State Rep. Lynne DiSanto’s employer parts ways with her over meme controversy.

Apparently, the eternally outraged have outraged State Representative Lynne DiSanto’s Real Estate Employer over the meme controversy, as they’ve announced that they’ve parted ways with her tonight over it:

As I noted earlier, it’s not something I would have posted on social media. (The last things I posted were that I bought Shania Twain tickets, a picture of Thune Staffer Ben Ready, and a meme over the unending Garth Brooks posts we’re now being subjected to).

But even moreso in light of this action, if Facebook memes are the things we get outraged about, we’ve apparently run out of real things to be outraged over.

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  1. Anonymous

    What part about a sitting state legislator endorsing vehicular manslaughter should we not be enraged about?

    1. Anne Beal

      What part of a warning that people shouldn’t play in traffic should anybody be enraged about?
      I think “all lives splatter” is a good title for a bill banning bicycles from the Interstates, and from highways with speed limits greater than 50.

      1. Anonymous

        Anne, there is a difference in warning people that they shouldn’t protest in the street where they can be injured versus suggesting that we should “get behind” “all lives splatter” because we disagree with their form of protesting. The actions she endorsed are illegal and will only promote more divisiveness. We are better than that. We must be better than that. As a Christian, would you make a joke about the injuring and murdering of our citizens because you are inconvenienced? I guess if so, you are not a Christian I would associate with.

      2. Anonymous

        I’m having trouble following your logic. You believe cyclist should be banned from state and county roads cause they are going slower? If so what is your reason for believing this?

        1. Anne Beal

          No I don’t think bicyclists should be banned from highways and interstates, I think they should be required to maintain the same 6′ of distance the operators of motorized vehicles are required to.
          Our combination of 80 mph speed limits and legal bicycle riding on the interstates makes an assisted suicide law completely unnecessary.

  2. Anne Beal

    A lawful protest, with necessary permits, is not what is happening around the country. There’s a difference between a lawful protest and the blocking of traffic on major thoroughfares which the police have to be called to clear, especially when the protestors are assaulting people who are just trying to get someplace.

    Truly weird that so many people don’t understand the difference.

    That being said, I wonder just how many members of AntiFa are in the market as home buyers? As a matter of ideology, communists don’t believe in private property. So why would a Real Estate agency worry about pissing them off?

    1. Anonymous

      Anne, we understand the difference. That is why we have police to handle unlawful protesters. We don’t get to take the law into our own hands and purposefully “splatter” those in the road. If you do engage in that behavior, these comments you are making will only prove it was premeditated. Congratulations.

  3. Go Keller Williams

    If Lynne DiSanto were good enough at her job and bringing in enough money, Keller Williams wouldn’t have “parted ways” with her. Maybe Lynne should spend more honing her skills and attending to her clients and less time posting memes supporting violence.

    The company has a right to fire her. Who would want to have an employee whose mouth is bigger than her brain? She now can go on her “poor me, so victimized” speaking tour. The irony of her protesting her firing will fly right over her head.

  4. Anonymous

    I think you’re missing the point, Pat.

    Think back to a month ago when the latest outrage was people in certain positions shouldn’t post certain things to social media. Then in this case, consider her position in the legislature. Hardly the leadership one would expect.

  5. duggersd

    This is the biggest reason that I do not have a Facebook account. Here we have a case where someone posted something she saw that at first glance seemed funny. She posted it to share a laugh and it has backfired. Now she has a bunch of snowflakes upset with her and it has created a firestorm that has cost her her job. I bet every one out there has had a thought that if it were to be seen by others would cause others to be outraged (which happens too easily nowadays). It is better to keep those thoughts to yourself.

  6. Troy Jones

    The reason memes are so prevalent as they change the maxim “a picture is worth a thousand words” to being worth a million words because of the viral capacity of the internet turning them into a figurative weapon of mass destruction of a persons reputation. For that reason, their use should be carefully considered.

    Representative DiSanto’s careless handling of memes power resulted in it blowing up in her face.

    Does her carelessness in and of itself warrant this wholesale condemnation of DiSanto? Of course not. The response on the nutblog is just another example of how these media can have disproportionate power.

    But, it is a warning of the power of the various means of social media to quickly ramp the conversation to highly volatile levels. Sometimes hyperbole that is appropriate to make a point in a face-to-face conversation comes across as a bazooka when magnified in social media.

  7. Anonymous

    Insane that they fired her over this. I wonder if there weren’t other reasons. She is quite combative that’s why I wonder if this was just their excuse to part ways. She can be very abrasive in many ways.

    This meme thing is not worthy of being fired.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I can’t say that the thought didn’t enter my mind. The meme thing might have been just the thing that upset the applecart, because it’s so tremendously dumb.

    2. Anonymous

      Not insane at all. I’ve already know of two people who lost their jobs for even commenting in support of such posts. No company is going to want to be affiliated with someone who promotes violence. Why would they want such negative publicity?

  8. Thomas

    The meme itself might be dumb and I would just shake my head and keep scrolling if my crazy great uncle posted something so stupid. But this is an elected official saying “Nobody cares about your protest” which, at the very least, shows how little show knows about the constitution and at most, is a call to violence.

  9. KM

    Come on..a call to violence? What a bunch of pansies. Nobody cares about your protest, except for the people stuck in traffic and they’re pissed.

    What people should be in an uproar about is images of babies be ripped from their mother’s womb. Or Reps. who say they’re pro-life & vote the opposite.

    Out here in YNP we’ve seen signs of bison goring ppl, is that inciting violence? Nope. Take it as a warning.

    Was it a stupid post? Yep. But give me a break, if this meme hurts your feelings you’ve got bigger problems.

  10. enquirer

    the root problem is this: disanto has learned the same lesson learned by west river neighbors bill clayton and charity doyle … namely, the unguarded celebration of free speech is its own punishment when you’re a target because of your own political activity and ambitions. you can’t ignore the weight of what you say, do and lend your name to, and then expect that entry into the political arena won’t be an opportunity for your enemies to make you pay a price.

  11. Anonymous

    Is this the same Lynne DiSanto who stopped the sexual exploitation, rape, of a young woman who was evidently incapacitated? Who was being dragged to their hotel room so Lynne called the police, the guys fled but were later arrested? I think she has a lot of good qualities. How many of you would have done the same?

  12. Tara Volesky

    I took the meme as a community service cartoon, that if you are going to protest, go to your safe area, the sidewalk. Lighten up people.

  13. Anonymous

    Rapid City seems to have a lock on craziness. From Napoli’s sodomized virgin, Jensen’s racial phrenology comments and now this. Must be something in the water.

  14. Anne Beal

    I have now learned that a whole lot of people think the meme, which features an SUV, is a reference to the incident in Charlottesville, which involved a Dodge Challenger.


    1. Fled To Red

      I had seen a similar meme way before Charlottesville. Back when Democrats were blocking interstates prior to a Trump speech in Texas (or Arizona, somewhere south and sandy). That is, last October, prior to the November elections. I’m not sure it’s the exact same cartoon, but same phrase and similar cartoon. I think there’s even a T-shirt.

  15. William Beal

    If the new”normal” is that offending someone is a fire-able offense, we’re in big trouble.

    Personally, the very idea of that is offensive to me.

  16. Anonymous

    Mr. Beal, shedding a bad light on your employer has always been a fire-able offense and has been for a long time. You represent your employer when you are in public whether you agree with that or not. Do you feel Colin Kapernick is being unfairly judged and should still play for the NFL? Or do you think he can insult our flag, country, and military members by not standing so his employer has a reason to let him go?

  17. William Beal

    I don’t dispute their right to fire her, but I wouldn’t want to spend my time around people that thin skinned.

    My 2 cents.

  18. Steve Hickey

    All of us who are frequent on social media need to note this hard lesson. I certainly can’t cast the first stone. The punishment here is worse than the crime but these are the days we live in. I’m glad when left wing profs get outed as black masked Antifa foot soldiers and lose their teaching posts. (Not that this meme equals the typical Antifa transgressions, actual crimes against persons and property.)

    I like DiSanto and think she’d consider me a friend of sorts – though she knows I’m not as far to the right as she is. However, over time I’ve come to the place where I’ve had to distance myself from friends on the Christian Right who are very selective in the sanctity of ALL human life. All lives splatter isn’t funny if we renounce violence across the board. But we don’t. We are just fine putting our criminals and our enemies of all varieties on the firing line. I’m saying the violence we decry in them is every bit as much in us. Those on the left dismember the most vulnerable biological human beings without anesthesia and have yet to denounce the black genocide of Margaret Sanger and her present day ilk, or denounce the violent means of Antifa doing destruction in our cities. So, this blog or that blog, I’m not sure any of us can decry violence with a shred of integrity.

  19. Anne Beal

    I have just discovered you can buy window decals with the same image on eBay. Item # 262534175014. Get one free when you buy four!!

      1. Anne Beal

        Actually if I find my car swarmed with Antifa idiots trying to break my windows etc I will just shoot them. It’s more humane than running over them.

        1. Ike

          Does that happen a lot to you? I mean… you’ve got a plan and everything! With that in mind, I’m going to start thinking of a plan for what to do when I’m attacked by 6-legged purple tigers in my bathroom.

              1. William Beal

                I’ve been in, or traveling through, cities where BLM and Antifa were rioting 4 times in the past 2 years.

                I try to avoid the areas where they are gathered. Thus far, I’ve been successful. If I were unfortunately surrounded and threatened by a violent group during a riot, I would attempt to defend myself and family / associates to the best of my ability.

                Would any same person do otherwise?

          1. Fled to Red

            The schools told our kids we needed a plan for when the house burns down. Doesn’t happen to us a lot, but a plan doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea.

            1. Ike

              Lol. You’re afraid antifa is going to attack you in your car? And I thought my fear of 6-legged purple tigers in my bathroom was nuts…

              1. Anne Beal

                We don’t have six legged purple tigers in our bathroom, but one night William ran into a family of four raccoons in our bathroom.
                Damn right we have a plan for everything.

    1. Miranda Gohn


      Do you feel that would be wise to put such an inflammatory decal on your car or other personal property? Seriously? Besides just adding fuel to the flames which does not help either side find common ground your increasing the risk of something negative happening.

      1. Anne Beal

        Actually I was browsing the dinosaur-eating-the-stick-family decals yesterday I think they are better than the truck-running-over-the-stick-family ones.

        Are dinosaurs eating your stick family less offensive?

        1. Anne Beal

          There are also Zombies-ate-your-stick-family, Ninjas-don’t-care-about-your-stick-family, and the Empire-doesn’t-care-about -your-stick-family.
          All the decals are manufactured in China.
          Not only are the Chinese going to allow Rocket Man to nuke Hawaii, they are going to kill all our stick figure families.
          It’s very bad, that I can tell you.

          1. Ike

            The difference is that there were no dinosaurs, ninjas, zombies, or star wars soldiers murdering anyone in Charlottesville, VA last month.

            1. William Beal

              I hesitate to call it a murder, until the trial presents all the evidence.

              It’s still unclear as to the driver’s intent, and I’ll wait for guilt to be determined by the court.

              1. Ike

                Yeah, and hijacking airplanes is a whole lot less funny since 9/11, too. Or do you think it’d be a laugh riot to post a meme that says “All Lives Splatter” but with a picture of a stick man jumping out of the twin towers?

                1. William Beal

                  Yet, judging by the coordinated coverage over this posting of a stupid meme is just another “outrage” of the week.

                  Next week, there will be another.

                    1. William Beal

                      Where was your outrage when the CA Democrat Party Chair led the delegates at their convention in chanting ‘F*** Trump’.

                      Excuse me while I scoff at your newly awakened sense of outrage.

                      Sounds like spin, to me.

            2. Anne Beal

              Ike, there were no Jeeps running over anybody in Charlottesville, either. If you can’t tell that’s not a Dodge Challenger in the meme, turn in your man card, now, you pansy!

        2. Miranda Gohn


          I have no idea but wish no harm or damage to anyone or their property. Even from a practical standpoint just generally reducing risk with prevention is a whole lot cheaper, less aggravating and time consuming than trying to take someone to small or any other type of court and try to recover damages whether intentional or violating an agreement especially if they deadbeats and game the system.

              1. Miranda Gohn

                Ike the way this is going I don’t believe there is a Drinking Liberally group in Aberdeen and don’t even know if they even would welcome me if there were but wonder about starting a Drinking moderately or even Drinking conservatively group there and I could enjoy my one humble Grain Belt beer or cup of hot tea with nice respectful and stimulating political conversation.

  20. Springer

    To everyone upset over an admittedly tasteless cartoon, were you equally upset when Black. Lives Matter chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon?”. Or when protestors turn violent and beat up people and damage property? Or when threats are directed at president Trump and conservatives? I haven’t seen the condemnation. But snowflakes don’t worry, winter is coming and you will be right at home then.

  21. Troy Jones


    You are correct. For all their bluster about this, I don’t remember Cory’s Nutjob House saying anything about Griffin and her bloody Trump head or the stuff you mention. But, that doesn’t make it right to be stupid, offensive, or vulgar. I guess I hate the argument “they did it so we can do it too.”

    DiSanto carelessly posted a meme with multiple interpretations and she apologized. She got skewered, thrown under the bus, and it took 24 hours before her so-called friends gave her the slightest defense. Time to move on.

    1. Miranda Gohn


      One of those regular nuts over at Dakota Free Press is busy attacking Happy Camper over there for questioning the Hard Left propoganda. Very inapropriate attacks too but typical, encouraged and condoned over there.

      The Hypocrisy never ends!

  22. Steve Sibson

    Troy & Miranda:

    Cory is representing the Black Lives Matter agenda, which has used violence more than once. (yes, they are being hypocrites) Here is what Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a former labor union agitator who found Christ and now runs a Christian ministry has to say about the St. Louis BLM actions:

    “I’m not surprised that we’re in for another night of riots because I’ve heard the mayor justifying the violence in her public statements,” said Peterson.

    Peterson is referring to Democrat Mayor Lyda Krewson, who was elected to her first term in April but served on the St. Louis City Council for the previous 20 years. As a councilwoman, she championed laws banning concealed carry of handguns and smoking in the city.

    She took heat from some citizens for a tweet in which she appeared to be mocking residents who felt compelled to “drive into a protest.”

    That elicited backlash from city residents who wanted to see tougher police action against protesters disrupting traffic.

    C’mon Mayor! How bout you actually let the police force do their job and arrest anyone blocking a street?

    “Instead of encouraging the police to arrest these people and put them under the jailhouse, she is justifying the anger and destruction these people are causing and to think these protesters are destroying people’s property over a drug dealer, who was out on parole and was caught trying to sell drugs and had rammed his vehicle into police and he ended up dead,” Peterson said.

    “So instead of telling the black community that this is not what you want your children to grow up and be like, they are encouraging more of the same thuggish behavior,” Peterson said. “This is vile, and it’s out of control. There is another agenda going on, and it’s not about black lives.”

    That agenda is to cause as much chaos, violence, bitterness and destruction as possible, he said, inciting anger that is already reaching the boiling point.

    So driving cars into protests are not the answer. Arresting those who are illegally blocking the streets is the proper solution. Would Cory agree to that solution? I would ask him, but he doesn’t want to talk to me.

  23. sarge

    Troy Why don’t you post on the Nut Job Blog anymore? Some of your questions would make good entertainment. I can’t tell you where I am but I can tell you that I read that blog and it’s tolerable when you’re on it.

    1. Steve Sibson

      sarge, wasn’t it you that Cory just charged with being on a hobbyhorse, going off topic, so he can proceed to bully you into accepting his position today? All the while his fellow thugs are off topic just to trash those they disagree with. I consider that less than tolerable. That web site should be used by Webster’s to define intolerance.

  24. Troy Jones


    I don’t remember the subject matter but one of his most regular posters asserted that people who are pro-life, traditional views on marriage and sexuality have an obsession with sex and these positions are offensive thus we are all comparable to sex offenders.

    When I gave the crew chances to ratchet down the rhetoric, Cory and his crew doubled down and affirmed they considered us like sex offenders. At that point, I determined the core character of the inhabitants of that place was so devoid of basic decency I was no longer willing to enter their presence.

    1. Steve Sibson

      So if they can’t insult us out of their fantasy would, they ban us. And they wonder why they are not welcome in positions of power.

      1. Miranda Gohn


        Regarding any hope for success of Democratic party here in South Dakota. That blog alone is like placing a round in the chamber, aim at foot and pulling the trigger.

        There are other issues that are killing that party that will end up being a fringe group but that blog does plenty of damage.

        My focus is on candidates and not so much party.

  25. Troy Jones


    It is funny you mention the blog as part of your problem. This is the reality:

    1) Democrat candidates have a significant voter registration disadvantage.

    2) For Democrats to be of any consequence they have to OUTPERFORM voter registration at the ballot box.

    3) The wannabe driving the agenda on the nut job blog UNDERPERFORMED voter registration at at the ballot box.

    Every bit of influence he has is nothing more than him helping Republicans. He is quite similar to the Obamacare Republicans in the House (they call themselves the Freedom Caucus) and in the Senate (Murkowski, Paul, Collins, McCain and someone who slips my mind.

    1. Miranda Gohn


      Has Dan Lederman the SDGOP chair sent Cory and his devoted unquestioning commenters a thank you card at the end of the year? He should! 🙂

      I have thought about emailing Dan to ask him if Cory is on the payroll in the SDGOP black ops department. Section 32 hahaha