State Senator Jeff Monroe sounds off on pipeline project

Dr. (and State Senator) Jeff Monroe had a piece at on the efforts by the left wing environmentalists to try to derail the Dakota Access Pipeline that’s currently undergoing hearings with the Public Utilities Commission:

AC9A0850Environmentalists don’t like this pipeline project, but then again, they don’t like anything that increases America’s energy independence and makes the most of our vast oil and gas resources. Keep in mind these environmentalists won’t be happy until the fossil fuel industry that powers our economy is more or less reduced to a bare minimum. Forget about affordable and abundant energy, especially for our vehicles and homes. Their new motto is “keep it locked in the ground.”

Fortunately for South Dakotans, the state’s permitting process only gives the authorities one year to reach decisions on permit applications. So we won’t see the kind of endless foot dragging and dithering and politicking that was so much in view at the White House and State Department over Keystone XL. Let’s hope we get a better outcome here for DAPL that we got from Washington on Keystone XL.

Read it all here.

Hear, hear!

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