State Chamber Luncheon attendees vote for Governor

IMG_2205On Thursday in Pierre, State Chamber of Commerce Luncheon attendees selected who their favorite candidate is for Governor in an informal and unscientific straw poll including Republicans and Democrats.

Of the 63 in attendance, 27% (or 17 of them) chose Attorney General Marty Jackley as their guy, and 25% (or 15 ) chose State Rep Mark Mickelson.

Lt. Governor Matt Michels also fared well at 24% of the vote.

32 Replies to “State Chamber Luncheon attendees vote for Governor”

  1. Voter's Remorse

    So right now are choices are:
    1 Crooked AG
    2 Flaming RINO
    3 Flaming RINO #2

    Come on! Somebody get an actual conservative to run! How about that Lynne DiSantos?

      1. Anonymous

        They should have included Mike Rounds on the list.

        What idiot didn’t include Stephanie Herseth or Mike Huether on the list?

    1. Feasant

      Wow politicians, I will only support Conservative, Common Sense people.

      Tell me you won’t vote for a tax increase and then vote for the largest tax increase in the history of SD. I call that lying!

  2. Anonymous

    I believe there will be a wildcard candidate once Noem announces that she is staying in DC and Michels announces that he’s not running. It won’t be a Lora Hubble type either.

    There will be a legitimate 3rd option that will be underfunded but credible.

      1. Voter's Remorse

        Let’s hope it’s an actual conservative SD doesn’t need any more of these tax and spend RINOs like Schoenbeck, Mickelson, or Russ “Squeeky” Olson.

  3. Anonymous

    The “crazies” as everyone likes to call them have several legit issues. Multiple (massive) tax increases and medicaid expansion. “Normal” conservatives will listen. Thankful for that small group of courageous House members that did’t buy into the education lobby BS & the deplorable tactics.

    1. Anonymous

      They have legitimate issues but they themselves tend to be crazy. They spend all of their time focusing on races they can’t win instead of getting rid of liberal’s like Deb Peters who vote against privacy rights for children and pro-life causes.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope someone sits down and does an in depth interview with Michels on the possibility that he runs for governor. He would be a good candidate.

    Most don’t even include him in the conversation. It’s always Mickelson v. Jackley and maybe Noem. But even she doesn’t get much love from the average person who is talking about 2018.

    I’d really like to see an indepth Michels interview.

  5. JohnDoe

    So after he played the loyal soldier and lent his good name west river in support of Rounds, the party is just discarding Rhoden?

  6. grudznick

    Perhaps the Rhoden Rhangers will Rhide again, and convince the good Mr. Rhoden that he should be Governor.

  7. Anonymous

    Michels would/will share ownership of these big tax increases & Obamacare expansion with Mickelson. They are underestimating these. My coffee group hates this stuff 6-3. So that qualifies as an official poll.

  8. Neilson

    Jackley has no business leading SD and is an embarrassment to the state. There are simply too many high profile corruption cases without any meaningful resolution under his watch as AG. The evaporation of public confidence in SD government from the bungled handling of EB-5 and Gear Up is squarely on his shoulders.

  9. SDGOPer

    Why would anyone give any thought to a poll that consists of 63 votes? I mean I get why the Chamber does this but anyone who is putting stock in this is kidding themselves.

    Also, any Governor poll that doesn’t include Huether is a joke. He’s about as much of a lock to run as Mickelson and Jackley.

  10. Rep. Mike Verchio

    We need a candidate who says what he means & means what he says plus keeps his word . That’s not Jackley .

  11. Springer

    I would support any GOP who voted NO votes on the tax increase and if Medicaid expansion does come up this session, any of the GOP NO votes on that. I was a Daugaard fan, but anyone in this administration who had anything to do with the latest tax increases and possible Medicaid expansion is DONE!