Steve Novotny apparently hates “the old protection order bull*hit.” Bonus rant from Libertarian Candidate for Gov.

This one is just too good to save. From June 2016, Libertarian Candidate for Governor Steve Novotny apparently has some choice opinion about women. And he appears to dislike “the old protection order bullshit.”  From Libertarian Candidate for Governor Steve Novotny’s public Facebook page:

Nice how he tells the woman who challenges his opinion to “STFU” and that women play the sex card at every turn.

On that note, I was told today by a Libertarian Party member that that actually have a “None of the Above clause” in their nomination bylaws.

With the candidates for Governor that Libertarians have on deck, “None of the above” might be looking  like a pretty attractive candidate option at the moment.


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  1. Gosh dang it! Why is my party always have to be full of halfwits and assholes? Libertarianism is the most intelligent of the three parties, but we never get candidates that reflect it. Maybe because all the good Libertarians are actually smart enough to run as Republicans.

    1. The Libertarian brand over the years is so damaged and getting worse that they should just disband and shut it down or merge with the Constitutional Party.

  2. “We never get candidates that reflect it”? Please check out the legislative candidates, and the U.S. House candidates who are running. George Hendrickson, Gideon Oakes, Greg Baldwin, Jason Hill, Randy Luallin, and Aaron Aylward are all running as Libertarians, and are very good candidates. Very principled as well.

    The two Gubernatorial candidates are not the only Libertarians who are running.

    1. If “None of the above” gets the most votes, I believe the state party bylaws call for reopening nominations, which means someone will eventually get the party’s ballot line for governor unless no Libertarian at the convention wants it.

      One of the good, principled candidates (Gideon?) should pull out of his other race tomorrow so he can run for governor on Saturday. If by some freak of destiny he loses, the convention can still nominate him for the race he’s in now.

      If either of the current candidates for governor is willing to run for state legislature or one of the other statewide offices, let him.

      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, AfL. Unfortunately, in addition to not having the resources necessary to run a proper gubernatorial campaign, I also have a family and a career to take into consideration. I can see the path to victory in my current legislative race. I can’t see one for the executive. Although Gid 4 Gov is kinda catchy… 😁

  3. I think it is kind of refreshing that they have thrown political correctness out the window. They might actually have some lively civil discourse. The is a new wave of politics.

    1. f*ck, c*nt, sh*t, a**hole, queer, and “chocolate star rider” are hardly what I’d call civil. You must have really interesting family dinners.

      1. Quit talking about our President. People knew he was like that before we elected him. Just listen to Howard Stern. Oh I guess Novotny and Trump both have potty mouths. Not running for Pope. I would rather have Novotny swear than steal.

        1. Huh. I guess I have higher standards. It’s telling that you think you have to choose – I want my governor to be both civil and honest. It’d also be swell if my governor didn’t use
          phrases like “chocolate star rider”.

              1. Ike, Good find! There are just no limits to some people and they came from under their rocks and became emboldened. White Supremacists, Xenophobes, Islamaphobes, Homophobes, misogyny and what else. Yet we have some that look at this as a refreshing way to communicate vs what they call “political correctness” decency.

        2. Tara are you and KM going to be at the Libertarian convention or would it be better to describe it as a rally and rooting for Novotny?

          1. I will watch it on line. The Governor’s debate will be very interesting. I think a lot of people will be tuning in. I might even attend the Lincoln day dinner in Mitchell. I don’t know who KM is. I wish she would have introduced herself to me at the Annie Cyrus event. I have never met Novotny or Abernathy. Sounds like they have no problem expressing their 1st amendment rights. They will bring some excitement to the campaign.

            1. “They will bring some excitement to the campaign.”

              Sort of like my dog brings excitement to the carpet after eating 5lbs of grass.

              1. I am not going to judge them on a few fb comments. I am more interested what they will do for SD.

  4. My friend Bob has even said at breakfast that he is embarrassed by these incompetent fellows.

      1. and may as wear the full Klu Klux Klan outfit while campaigning and at anti-Islamic rallies. Throw out that ole political correctness? Refreshing?

  5. Just think of the potential for social media if more people used it to inspire instead of degrade.

  6. Tara Volesky, after seeing a chimpanzee fling feces at passersby at the zoo, speaks highly of its willingness to eschew political correctness and politely suggest it considers a run at office.

    The point is, Tara, that DIFFERENT doesn’t mean GOOD.

  7. It was so much simpler when the nut jobs joined the Nazi’s/skinheads, Occupy Cause of the Day, Black Panther, KKK, & Workers World Party and not parties with actual serious thoughts like Libertarian, Constitution, & Green Party.

    1. Troy I really hope Trump and his Bannon/Alt-right have good primary challengers to replace them in 2020 for the sake of our nation. These nut jobs right & left need to go back under the rocks where they were before.

  8. Anonymous 8:54,

    1), It is disingenuous to mention Trump and Bannon/Alt-Right in the same breath. Bannon was fired, opposed in primaries Trump’s choices, and Trump has publicly distanced himself from Bannon. They are no more the same thing than Obama and Maxine Walters are.

    2) Agree or disagree with Trumps policies, perspective, policy, style or personal life but there is nothing in his policies which are not legitimate policy positions with significant serious intellectual thought behind them. Trump might be unorthodox in how he achieves his policy objectives but the reality is his policies have or will achieve greater benefit to the poor and income secure than any President in 30 years.

    3) Agree or disagree with Trumps policies, perspective, policy, style or personal life but he is not a nut job. He is understands his objectives and pursues them with focus I have not seen in 30 years in the Presidency. This is not a nut job.

    1. Troy, Donald Trump hung on to the birther conspiracy for a long time and the way he campaigned along with Bannon and others helped create the environment that emboldened these ultra nationalist, white racist groups from Mexican rapist comments to a Latino Judge that he accused of being biased because of his heritage and his support of Alabama former Judge Roy Moore. The Republican Party is better than this!

    2. Remember candidate Trump commenting that Ted Cruise’s dad was involved in the JFK assassination? It is like the world of Alex Jones Info Wars. The Republican Party can do far better than this.

    3. I too can cherry pick facts without looking at everything a person has done in order to avoid addressing the sheer weight of their shortcomings. He’s a thin-skinned man-child who multiple republican congressman state seems to agree with whomever he spoke to last. But sure, things are great, Troy.

  9. I think part of the reason Obama was re-elected was Republicans insisted on re-litigating the 2008 election which infers the people didn’t know what they were doing. In fact, we knew all that and still picked Trump over Hillary.

    Trump would love it if you think the answer is to re-litigate the 2016 election.

    1. Troy, I am looking at the 2018 mid terms and 2020 nationally. There is a good chance the pendulum will swing the other way but if it does how far will it go? It may bring along some things none of us wanted.

  10. I’m not defending everything Trump does and certainly not a lot of what he says.

    All I’m saying is putting him in the same class as Bannon is disingenuous.

    Everybody will make their election choices by what they chose to cherry-pick (all called picking priorities among pros and cons) what matters to them. All I can say is what you list is insignificant to me as compared to policies which move the economy forward, make our citizens safer, and create jobs and economic opportunity for the poor and income secure. Not even close to me.

    1. Troy what I mentioned was just the tip of the iceberg but we will all see what happens and take everything into consideration provided we are all still here that is.

    2. Which policies? The tax bill is great, but the subsequent spending bill is massively bloated and puts us ever closer to debt being 100% of annual GDP. Or maybe it’s the tariffs that put South Dakota’s farmers in the crosshairs. Yeah, things sure are splendid with Trump’s economics too!

  11. CJ Abernathy appears to have more supporters from outside South Dakota than within and he keeps getting banned by Facebook. Why is Facebook banning him all the time?

    1. If a lawn mower does not start, sewer backs up, power goes out it, computer crashes it is because of George Soros?

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