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Over the past week or so all the major news outlets had stories about the congressional freshman class orientation.  Being issued Blackberries, meetings, who the kewl (I think that is the new term for it now) members are, who gets what office, that type of thing.  We understand the entire process can be seem a bit overwhelming.

2110 congressional freshmen class

Even locally in our very own state capital will have their own version, on December 12-14. It won?t be as quite as intense as the folks in Washington are getting.  I understand all the committee assignments have been completed. The budget address is coming up directly.  The South Dakota Legislative Research Council  (LRC) is busy getting their web site up dated. Just about everyone is getting ready for next year.

Not quite sure what happens during these orientations, but somehow they, the ones we elect, stop being one of us and start becoming, like one of ‘them.’   Not sure if it is in the water or neckties are a too tight or what.  There is some speculation on the matter, most of it swirls around money, who has it, who?s getting it, and who’s getting soaked.

Some people say once they get a feel for their power, they lose touch, and don?t seem to listen to what we have to say.  Others have speculated they just don?t want to talk shop when they are not on the job.

Lawmakers say, that the people don?t understand the ?big picture?  or there is a ?process? or ?procedure? and it just doesn’t, happen at least not that fast.

I would like to encourage all lawmakers, at the national,  state, and local levels to remember who elected you. With the upcoming holidays, no one really wants to talk about politics. We get that.  However, that doesn?t mean you can forget about us.

Take a few weeks and enjoy the holidays.  Next year, we are going to expect great things.

Here is a couple of ideas that will help keep you in touch,  and Kristi,  John, Tim these can work for you too.

  • Get an e-mail that doesn?t end in .gov maybe something from google or yahoo. and answer every e-mail, even if it is cut & paste.
  • Get an ?official? web page or facebook page.  Keep it up to date.
  • Start a blog and make frequent postings.  (if anyone needs help with this they can contact the SDWC at
  • Set up weekly or bi weekly Internet press conferences, cracker barrels, coffees is a great place to start.
  • or forget the Internet,  just announce where and when.  It doesn?t have to be anything formal. you might find the more informal the discussion, the more information you will walk away with.
  • When the legislature or congress is not in session, invite a few families from your district over for a dinner, take them them out, or have a multi-family potluck, or a even a community cook-out every other week.  Let them lead the discussion.

What ever the way have a discussion.  We really don?t want any of our lawmakers to fail.  We want them to succeed.  Most cases we are willing to help you.  We don?t want you to become one of ?them?, we much rather have you there as one of us.

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  1. CaveMan

    MC I read everything below the picture and consider you very uninformed of this process. On December 12th thru the 14th the citizens of South Dakota will have 20 or so of their very own humbled in a way most people never become humbled. The magnitude of being 100% in the Public Eye, scrutinized for every word uttered, followed into every public building, and then beat up on in most every newspaper, radio show, news story and blog out there changes ones perspective on reality in a hurry. For you to say that the elected legislators after freshman orientation become “one of them” acutally is blasphemous and you should retract that statement.

    We American’s assume much we know nothing about and complain about things we should be thanking God for having happen to us.

    Pay your damn taxes—it means you have been living large!!

  2. MC Post author

    Caveman does make the point that the press has some liability in this transformation.

    That is why it is important for lawmakers, to stay connected to the people they are serving.

    The ideas I mentioned doesn’t hurt reelection efforts either.

  3. Holy Cow!

    Holy Cow! The press made me do it! They made me change! Guess that’s a whole lot better then the devil made me do it!

    guess It would be a whole lot easier if they just said: I took under consideration all the different pressures on me and this is the decision I MADE!

  4. Arrowhead

    I think it is most important for Kristi to get out and meet the people of SD. I don’t think a majority is sold on her yet. I think the base loves her! (me included) but I think that the campaign was pretty catty and her image is in need of her traveling the state like she is still applying for the job.

    That is the one flaw in her obtaining leadership so early on is that she will not have as much time to meet the common South Dakotan.

  5. Arrowhead

    I guess there are different types of readers. Readers who read to understand the point of a persons writing and those who read looking for gramatical errors.

    I am of the belief that before a person ever correct the grammar and puncuation he should always read the article to discover the writers intent.

  6. Anonymous

    I love it how Kristi Noem is one of only two women not standing in the front row, “hey look at my legs” or chatting it up with all the girls.

  7. Stace Nelson

    @MC Rushing to make it to another voter’s group meeting and trying to edit one of the public service ads I am getting up and running, so I will have to keep this short. There are some that may allow their new $6,000 a year part-time job to go to their heads (even before it actually starts); however, there are others of us who will cowboy up, spend their personal money for public service ads, and rush to spend another $25 of gas so they can do 78 MPH down I-90 to make a voter’s group meeting so the voters’ will can be served.

    Let’s not be so hasty with the big paintbrush.. 😀

    Let’s give these folks a chance to get to the start line in any event, and then let’s encourage them to do what we sent them to Pierre/D.C. to do.


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