State Auditor Candidate rumored to be among those vying to challenge Ann Tornburg for SDDP Chair

From Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally, South Dakota Democrat Chairwoman Ann Tornburg may be facing a challenge for her seat from this past elections’ Democrat Candidate for State Auditor, Tom Cool:

In South Dakota: Ann Tornberg, the current Chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) continues to run for a second four year term as Chair despite the dismal performance of the SDDP under her tutelage. We pray someone will challenge her.

Rumor has it that Tom Cool, long-time head of the Sioux Empire Democratic Forum, and John Claussen, current Vice-Chair of the Minnehaha County Democratic Party, have an interest.

The election of the SDDP Chair and other party officers has been postponed until March 26th so there is plenty of time for other candidates to arise. One thing is certain, Democrats in South Dakota do not need four more years of the same party leadership. It is time to clean house and try another approach. It may not be better, but it couldn’t be any worse.

Read it here.

Having ran and lost by wide margins in every election since 2010, Cool has the kind of experience in a Democrat State Chairman that Republicans can get behind!

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