiting signing by Gov.
          HB 1238 Tabled in House Committee
          HB 1249 41st Day in House Committee

          (1) House Concurrent Resolution (passed both Senate & House)
          (19) House Commemorations

          As most SD political junkies know, a senator’s vote carrys double over a representative. Even with that:
          Schoenbeck first term: (9) bills primed (3) bills into law (6) bills out of committee (1) Senate (only) Resolution (1) Commemoration
          Nelson’s first term: (19) bills primed (5) bills into law* (11) bills out of committee (2) House with Senate Concurrance Resolutions Passed (34) Commemorations (1) Senate bill primed in House passed into law

          *Governor expected to sign ’12’s HB 1230

          1. Anonymous

            If you are so conservative why are you trying to pass so many bills?

            And why slam Schoenbeck when refering to Jones?

          2. anon

            Priming bills does not a good legislator make…

            Offering up new ideas that will make a difference, and having the ability to create a consensus is far more important. On both of those issues, Nelson is 0 for 0.

          3. Troy

            Did you really do this research.of something from 17 years ago? And you think this deems you relatively influential to one in the Governor’s most inner circle?

          4. MC Post author

            Every bill, reguardless of who sponsers it, should be evaulated based on it merits, not whose name is on it. It would appear that Rep Nelson has been blackballed. Just about every bill that he submitted was killed. Everyone who was party to this should be ashamed, including Rep. Nelson himself.

            1. Troy

              Blackballed or has bills without merit? Unless you have assessed the bills, talked to Legislators, you have insufficient information to make that judgment.

              The first three or four are basically fighting his fight with LRC, GOP Leadership, and his caucus. To expect many to find those meritorious is unrealistic.

              MC, time to move on and not get baited in to this personal fight.

              1. MC Post author

                All of the people that are in the fight needs to make nice, learn from it and move on. On that I agree.

                This petty bickering and schoolyard antics needs to stop and stop 6 months ago. It is affecting the people’s business, my business, your business. Settle it and settle it now.

              2. anon2

                After your over the top whacko comments above, smart to stop using your last name, troy.

                People need to look at the nelsons bills that were proposed but killed. Ironic that they pass a resolution that admits illegal immigration is a problem and we support other states that take action but we kill efforts to fight the problem here.

                This whole ugly mess shows there are serious problems in SDGOP. The RINOs need to get their horns out of the backs of the bread and butter conservatives in the party.

          5. LFoss

            Ok, this clearly shows your manner of handling things…your comparing your record to Lee’s of which occurred 17 years ago? A completely different time, different legislature, etc…not apples to apples even a little bit…Stace, accept the fact that you are ineffective as a legislature this year due to your own behavior. Move on, grow the H up!

            1. Stace Nelson

              Your right, I am fighting the process again. Shame on me for daring to show actual facts in highlighting the truth.

              Please throw some more opinionated statements around that are based on personal bias.

  12. Port of Call

    Time to put all to rest if Mr. Nelson would just release his “entire” military records (that are not embellished) to include is performance reviews and any and ALL disciplinary actions taken against him while he was in the military. This could shed light on his personality and record of working well with others. But I don’t think Mr. Nelson wants to discuss any of that publicly.

    1. Stace Nelson

      If you can’t beat a man with facts, resort to throwing monkey manure from the shadows. I have an extensive listing of Marine Corps buddies on my facebook. Feel free to post on my facebook and ask them for their opinions of me. Until then, here is my official record of service in the United States Marines:

      …and BF I know they didn’t teach you this in draft card burning classes; however, EVERY Marine is a trained combat rifleman and serves as such within the Marines.

      1. Bill Fleming

        What ever you say, Stace. Just trying to elucidate for anooner which branch of the military you were in, and what job you did while there. I know you’re prickly about it, and quick to correct (and verbally abuse) anyone who doesn’t get it exactly right. So thanks for the heads up, officer.

  13. Anonymous

    Port of Call:

    Why are you posting vague and anonymous accusations against Rep. Nelson in public by writing that he should release, “…performance reviews and any and ALL disciplinary actions taken against him while he was in the military.”

    His discharge, as noted on his DD 214, is categorized, “honorable,” and he was involuntarily separated due to physical disability. Meaning that he did not want to get out…but medical professionals deemed him unable to further serve his country in uniform.

    He was awarded a Navy Commendation Medal and several other awards that require integrity, character and a clean record to achieve. Marines with disciplinary issues and records of violence are not awarded these medals. They are quietly pushed into the the, “back of the ranks,” until they calm down and straighten up.

    People like you who hide behind anonymous blog postings and make vague accusations sicken America…if you are a vet -perhaps a navy vet given your blog handle…your disgusting…if you’re not a vet – you make me want to rip off your head and crap down your throat.

  14. Anonymous

    God, I love this stuff. True believers smacking the crud out of each other for not being pure enough, or knowing the right people, etc. I can tell you one thing; knowing that many of the commenters here are in some way, shape, or form related to the government of South Dakota, I fear for the public’s safety.


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