State Senator Stace Nelson put in time-out from GOP Senate Caucus.

One of the things I’ve been hearing over the past week regarding this years’ State Legislative Session is that Senator Stace Nelson – who formed his own ‘Conservative Caucus’ last year with later defeated State Representative Liz May – has gained the time to caucus exclusively in his meeting of one.

The word I got when I hit town Tuesday night is that Senator Nelson had been… disinvited to participate in the Republican Senate Caucus until a point to be determined later.

Both sides are keeping somewhat mum about it, but I’ve had people confirm the time-out is in effect, and Stace has been put in the corner until he can work better with others.

It shouldn’t come as a shock considering the attacks Nelson has continuously and repeatedly heaped on his fellow Senators, not to mention on Republicans as a whole. If anything, it represents a return to a firm approach by legislative leadership to Nelson’s antics.

During his time in the State House, Nelson clashed with Leadership and many others, culminating in allegations that Nelson may have threatened a fellow Legislator, resulting in a ban from caucus at the time.  With the next session, Nelson was back in Caucus, and his plans for running for US Senate were afoot, muting his behavior at the same time a new leadership team brought different opinions on how to deal with his antics.

After his crushing US Senate primary loss, Nelson moved over to the Senate in 2017, where his antics began anew, attacking his fellow Senators, and being a general pain which culminated in his formation of his “conservative caucus.”

With a new leadership team in the State Senate post-election, it appears that the group decided to bring a return to the firmer hand previously exercised in the House when Nelson’s antics started becoming untenable.

If we’re looking for Nelson to concede he was put in the playpen, last week on Facebook Nelson shares a post where his ally Shad Olson wrote about the banishment:

Nelson’s acknowledgement provides additional confirmation that he has been put in timeout until he can learn some manners and to treat others with civility and respect.

Who knows. It might be a nice change of pace.

24 Replies to “State Senator Stace Nelson put in time-out from GOP Senate Caucus.”

  1. Anonymous

    If it was a book it would be titled “Conservative Caucus and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad session“

  2. Tara Volesky

    Leadership and the establishment probably doesn’t like Stace, but he’s got a big following in SD. Do you really think the R establishment likes Trump? lol

    1. Tiny Dancer

      Probably why he does so well in state-wide races, right? Luckily you are always here to defend him Tara. Sen. Nelson enjoys listening to himself speak way too much and has to be one of the least effective legislators in the Legislature. Do you know who votes for the “establishment” and “leadership”? The people of SD, “establishment” in SD is much different compared to establishment on a national level. Outside of people who follow politics super close in SD, not many people know who Sen. Nelson is, outside of consistently hearing about his crying about his lone perceived unfairness.

        1. Dave R

          Jason Ravnsborg had the advantage of being a hardworking, smart, loyal, personable combat veteran with good ideas.

      1. grudznick

        Mr. Nelson is proven, by the scorecards, to be the least effective in the legislatures except for that Mr. Kloucheck fellow from his same neighborhood. This is a factual and historical measure going back to the beginning of statehood. The facts and scored cards back this up.

        Mr. Nelson is the least effective in the legislatures today. fact. Check it out, Mrs. Volesky.

        1. Tara Volesky

          I think he is very effective. He educates the voters by use of the media. He is the media darling of SD. He is very well-spoken and polarizing, which can be a good thing. Grudz/Nelson 2022.

          1. Bob

            Tara you have issues, everyone knows it. Stacie is a blow-heart that is ineffective and getting anything done. All he does is talk and attack others with nothing to offer. Our great state would be better off if just went quietly into the sunset!!!!

    1. Tiny Dancer

      Then Rep Lee Schoenbeck caucused by himself for a short while towards the end of the 2016 Legislative Session

  3. Anonymous

    Clearly he’s keeping his GOP-bashing image up in hopes his buddy Rick Weiland will help get him a $600,000 job.

  4. grudznick

    Evans/grudznick in 2022. I don’t expect our party of Libertarians will be ready to roll in 2020. Plus I bet you they probably wont have a governor election that year. Mr. Evan could quote people on this, but the key to his election is grudznick living that long.


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