State House Speaker wants to wait on Ravnsborg impeachment until misdemeanor criminal case resolved

Apparently the State House Speaker wants to put the brakes on the articles of impeachment against Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg until the misdemeanor criminal charges have been resolved in court:

Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch will ask his fellow House State Affairs members Wednesday morning to amend a resolution calling for the impeachment of the attorney general for his role and conduct since he killed a pedestrian with his car in Hyde County last fall.

That would mean any impeachment proceedings wouldn’t take place until after the courts determine whether he’s guilty of the three misdemeanors traffic violations.

Read the entire story here.

This could definitely protract this out for a while…

13 thoughts on “State House Speaker wants to wait on Ravnsborg impeachment until misdemeanor criminal case resolved”

  1. Vote down the amendment, vote down the resolution. Then, when and if he’s convicted or pleads, call a special session, vote on articles of impeachment and move forward. Just a completely bungled process so far.

  2. The governor and Mortinsen completely violated Ravnsborgs due process.

    Mortinsen is carrying Venhuizen’s water.

    The governor wants to appoint the position so she wants Ravnsborg out.

    The entire process has become so political.

    Gosch is right to pump the brakes. I’m guessing caucus doesn’t want this to be the focus of session either.

  3. Finally, someone is doing the right thing to protect due process for Ravnsborg. The governor has gone after Ravnsborg from day 1 and unethical all the way. Makes you wonder what Noem is up to???

    1. What? That’s silly. Impeachment=political process. Killing a man while scrolling on your phone, lying about it and getting charged with misdemeanors=legal process.

      If he would have committed, let’s say a perverted sexual act with a minor, allegedly, would the house wait for due process? If he was drunk when he killed a man walking with a flashlight on the side of the road, would the house wait for due process.

      And…the constitution allows the legislature to determine how it will handle impeachment. Not a retired circuit court judge.

      Make a different argument or admit you are punting.

      1. Anony, you are misinformed.
        At the presser about it the investigators were very clear he was not using his phone at the time of the accident. It had been locked at 10:22:22 pm, on the other side of Highmore. He drove through Highmore and the impact occurred 75 seconds later. It took him 15 seconds to stop the car. The phone was unlocked at 10:24:06. 16 seconds later the 911 call connected.

        While KELO loves to say he was using the phone prior to the accident and implies that he was using it at the time of the accident, he wasn’t.

        1. So everyone keeps repeating the lie about the AG being on his phone at the time of the accident and then lying about it. Ravnsborg did not do anything wrong, just an unfortunate accident, he did not lie about anything.

          Why is the governor is going after him is the big question?

          Why is a Republican governor attacking a fellow republican, makes no sense?

          1. Ravnsborg didn’t do anything wrong? You mean, besides drive onto the shoulder of the road and kill a man?

            For the life of me, I don’t get why people get irritated with Ravnsborg’s critics playing fast and loose with facts and then do the same thing themselves.

            1. well it’s interesting that they say he was driving on the shoulder, but they have ruled out phone use and intoxication, so the most likely explanation is fatigue or drowsiness.
              Being asleep at the wheel is legal here, I believe. I read that somewhere..

    2. The States Attorney Association and Bar association should be out front on this defending his due process rights and condemning the actions of the governor, DPS, Secterary Price and anyone who was involved in this charade. It is an abomination of our American process of innocent until proven guilty.

      Was Ravnsborg electable or politically viable after he had his accident? No. But politics should be set aside.

      I have been in shock how politicians have abused their positions for political gain and encouraged a mob rather than the rule of law.

      1. Noem is top of the list for abusing her position and political power so she can appoint someone more favorable to her.

  4. Simply delaying the inevitable. If there wasn’t a gag order on the legislature, the reasons for impeachment would be much better outlined by now.

    Until he resigns or is impeached, is the AG office even functional?

    1. The office sure is functional. There are many good and dedicated workers in the AG’s office and Charlie is very capable of seeing that things get done correctly.

      1. I have heard nothing but great things coming out of the AG office with Ransvborg running it these past two years. I have multiple friends that work there and they say things haven’t been better. I don’t think we need to worry about Ravnsborg and his people doing their job.

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