Steve Novotny, Libertarian Candidate for Governor; “Just a matter of time” before someone legalizes blacks stealing white farmers land “here in America.”

Libertarians have a “great” couple of candidates to pick from at the upcoming Libertarian convention this next month.

First, we had CJ Abernathey who says “it’s an extreme risk for an owner to hire a woman working around men in today’s society, and I think that women are to blame for that.”

And now we have his opponent possibly being a worse human being than he is.

Steve Novotny, Libertarian Candidate for Governor was on Facebook just a few weeks ago posting an article and using it as warning that it’s “just a matter of time” before someone legalizes blacks stealing farmers land “here in America.”

And in case we didn’t get the point the first time..

And a bonus obsession over white farmers land being seized by people of a different skin color:

This would be the same Libertarian Candidate for Governor who “claims tribes in South Dakota receive “cradle to grave” welfare.”

Libertarians, you certainly have a great line up for your Gubernatorial candidates in 2018. I’m sure it will only set you all back 20 or 30 years in your recruitment efforts in South Dakota.

Unless you’re going for that pointy hat/dressed in sheets crowd.

6 Replies to “Steve Novotny, Libertarian Candidate for Governor; “Just a matter of time” before someone legalizes blacks stealing white farmers land “here in America.””

  1. KM

    Well, at least someone is willing to acknowledge the genocide of white farmers happening in South Africa. You certainly won’t find anyone talking about it in MSM. I’ve heard mothers talk about watching their children be ganged raped, boiled and dismembered. An elderly couple was tortured with a blow torch. And the gov’t is promoting these horrific acts…kill the boer. So instead of taking this seriously, you mock him…well done.

    1. Anonymous

      When Europeans steal people’s land and murder their women and children the chickens WILL come home to roost.

  2. Anonymous

    Each of the two main political parties will have their share of nuts but some of those nuts end up historically falling into the basket of the SD Libertarian and Constitutional parties where they have a very high concentration.

    Libertarians are you sure you don’t want to suspend your party’s entry for Governor this cycle?

  3. Anonymous

    This is why I left the party… You got one Gubernatorial candidate claiming his children were kidnapped by their mother and is waging a one man war against the unfair treatment of men. The other is a clear racists… Back to being an independent I guess.

  4. Anonymous

    So, even though the party has some great legislative candidates, and a great US House candidate in George Hendrickson, you get upset by two guys who are running for Governor, and you go back to being an independent?…. No wonder it’s hard to get the party to grow with good principled people.


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