Stace Nelson serves up Sunday dinner with an attack. Via robocall, of course.

Just received this from a District 19 reader who was unfortunate enough to receive this Robocall over the dinner hour from State Senate Stace Nelson. They described it as “angry, and not just a little bizarre” going into the last day of campaigning before the vote on June 7th:

Ironically, I’m told that Monday there is a court hearing in the long quiet Robocall civil trial where Rushmore PAC is attempting to hold Nelson and others financially responsible for calling a number of cell phone numbers without permission a couple of years back. So using robocalls in attack ads for his campaign is familiar territory for the former State Representative.

Anyway, getting back to today’s Sunday dinner robocall, the sender wasn’t impressed, and found it an odd choice for the day when people are supposed to practice being a Christian, especially when Nelson is complaining that he’s not the one using negative campaigning….. in a very negative campaign robocall.

There is speculation that this past weeks’ Wollmann postcard and other campaign efforts by his opponent may have Nelson rattled. Going hard negative at a time when candidates typically keep it positive doesn’t do anything to dispel that rumor.

15 Replies to “Stace Nelson serves up Sunday dinner with an attack. Via robocall, of course.”

  1. Anonymous

    It’s not that big of deal, the trend these days is making something big out of nothing…. If they were so offended they could have hung up…. I do it all the time….

  2. Anonymous

    Mr Nelson should just accept responsibility for his opponent dressing in women’s clothing and concede the race.

  3. Troy Jones

    This is odd. He says he is not responsible for the postcard and then repeats what is on the postcard.

  4. Anonymous

    For all Stace’s tough talk…and constant attacks…have you ever seen or heard of him attacking a Democrat…or does he only attack Republicans….yeah me either….

  5. Anne Beal

    That call is not as offensive as the one I got years ago, telling me that Russ Olson had called me a terrorist.

    So what’s worse, robocalls or higher taxes?
    Why are we faced with such choices?
    If the current legislators hadn’t voted for the tax increases maybe Stace wouldn’t be back in the game.
    If the governor’s office hadn’t threatened the opponents of his tax increases with primary challenges maybe his picks wouldn’t be facing challenges themselves.

  6. Anonymous

    “If the governor’s office hadn’t threatened the opponents of his tax increases with primary challenges…”

    Where did the Governor do this Anne? I haven’t read about it anywhere except crazy people on facebook, and they can’t cite a source.

    1. Anne Beal

      Oh yeah. The question is, did the threats come from Dennis or Tony?
      It was bad. I heard about it from multiple reputable sources.

      So how many of the legislators who voted against the sales tax increase actually got primary challenges?

      1. Anonymous

        Were any of them not nutjobs? Because Tony V has said they don’t look for people to primary others. Unless you can say who can confirm this, it sounds like a lot of rumor mongering.

  7. Anonymous

    Mrs Beal, I am sure Nelson’s 23 year old opponent will stand up to the new tax and spend Republicans working with Democrats agenda. I am sure that is the reason why the governor and all those special interest groups, that like tax and spending increases, donated to the young man’s campaign.

      1. Anonymous

        Is every anonymous poster on here that Powers and Co disagree with, Stace Nelson?

        Finck has no responses or negative grades with SDRTL, Family Heritage Alliance, NRA, SDGO, etc. where does he stand on the issues?


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