Still wanting a President Thune

I’m glad to see someone other than myself is still a little less than enthusiastic about our current crop of presidential candidates, and wouldn’t you know it, she’s clamoring for Senator John Thune.

O John Thune, John Thune, where art thou?

He?s comfortably ensconced in Hill office SD-511, of course, going about his daily duties as the Republican senator from South Dakota.

He?s not on the campaign trail for president of the United States.

Too bad for the GOP.

Even back when the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls was filling a debate stage end-to-end, my answer was the same when asked which one I thought could beat Obama in November: ?The guy who?s not running.?

Thune pushed back early against presidential speculation, announcing in February 2011 that he wouldn?t seek the Oval Office this year.

That undoubtedly evoked a bigger sigh of relief from the Democrats? campaign operation than when Mitt Romney said he didn?t care about the very poor. In July 2010, DNC Executive Director Jennifer O?Malley Dillon told the Huffington Post that there was just one prospective Republican candidate who scared her, and he was never a Pennsylvania senator.

?This is personal but John Thune is somebody that I have nightmares about,? she said. ?I?ve worked for Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle and he is just a guy you can?t ever count out. He has his head down and is doing some policy stuff. [You] just got to start looking at him.?

Hard for any of us who are familiar with Senator Thune to think any different. In a year when I’m feeling lethargic about my presidential options, campaigning for Senator Thune would have been a great experience. Back when he was contemplating a run, I knew countless people who said they were willing to pack up and move to Iowa to campaign for him. Caucusing for Senator Thune to be a delegate to the national convention would have been a great experience.

I’m going to leave it up to Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney to head into a brockered convention where our party is forced to nominate a uniting candidate who could easily win a general election against President Obama. Hey, I can hope can’t I?

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  1. Anonymous

    Please run Thune he can tell how he voted for the first Tarp trillion dollars, REMEMBER THAT ONE,How about the people that were going to be held accountable for the housing collapse , he followed up on that one to.Yes JOHN PLEASE RUN.

    1. Jammer

      There are two schools of thought regarding TARP. I actually think that history will judge TARP to have been a prudent move under the circumstances. And from a pure financial perspective, the Treasury has recovered most of the TARP funds and actually made a profit in several areas where they chose to invest TARP assets. And while I am a staunch fiscal conservative, I am not bitter about any politician of either party that supported TARP in general. However, TARP funds should have been used exclusively for financial institutions and nowhere else.

      The financial boondoggle of all times was the $787 Billion stimulus plan. That plan was a nightmare and a pure waste of taxpayer money. It was unforgivable for anyone that supported that POS. Those are the politicians you should be highlighting.

  2. Anonymous

    Jammer if your fiscal , you should not beleive in subsidies given to banks and farmers.We come from a farm and if i cant make it on 1.58 a pound butchers and 6.50 corn and 13 dollar beans I shouldnt be farming. A subsidy is a subsidy no matter what.Fiscal I doubt it.And why havent those guys gone to jail who caused all this. What you say John Thune.

    1. Jammer

      I am not sure what you are talking about and I am not sure if you even know what you are talking about. I never said a single word about farm subsidies. And if you think TARP was bank subsidies, you are mistaken.

    2. Anonymous

      Johnny boy will not answer any question unless it is approved by the HI and MIGHTY secret people that tell him what to say and what to vote.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    If you have not read the book “Too Big to Fail” you need to if you honestly believe that Bush wanted anything to do with Government bailouts. The book is amazingly honest, fruitful in its depiction of the severity of a coming worldwide economic collapse and portrays the high level players some of whom were instramental in Obama’s first stimulus plan. Dig deeper though and one finds Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac the precursor to the need for TARP and O’s stimulus plans. Amazing read.

    1. Anonymous

      Hoping you have space in your bunker for me, Charlie, when the spit hits the van. I’ll bring my guns and my bible. Hope the Brunner family isn’t in line in front of me for a bunk.

      1. insomniac

        Rep. Hoffman is dead on. I’d go to war with that guy. He’s one smart cookie and not afraid of anyone.

        There are many problems in this country and I’m going to check out the book.

        I’m torn on TARP. If we hadn’t done something would we have had a collapse? I don’t know. But I guarantee you Obama wouldn’t have gotten his big stimulus through had GWB not gotten his.

        We are walking a fine line.

        1. Cliff Hadley

          The thinking by the Bush team was, if the banks go down, we all go down. So TARP was first and foremost a solvency Band-Aid for the financial system. Shamefully, a high percentage of the repayments have been made with — ta da! — federal money from other accounts.

  4. Winston

    Before Thune runs for President, I think we should ask for a copy of his
    permanent long form birth certificate…. don’t you think? I mean Obama’s
    dad was born in Kenya and Thune’s mom was born in Canada …. so you
    know where I am going with this… don’t ya? It’s only fair don’t ya think.

    1. toga

      How about Obama’s college transcripts in return? I bet Barry Sotoro wasn’t registering for college as an American citizen…

  5. Winston

    I would love to compare Thune’s Bible Institute of Los Angeles grades to
    Obama’s Columbia University grades any day. Thune took his grades
    to USD in pursuit of a MBA degree, while Obama took his grades to
    Harvard in pursuit of a JD and the presidency of the Harvard Law Review.

    1. Right of Center

      I only want to see where his origin of birth was. Grades don’t matter to me. I know many smart people who partied hard in college rather than studying. Some of the dumbest people in the world have the best grades in school. Take Noem for example. I bet she got really good grades in college with Josh Shields etc helping her. (not saying she’s dumb but she isn’t near John Thune, Tom Daschle or Bill Janklow) – The day I can have a conversation with Noem where she doesn’t just bunch up her lips and say hmmm and utter talking points is the day I will change my mind.

      Anyone who has been around Thune knows he is a nerd at heart and a policy wonk in an athletes body.

  6. Winston

    Hawaii! By the way, did you know that McCain was born in Panama?
    Those Obamas sure were crafty, they said to each other in the early
    excitement of the Camelot Era, “that someday our son will not only
    be President, but also President Kennedy’s younger brother will
    endorse him for President and positively compare him to JFK, so we
    better fix this good by paying someone off at the Honolulu Advertiser
    have them mention in the birth announcement section that “Mr. and
    Mrs. Barrack Obama had a son on August 4th at the ‘local Honolulu


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