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A few days go Gordon Howie interviews Stephanie Strong, who is running for Kristi Noem’s seat in congress as Republican candidate.

Wow!  What an awful production.  Here are some pointers :

  • Invest in a second camera and video switcher
  • Learn the art of the B-Roll
  • In this type of set up, get some lapel mics and an audio board.  The shotgun mic is okay in some situations,  this is not one of them.
  • Fix the lighting
  • Keep the props to a minimum
  • Keep the mic boom out of the shot.

Now on to the content, some of my more basic questions were not answered.  There wasn’t any kind of theme or subject, except we need to get back to conservative values

  • Why should people elect you?
  • What do you bring to the table, what special skills do you have?
  • You spoke about fundamentals, how do you put those to use in Washington?

Let’s find more information on this candidate by visiting her web site

Stephanie Strong for Congress

Stephanie Strong for Congress

I have seen worse web sites for candidates.  First some technical pointers:

  • Ditch the flash intro.  It gets in the way.
  • The banner has a logo on top of a logo
  • White lettering on a red and white flag.  I can make what it says but hard to read.
  • Missing content, lots of links that were blank or missng content

On to what little content was there.

  • What programs need to be cut?  By how much?
  • Energy independence is always good. That is only part of we need to do.
  • New energy sources
  • Conservation
  • New technologies
  • Drill, baby drill
  • Kill the Patriot act and secure our borders. How?
  • Stephanie appears to be a fan of local control.

Overall I would say Mrs. Strong is off to a slow, rocky start.  I admire her for putting herself out there, however, I think she is in way over her head.  She has the fundamentals down, but there is something lacking in execution. None the less, I wish her well, and we might see her on the other side of the river some day.

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    1. MC Post author

      I agree.

      It took me a while to figure out what it was. In the opening and closing statement, Howie needs to take a powder, literally.
      There is a glare from the overhead lights on the forehead. that combine with the ugly shawdows just makes him look, for lack of a better word, flat.
      I hope he doesn’t feel too bad about that, I had the same problem with my first video. I didn’t see anything else except for the glare off my head. Some $10.00 powder foundation made all the difference. I suggest some lighting changes as well. you would suprised the difference a simple piece of white card board can make.

  1. Pierre

    I’m surprised Hubbel didn’t just decide to challenger Noem herself.

    No one who has not held statewide office will have a shot in a primary against Noem but an elected Republican already part of the Tea Party movement would garner lots of free media. And at least create a media problem.

    Noem will win this primary with 92% of the vote. some people just never vote for the establishment candidate.

  2. This is . . . MMMMMYYY Country

    This was painful to watch and I apologize for getting bored near the end and cutting it off early. Who sings their own theme song? And how do I get it out of my head? This is . . . MMMMMYYY Country

    This helps Kristi in several ways and here are two. First with a non-serious primary her donors can give $2000 for the primary and again $2000 for the general. If she didn’t have a primary they could only give $2000 this election cycle. In this case she can raise $4000/per and not spend a nickel until the fall when she will need it. Second, Verilek will have a tough time if he keeps trying to say Noem is a teaparty girl. Mrs. Strong would have her hands full winning a seat in the state legislature.

  3. anooner

    Can’t say I’m a big of Noem’s politic, but this gal is a real long shot. I think she means repeal the patriot act.

  4. Dave

    She’s obviously got a LOT of work ahead of her if she wants to seriously run for office, but your post bordered on dumping an entire truck of salt on her wounds.

  5. Anonymous

    Hubbel should have jumped in. She’s bat $#!+ crazy but she would have a platform and 30 activists in 10 or more counties.

  6. Come on Gordon!

    I like Gordon but the guy needs to up his game or get out of the kitchen. I respect someone intent on changing the world but not if he’s going to run folks like Stephanie Strong who are not prepared for the task she is preparing to run on.


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