State Representative Scott Munsterman writes again!

Before he was a State Representative, Scott Munsterman became a published author when he penned his book “A Vision for South Dakota” which laid the groundwork for his economic plan as he ran for South Dakota Governor.   It showed Scott as very intelligent and introspective, and the kind of man that people could see in the position of Governor.

While ultimately Dennis Daugaard prevailed in the primary race and later became Governor, his reputation for thoughtful contemplation has followed him during his legislative career, which is ending this coming January.

Scott has been quite busy with many things over the course of the past year. But one thing I hadn’t expected of him was that he was working on a new book, which recently was listed on

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-5-07-40-pmUnfinished Business is an exceptional guide directed right into men’s hearts and stances on identity to uncover what has hindered their growth as godly men and what potentials from God they haven’t embraced yet. Each chapter focuses on areas in men’s lives where fear, uncertainty and other factors have hindered the development of a man’s potential. The author shapes his words to be straightforward, yet encouraging, to assist readers to prompt action and achieve the significant impacts they were created to accomplish in the world around them. Unfinished Business resulted from the author’s life lessons and experiences over two decades of participating and leading men fellowship groups.

Read that all here.

While it’s not as “policy wonky” as his first book, it’s no less worthwhile, and serves as an introspective call for men to look at their lives as if they are called to fulfill a mission greater than serving one’s self.

6 Replies to “State Representative Scott Munsterman writes again!”

  1. Kris Conzet

    It has been a pleasure to serve with Representative Muensterman. He has been a consistanct watchdog on behalf of the citizens of South Dakota while maintaining a strong and admired partnership with his wife.

    His daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren have a wonderful person to emulate.

  2. Anonymous

    Munsterman could be that dark horse candidate in 2018. I think he would do much better than people expect. He already has about 20% of the vote that he can build on.

  3. Anonymous

    Scott is a principled Republican in all the best ways. It would be interesting to know who the person named anonymous is that’s not willing to own their mud ball?

  4. Pat Powers Post author

    Anonymous mud ball – whom I have a pretty good idea who it is – is gone because they were completely off topic.