Steve Bannon has declared war on Axiom, Shantel Krebs’ consultant

Here’s a little bit of South Dakota confluence with the recent Alabama election where Judge Roy Moore was elected over Luther Strange. Apparently Strange shares the same consulting company with South Dakota Congressional hopeful Shantel Krebs

If you remember from a little while back..

* The Krebs campaign team consists of general consultant Sean Brown of Axiom Strategies, who is also handling Direct Mail.

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Now check this out from CNN:

Fresh off his insurgent candidate’s big win in Alabama, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon is making clear he is seeking retribution against fellow Republican campaign operatives who work against him.

“The populist movement is going to do a house cleaning of all those individuals that made a living off the conservative grassroots while stabbing them in the back,” a source familiar with Bannon’s thinking tells CNN.


As for Roe, Bannon is even telling potential GOP candidates that he won’t meet with them if they hire Roe, a veteran strategist who managed Sen. Ted Cruz’ presidential campaign in 2016.

Contacted by CNN, Roe declined to comment on Bannon’s threats, but did note that his political consulting firm, Axiom, is already working for a large number of candidates on the ballot in 2018 — more than 50.

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13 thoughts on “Steve Bannon has declared war on Axiom, Shantel Krebs’ consultant”

  1. And President Trump backed whom? Yes the Leader of the US Republican Party backed a guy who Bannon dislikes. Sounds like a really good Southern pissing match going down.

  2. I don’t care as long as he stays out of SD. We don’t need any help from outside groups to decide our elections. If I know Dusty, I think he would condemn any meddling brought on by this potential vendetta.
    Hopefully Shantel would do the same if something similar were to happen.

  3. Consultant Conschmultant. The tale of the tape here is the people’s rejection of the Establishment. That stank lingers like a Dusty cloud around a Peanuts character.

  4. Krebs always came off as fake or over the top as a legislator but at the Lincoln county dinner she and Kristi were the better candidates. Krebs is much more personable than our table ever thought she would be when she served our district. Consultants must be good for something.

  5. Ms. Krebs is getting bad advice, I’m disappointed she hired this consulting firm. Dusty has more experience and it’s beginning to show.

    1. Any thoughts on candidates for Secretary of State? All of these races are wide open. These people should all prove themselves.

      1. I think it is a given that young Mr. Barnett is a shoe-in, it is his destiny. Unless Mr. Gant chooses to run again, then all bets are off.

    2. Bob Litz was discussed at coffee as a candidate. I don’t think he’s a strong candidate.

      Others want to see Chris Hupke run for something. He’s a good candidate.

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